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Good old Central Park drive. Walked home last night after dark and road was pitch black north of the 103 crossover. Flashbacks to the 70’s brought on a strong urge to flee. Told a cop driving through and tonight the lights were back on. Yay! Also complained thru 311, but that was a no go; the rep couldn’t find the park drive on a map. Sigh.

nice stroll through the park. with it being a sunday afternoon, was very crowded. We stopped halfway at the lake and spent an hour canoeing..(or should I say I paddled while my wife took pictures!!!) all in all, a very nice and easy way to spend an afternoon in NYC

A good trail! People are expected. Paved a good way though. There's some opportunities to deviate the route if you're looking to go through rough terrain. All the tunnels were.cool, especially the last one with the river running alongside it. I started at dusk and got here by sundown and it was pitch black on the way there and through in the north woods. A headlamp would be a good move! It was memorable and would be perfect for a spooky evening out next month. Standing in front of the finish line right now, it was a fun trek. And civilization is a few hundred feet away. The view that awaits you here is gorgeous, even at night.

The trail in Central Park isn’t easy as I thought, unless I use the map from the AllTrails app, but no matter than that, it’s still recommendable in doing it again. Central Park is a journey for me, and hopefully one day, when it’s sunny out, and not too buggy, I’ll go on this trail again.

2 months ago

A beautiful secluded trail. The arches, little waterfalls and the blockhouse are neat.

no shade
over grown
2 months ago


road biking
3 months ago

Easy bike path to follow, smooth roads. A lot of others riding bikes and walking though, but still not a difficult bike and enjoyable for all skill levels

3 months ago

Feel free to veer off the prescribed path a bit. It’s a little annoying and exacting. Follow the general direction.

Can get a little crowded sometimes with all the travelers but overall it’s super beautiful. If it’s summer time bring water and/or a drink with electrolytes you’ll definitely need it!

It'll never live up to the time I was serenaded on horseback, but Central Park didn't disappoint today. My daughter and I took a long walk before a bucket list item checked off, Wicked! Tomorrow we see Aladdin on Broadway! 1044

A great walk in the middle of the city! It's mostly paved, but there are gravel paths if you so choose to diverge.

Very scary, thought I was going to be taken in the bushes and never seen again!!!!

The wooded trails are a little confusing, but cool to be in the woods in the middle of NYC. You may encounter folks “hanging out” around the rocks in the more secluded areas. I didn’t feel threatened, just be prepared! If you plan to walk or jog the reservoir path - note it’s only one way (for safety) so when I went in May, I should have started heading South to be going in the right direction to be right next to the water and views.

Beautiful walk today with perfect weather in NYC. The park is nicely clean with minimal litter despite the colossal amount of people out today enjoying the sun.

Went early on a Monday and it was below freezing with wind and some sun. Beautiful day to see most of the park as everyone was walking to work or walking their dog. Scenery was amazing! Dress for the weather it was windy and cold around the big lake.

wow great. walk at night. being a tourist

Must see for the tourist. Lots of people. Easy place to walk, bike, or walk without the fear of traffic. We felt safe. No issues. Gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the city for awhile.

8 months ago

Central Park remains one of my favorite places to visit, it’s a fun and relaxing experience.

Visited NY over a year ago and checked this one off the list.

pretty in the city

Simply Newyork.

Beauty at every turn. Was on my bucket list and it was well worth the trip.

10 months ago

Always a nice walk, still discovering new spots each visit. Especially around the lakes

Best outing in NYC, nothing compared to the mountains of CO. It was great to get outside and see trees while we were in the city.

Great. Place to run. Safe. Great people watching. The epicenter of NYC.

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