This is a nice path with a neat view of the Rochester skyline. I always see lots of people running around the reservoir.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beautiful little forest hidden in busy spot. there are old water reservoirs with some awesome graffiti. trail connects to a great walking loop with fabulous views.

Friday, June 30, 2017

I would not rate this trail as moderate but easy; very easy. It is a well worn trail with lots of paths that will pretty much put you back to your starting point, The reservoir was a neat feature and the clearing of woods to see the Rochester's skyline was okay,. The graffiti laden water towers were an interesting touch but would not recommend taking small children there due to a lot broken glass and a open man hole.

pretty tree canopy and quiet forest for an easy walk. Then head up to the cobbs hill reservoir for one of the greatest views of the city. 1/3 mile paved path around reservoir and you can see the hills of Canadaigua. it has some steep inclined on the perimeter one way road that can boost your heart rate. When my Dtr comes to town we always walk up here so we can walk talk and catch the views.

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1 month ago