Nice trail.... Hard for people with no hiking experience like us. We got sun, rain and thunderstorms.... It was good

My hiking partner and I took the switchback trail and found it really nice and relatively easy. Views are gorgeous on the top. I wouldn't claim the switchback trail as hard, but moderate. Only wish there was a sign and the parking lot indicating which way the trail is, even though it's not too hard to figure out.

Great new trail and gorgeous views at the top. Doable for any level of hiker. It was a little muddy in parts, but not a problem. Hiked early yesterday and only encountered a few folks. Met more families on the way down.

Always a beautiful hike and great for kids and first timers. There is a long switch back trail or the old trail that is much shorter but lots of round stones to hurt your ankles! The switchback is my choice. I did once run face to face with a black bear but it thankfully ran off. The view at the top of this mountain is truly breathtaking!

It was a challenging climb, would suggest to moderate climbers. I did the switchback which is still a bit challenging. Love the view of the Chazy lake at the top!

Loved this hike! It was great even with a little bit of rain. A little bit hard to find gps takes you to the town. The hike is off Chazy lake Rd. The trail was beautiful plus very wet. At one point we were walking up what appeared to be a river bed. We weren't sure if we were still on the trail, the markings are there but very spaced out. So if you find yourself in what seems like a riverbed you are going in the right direction, you will see a little red dot as you get higher. It's been very wet this summer but can see how nice the trail would be when it got a little drier. The views are spectacular!

After hiking up the new trail this winter we wanted to check out the old trail which is much steeper but much shorter. It's a tough short hike (if you take the old trail) with rewarding views of Chazy Lake, Lake Champlain, the Adirondack mountains and the green mountains of Vermont!

Nice trail. Hiked the newer trail and it's pretty forgiving. Great view once you get to the top but mostly wooded/ obscured until you get there. Plenty of space on the boulders up top for a nice picnic before making the trek back down. Would recommend!