A picturesque 167 foot waterfall is the main attraction of Chittenango Falls State Park! Glacial sculpting over 400 million year-old bedrock is responsible for this scenic feature. An interesting variety of both plants and wildlife may be found along the trails. Visitors can view the falls from the top, walk the winding trail into the gorge view the falls from the footbridge and return to the top along the small trail on the opposite side of the gorge. Activities include fishing, hiking and picnicking.

Hiked trail down to Chittenango creek...perfect for a relaxing walk with our dog.
$5.00 admission per xar is well worth the overlook of falls and several outreaching trails to mwadows and creek.

Looked beautiful from above today. Honestly, we didn't get to hike it today as the Gorge Trail is currently closed due to damage from a recent storm (according to staff there). Please check the state website to see if it is still closed before venturing out that way. We will try again another day :)

5 stars for impressive falls. If you're looking for a good hike or falls you can swim in, this is not what you want. Swimming is prohibited here because of fragile wildlife. Also, be mindful of the state park fee to see these falls ($5 maybe?) at least on the weekends.

I love this gorgeous waterfall, but the "easy" designation is misleading. It's a steep climb down to the bottom that is accessible by stairs. I would caution folks with knee problems from participating.

Great little falls. Have been here 7 or 8 times. Short easy hike. You can take pictures of falls from many different angles. Nice picnic area with small playground. Great family spot.

a cool, very easy hike. you walk down some stairs and then a little path. the view is amazing!! easy for everyone

A lot of fun and relatively easy trail. Some loose stones and logs may be slippery if it's a wet day. Beautiful scenery!!