The park is comprised of 40 acres of hilly terrain that offer scenic vistas of the Cold Spring Harbor. It features a mixed hardwood forest with notable large oak specimens that measure three feet in diameter, as well as thickets of wild mountain laurel. The area is ideal for observing spring and fall migrations of a variety of songbirds, and is home to great horned owls and red-tailed hawks. The park serves as the northern trailhead of the Nassau Suffolk Greenbelt Trail that extends to Bethpage State Park and eventually the south shore of Nassau County

This trails split into two parts, separated by Laurence Hill Rd. The vast majority of people do the side that starts in a large parking lot that on Harbor Road. This side has some fairly difficult hills, just enough that most people could still get through, but would also be exhausted by the end. The other starts on Laurence Hill Road (you can just park on the road). I almost never see people on this side because at the start of the trail there's a fence that makes it look less appealing. But once you get past the fence it's a very secluded hike, very woodsie, clearly marked, and far less hilly than the other side! For those of you getting a little tired of the same hike, or looking for something a little less challenging (but still a good workout), try the other side!!

Great trail. Lots of hills up and down. Awesome trial for a long island park