Land and water clash at Chimney Bluffs, sculpting the most dramatic landscape on the Lake Ontario shore. You can experience massive earthen spires from above or along the lakeshore on nature trails. Day-use services include picnic areas, nature trails and restrooms.

The picnic tables and grilling area is great and has some nice views of the lake, but the trail itself is nothing special. It's exceptionally muddy (far beyond other trails after the same amount of rain), and the trails aren't all easy to follow or well labeled. It's marked as dog friendly, but hiking the bluffs trail with my well-behaved dog felt terribly dangerous in many sections; several times, the trail is right up against a cliff with only a foot or a foot and a half of room between the cliff and trees. I absolutely would not bring a dog here ever again. And honestly, even after that somewhat treacherous hike, the views weren't anything all that special. Nice enough, sure, but after seeing all of the positive reviews everywhere, I was very disappointed.

Honestly an easy hike minus the mud!! I decided to hike last minute in my berkenstocks...the first half of the trail was crazy easy... then came the mud!!! Seriously the whole other half of the loop was just pure mud!
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I wasn't prepared for the hike (didn't say you had to hike to the spot on the website) and came at a late time, but still cool to see, especially in New York. took us about 30 mins to get to. planning on going back earlier in the day and getting a better view or kayaking to get another point of view

This trail has amazing viewpoints. You might want to avoid hiking on this trail in the winter because this place is very windy.

Beautiful area

Beautiful park/hike with lots of varying scenes. Go early as the trail does get crowded. The Bluffs are enhanced with Lake Ontario.

3 months ago

Great views of Lake Ontario. It was a little muddy but it rained the last two days.

I've lived in upstate New York all life, and never appreciated the sheer beauty of Lake Ontario, until I hiked chimney bluffs.