The park is comprised of 40 acres of hilly terrain that offer scenic vistas of the Cold Spring Harbor. It features a mixed hardwood forest with notable large oak specimens that measure three feet in diameter, as well as thickets of wild mountain laurel. The area is ideal for observing spring and fall migrations of a variety of songbirds, and is home to great horned owls and red-tailed hawks. The park serves as the northern trailhead of the Nassau Suffolk Greenbelt Trail that extends to Bethpage State Park and eventually the south shore of Nassau County

Great trail that is part of the Nassau/Suffolk greenbelt trail. Lots of hills to keep your heart pumping. Scenic views of lakes in the distance. Most beautiful in fall with the leaves changing.

A decent forest trail that'll bring you up to an elevation overlooking beautiful Cold Spring Harbor... Some challenging grades, so bring your hiking poles...
Been there twice... Always a good hike when you're looking to spend a couple of hours outdoors...

Nice family trail. Ups and downs but nothing crazy. Met some friendly people along the way.

My husband and I have walked this at least every season, 4-5xs a yr, for 20+ yrs. We start a Conservancy & just wander the nearby fields & woods for hour or so. Lovely place...there's more to it, but have only done the CSH greenbelt part twice. Plan to do more soon. Peaceful & enjoyable, especially in winter when no one's arnd.☺

Great well marked hiking trail.

It's was very easy but a lot of fun

Nice view of the harbor, easy trail.

this trail was a little difficult going up and down the hills but was a really nice trail

It says you can bring dogs on the app, but the park does not allow it.

My wife and I picked up the trail behind the conservancy office. We had the trail map and at the end of the field we entered the woods on our right. I guess we left the Sanctuary and ended up on some greenbelt trails. The trail is poorly marked and as you go further into the woods it becomes crowded. Runners, people with dogs and other hikers. This is the most crowded trail I have been on. On Route 108 and Lawrence Hill there are different entrances for the Greenbelt and that must be where the people were coming from.

A lot of the trails ended up in dead ends or up against rich person's property line. We saw a couple of large pools with pool houses and a tennis court.

We ended up over near Route 108 and turned around and went back. We had to use the Google satellite app to find our way back to a point on the trail we could recognize.

There are definitely some elevations and I would describe the terrain as rugged. I would give this a moderate rating.

A good workout but frustrating when you can't be sure where you are going.