45 degrees out made for a beautiful February hike. A little slippery. Trail mark well for one half. The other half, it is necessary to pay attention.

25 days ago

Easy, heavily trafficked trail (most likely see an abundance of kids and dogs). The flame is really interesting to see, much more enjoyable when there aren’t other people to get in the way of some cool pictures. Other than that it feels just like a walk in a park.

still a great hike during the winter.

My favorite place to hike. Boy Scout trail is pretty intense.

Pleasant forest trail. It gets quite muddy, so probably better to do when the weather has been dry. I added on the eternal flame spur when I did it. Last third of the loop follows the road, so it's a bit less interesting.

An easy hike. Lots of people were there the day I did it. Old, young, dogs, etc. A little bit of climbing was involved, and plan on getting a little wet after a good rainfall.

Unexpected natural beauty! Never heard of this before! Great creek bed hike. Above ravine, I felt like I was in an Oregon forest! Beautiful!

This was a really nice trail, took us to parts of the park I've never explored before. Love how it weaves in and out of the gorge several times. There are a few steep climbs.

6 months ago

The trail marked on this app really just follows the paved road around the park. If you're looking for more of a wilderness hike I would recommend taking one of the many marked trails inside the woods that lead you to the eternal flame. This one is unfortunately the only loop we could find. Still a nice, long hike though!

Very beautiful short hike. Beware of slippery rocks, muddy trail beds, and unearthed tree roots along the trail. Some areas of the trail are difficult to navigate due to these issues or downed trees. Keep on the trail and follow the small signs with flames on them. Seeing the flame and relaxing in the canyon at the end is well worth the trek!

Great trail and very light traffic. We ran into more hikers near the eternal flame and along the second half of the trail. The markers are a little confusing near the eternal flame overlook, but follow the trail up to the road, follow it a little ways, and you'll pick it back up again.

Definitely more difficult than preempted. Went after a rain storm and there was a lot of moving rocks and logs to get to the destination. But really beautiful and fun, nonetheless.

went with kids on our backs and still manageable. beautiful trail.

7 months ago

This was a beautiful but strenuous hike (with a 30 lb pack). The trails are wide and well maintained. Under recordings, you can follow our trip out and back recorded as two separate hiking segments. The area near the Eternal Flame is beautiful but dangerous. I took a lot of photos so you can see what to expect along the trail. I think this is the best "long hiking loop" I've found in the immediate Buffalo area.

Solid forest hike around the lower section of Chestnut Ridge Park. Includes both the Orienteering and Boy Scout trails. Additional small side trek near Seufert Rd to overlook the Eternal Flame Falls from above. Some steep sections. Tends to get muddy, better done mid to late summer after a day or two with no rain

The flame itself is cool to see, the falls themselves were not super impressive, even after a few days of rain. Easy, short little trail. Deceptively easy on the way into the ravine, until you have to climb back out. Follow the trail markers that are white with a little flame on them with numbers.

Love this hike. Do it every time we visit Buffalo. Kids love it.

This was a fun hike for me and my boyfriend but I agree with other reviews saying it should be moderate. There's lots of parts going into the ravine where you have to maneuver over branches. You will get wet but I didn't mind. Still fun. It's a quick but more challenging hike than some reviews make it seem.

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