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To get to the trail you have to cross a stream and idk if it varies on days of water height I would assume it does but just be prepared to get your feet wet. After that it's a rocky trail up. Trekking poles or sticks would be nice with this trail. There is no summit. There are a few look out points. Overall it was a nice hike.

The trail is wide open, well marked, and honestly a moderate grade. Multiple spots with water on trail, making for some good chunks of mud still. Would recommend adding Echo Lake to the loop, great views on the way from Indian Head over to Echo Lake.

5 days ago

Steep hike can be challenging at points. Definitely a staple hike in the Catskills, great views toward and on the summit. Go when it's been dry for a couple days.

5 days ago

Strenuous hike due to consistent incline, but somewhat too straight-forward. The view at the summit is basically nonexistent unless you climb the fire tower. When I arrived, there were too many clouds to see anything. After spending some time at the top of the tower, the clouds cleared and a nice view opened up. However, I have seen many better views from more interesting trails. Many, many, gnats as well made it impossible to stand still.

awsome hike! first of the season, ran into a serious thunderstorm, pingpong sized hail, and multiple tornado warnings, had poncho, made it to safe refuge under brick stairwell at the hotel ruins and waitied out torrential hail, lightning struck the firetower and was the loudest most powerful thunder crack i hsve every expeirenced, what an exhilirating rush n dynamic added to the hiking experience, the hotel ruins were really cool, its rank it easy going on moderate but pace yourself and YOU CAN DO ITT!! ENJOY AND BE SAFE , Love n God bless

Nice day in the Catskills. The path to panther was lined with wild flowers. Not a hard hike at all.

Very cool hike, the scenic overlook is absolutely gorgeous. My buddy and I reached the summit in about an hour, maybe a little less. We are both recently retired college athletes so we may have completed it quicker than most. There was definitely an abundance of beautiful scenery to look out at from the top and the abandoned hotel was also certainly cool to poke around in. Despite the fact that we spent probably twice as much time in the car as we did on the mountain, I would highly recommend this hike.

Honestly, it is not that bad of a hike. I wouldn't even consider it "moderate". Just a straight path up to the fire tower or scenic view point. It's a good hike. Bring water and stay on the path.

Great hike! Moderate grade for most of the hike, then flattened out for a while near the top. Enjoyed exploring the old hotel ruins - neat! Fire tower was cool as well, the top level is chained off but you can get most of the way up it.

Lovely, challenging trail. I recommend that anyone doing this trail bring poles--the downhill is steep & rocky, murder on the knees! Hiked this on 5/13/18, it is still muddy, but no need for spikes.

Carriage road turned into a trail so very accessible year round. Very popular, so expect crowds. Have done this hike many times but the best is very early morning or when colder and after a good snow. Snowshoes or crampons needed depending on conditions. Up and back takes about 2-3 hours depending on how long you stay at the summit.

Nice short hike that give you views of some of the 3500’. There was an undercast that was happening that was pretty nice to look at.

Definitely check out the scenic overlook beyond the fire tower. Great views from there as well as atop the tower, or at least to just below the top. The only drawback, for me, is that I prefer more of a hiking path than a seasonal roadway.

Very steep, challenging hike. The view is worth every ache and pain.

Trail runners; this is a fun route but the majority of it is not runable. You climb roughly 2000ft in the first 2 miles, I’m talking super steep, a power walk at best. It gets the steepest roughly the last 1/2 to 1/4 mile. Once you summit though you can take the yellow trail to devils path which is much more runable. Devils path quickly descends roughly 3 miles to a small but cool waterfall at mile 6. I turned around and ran back up devils path running the same route backwards. In total I ended up with roughly 12 miles with over 4000 ft of climbing. Ohh, and today is may 7th 2018, and there is still snow and ice at the summit pretty much all of the way down the yellow trail to devils path.

I hiked this with a few friends about a week ago. Overall it was a great hike, great views from the scenic overlook and of the hotel ruins. This was definitely one of the easiest hikes I’ve done, and I would definitely do it again.

Fun hike. Lots of things to see on the way up, leantos, etc. did it as part of the fire tower challenge, the tower was locked but you could still climb up the stairs

Did it a couple weeks ago as part of the fire tower challenge. It was my first hike after vacation so it was a great way to ease back into exercising, but very quick hike.

Very steep but. Very rewarding hike. Beautiful trail.

Awesome hike! Not as good for a first timer or even a first hike of the year for someone who isn't in great shape, but definetly worth the leg pain! FYI out of the probably 30 dogs we saw that day, only 3 were on leashes, and we witnessed one dog fight and near altercation between groups because of it, so you might not want to take fido along, even on a leash, if he/she is dog agressive at all.

it's a steep trail and can be rough towards the top. there was still plenty of ice for the last 0.6 miles in 1st week of May. in the end you are awarded with amazing views and a sweet ache in your legs. downhill was tricky too with slippery rocks and stones. took me 3 hours with minimal rest. reminded me of trekking in the Himalayan in Nepal. liked it and would do it again.

28 days ago

did an over night trip from clarryville side , amazing trip for me ..it was wary season a lot of blowdowns and a rocky hike still lots of snow about half way up ..good for the soul ..watch your weight of your pack lol

A gnarly hike coming down, icy and muddy. Otherwise, a beautiful view at the top! :)

A nice hike to the ruins and Firetower. There was nice views of the Devils Path and Westkill Mountain. There was no snow or ice on the trail and the weather was perfect.

My friends and I did this trail yesterday. It was very well marked which was great.

The snow and ice and not having spikes on our shoes is what made this trail a living hell. We came down Devil's Path and it was a slip and slide between the snow, ice, and mud. We picked up sticks to help us but it was still a very scary hike. The conditions was what made it negative but otherwise we have clamboured over this trail like nothing.

I want to do it again when there is not snow.

Hiked yesterday in the sunshine approx mid 40’s. Very intense and steep hike to the top of the summit. Challenging to say the least, with ice and snow as you reach the 2,000 ft mark. All uphill, but once to the top the views from the fire tower were amazing. Took about 4 hours round trip and would highly suggest spikes or crampons!

30 days ago

Climbed yesterday in beautiful weather approx low 60’s. Very dry hike with a few patches of snow near the summit. Some cool shelters on the way in case hikers wanted to stay the night. Seemed long but was beat from a previous hike. 4 hour hike with awesome views at the top. Fire tower not in great condition and was closed at top!

1 month ago

Still lots of ice at the top. The pine trees around the summit are still covered in ice and snow. Some nice views but didn’t find anything mind blowing.

1 month ago

This is an awesome hike to an old hotel, fire tower, and cliff overlook of the Hudson Valley. The kids loved this one. Check out our full write up which includes directions and other things to look for.

1 month ago

really great hike, interesting hotel ruins and amazing views. It is uphill the entire way. If the lot is full, there is a bigger one further down the road, adding an easy .07 that takes you back to the main trailhead. We went in April, there was still snow, but melting, making for a very wet and slippery hike. poles were helpful going back down.

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