The park is comprised of 40 acres of hilly terrain that offer scenic vistas of the Cold Spring Harbor. It features a mixed hardwood forest with notable large oak specimens that measure three feet in diameter, as well as thickets of wild mountain laurel. The area is ideal for observing spring and fall migrations of a variety of songbirds, and is home to great horned owls and red-tailed hawks. The park serves as the northern trailhead of the Nassau Suffolk Greenbelt Trail that extends to Bethpage State Park and eventually the south shore of Nassau County

Christmas Day hike - very brisk! It was a nice work out with its share of declines and inclines. We met nice people on the trail. There’s also a pretty view of the water in the beginning.

Good quick HIIT style workout, no real scenery and for such a hilly walk there are no real good vantage points.

Lots of ups and downs on the trail, great workout, very beautiful!, near the harbor.

I would recommend deet for this trail as there is a tick warning at the onset. The surrounding town and the harbor itself are beautiful. The trail is at a continuous incline so a nice bit of a challenge for such a short trail. Loads of chipmunks and spiders and a chorus of hawks waiting for those furry little chipmunks.

It’s a beautiful trail.

Great for a quick workout

Good workout trail because of the hills. Serious erosion problems on many of the stair step portions of the trail. Watch your footing.

Starts out with an incline of steps and is very up and down make sure you are ready for it. Good shade and just bring water :)

Perfect for interval energy exertion...the topology rises and falls like a HIIT workout.

A bit chewed up do to high traffic. But has the advantage of decent hill climbing. Lots of trail erosion. Trail needs maintenance badly in spots.

Nice trail to run. Not too crowded and is challenging enough that it doesn’t bore you after running it a few times.

Nice trail!! Close to home..

Terrain was fun and a great workout. It goes up and down and up and down - footing is pretty good. Most of the trail is in the shade so that was nice on a 90+ degree day. Unfortunately not really that scenic and no clearings or peaks or lookout points. The trail keeps going past Lawrence Hill Rd but is much easier south of Lawrence Hill Rd so I would stop and turn around there next time. They had kayak rentals at the trailhead which might be fun in the future.

Rigorous in parts but incredibly satisfying. Beautiful! Well worth it

Pretty stiff hike starting at Cold Spring Harbor. Tapers off to a relatively flat, gentle hike after about 5 miles. If you go all the way to Merrick Rd. in Massapequa you have a 20 mile, 8 hour hike. Lots of ponds and streams over the last several miles.

Shady, exactly what was needed on this hot day. Saw a lot of chipmunks and heard them squeaking. Hoped for a water view but there wasn’t a clearing that I could find. Sun filtering through the leaves was beautiful though and a park just a little down the road worked for picnicking.

Great trail to get away from the feel of Long Island.

A little hilly at the beginning so you can still get in a nice work out without going crazy.
Otherwise it’s a literal walk in the park with beautiful scenery.

Highly recommend for all.

Love this trail. Great workout. I want to hike from there to massapequa preserve.

Very enjoyable. Seems dog friendly (on leash).

Shady, challenging trail.

My favorite hometown hike. It’s actually part of the green belt trail, and if you’ve got an entire day and lots of snacks, you can apparently hike all the way down to the massapequa park preserve trail on the south shore of Long Island. It’s on my to do list !!

For sure a moderate hiking trail, nice views.

Well marked . Great trail . Maybe the most difficult trail on Long Island.

Great hike in a place you wouldn’t expect to find one

I have done this trail many times as I live nearby. There are a bunch of elevation changes with rocks and stairs. Its a nice step up if you want something a little different in terms of difficultly.

Great Long Island trail. It was deceivingly steep for most of the beginning part. Not much for views besides the first half mile right out of the parking lot. I went during the week and only passed about ten pairs of people. Living on Long Island for my whole life, I’ll take it! Besides crossing two roads and one section where there is a metal fence, I actually felt like I was in the Catskills or some other remote area for most of the trail.

if you are looking for a short hike, but want a good workout this is the trail for you. for a short trail there are alot of peaks and valleys. one of my favorites.

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