Gave it an extra star because it was February and 55 degrees.
Just about 5 miles round trip from across from Maria Regina Church (park on either side of Jerusalem Ave) to Merrick Rd and back. Very twisty and turney , very narrow path with cat-briar bushes encroaching on path. Wouldn't walk/hike in shorts or short sleeves or you'll be bleeding the whole way...especially on the northern limits of the hike. Theres paths on the east side and the west side. I travelled south on the east, returned going north on the west. Areas of wet mud, bog, signs that adjacent neighborhoods drain into the paths so I wouldn't go in the rain. Im here in late Feb so I expect moist. Slippery leaves but not a problem, muddy areas have go-arounds. Many trees down across path, garbage all over, and many many root tripping hazards. Not well maintained but it is February so maybe there's a tune-up before real spring hits. Easy. Just about exactly 10,000 steps for the fitbit users.Massapequa Preserve would be a better choice IMHO.