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The trail road is blocked by a snow bank two miles before the trail is supposed to start. wait until spring or be prepared to snowshoe through deep snow. Didnt make the attempt at a summit because i wasnt prepared for the extra distance

perfect walk for all seasons with paved even path. Great opportunity to see an eagle soar by.

As others have stated, getting to the trail was poorly marked and hard to find. No signs for trail starts anywhere from parking lots. However, once you find the trail it’s very well marked. Rock scrambles are difficult for dogs but do-able. Only a few steep parts and they’re on the rock scrambles. The views from Sunset Rock are absolutely beautiful.

A very nice spot great views
Fantastic way to spend a December day
The only drawback was having to walk thru the campground since it is closed for the season
Even got to see a deer

Nice, peaceful hike. Very gentle. Combined with Graham for a 4 hour trip. Great hike, great trail.

Campground was closed which made getting to the trail head a bit tricky as everything was poorly marked. Still a nice stroll around north/south lake. Once on the trail everything was very well marked and the views were beautiful and well earned. Some of the rock scrambling, especially if you divert up to north point, can be tricky, but not too difficult. Highly recommend to anyone looking for sweeping views of the Hudson Valley.

This was a beautiful trail and the views were amazing. Artist's Rock is breathtaking, and you reach it almost instantly. Took my 10 year old. The parking lots closer to the trail were closed, so we ended up having to walk from the western most tip of South Lake to the trail. That added a few more miles to our trip, so we were over 7 miles.
For us, the Blue trail was easy. It was relatively flat, and then you would reach steep, but doable areas to climb. It was beautiful, and we loved it.
North Point was a bit steep (300 ft in .3 miles), but the view is worth it.
We took the red trail (Mary's Glen Trail) back down. While it was stunning, it was hard for me (as I have problematic knees and ankles). It was very rocky almost all the way down. I should probably have taken blue back down, and will again next time I go.
Overall, it was a hike that should not be missed. I am not a very experienced hiker, and I have a good amount weight to lose, but it is doable, even with a 10 year old. Just take your time.

Had beautiful autumn views of the Catskill Mountain range on our recent walk. Would love to return with a bike. As it is unshaded and paved it may be a bit much during the dog days of summer

This trail was good, but definitely not the best. Great views, slightly tough with dog on a few steep climbs.

My girlfriend and I started on the blue trail from the North lake parking lot. Followed this trail to Artist rock, Sunset rock (blue trail to yellow trail for Sunset rock), Newman’s ledge and North point/North mountain ledge, then took Mary’s Glen (Red trail) back which brought us to North lake Rd about 3/4 of a mile north from the main parking lot. After that we walked just south of the parking lot to the Overlook mountain house site. Everything was about 6.6 miles and 4hrs at a conservative pace with time to enjoy each lookout. Trails were pretty easy with a decent amount of short inclines, and not annoying crowded for a Saturday between the hours of 9:30 - 1:30.

Great trail. Lots of beautiful views, fun rock scrambles and easy enough for the pups. Great pine forest trail also.

Beautiful views. Great hike. Different terrain and varying degrees of inclines.

Really good hike, with great views at both Artist and Sunset Rock. Unfortunately we didn't do the entire loop, so I can't comment on the back-half of the hike. This hike is inside the North-South Lake park, and it's $10 to park for the day. Probably nice to camp here and then do this hike one of the days you're there.

Came here mid-September, was a bit muddy and slippery, but really not bad. A bit buggy in the beginning, bring spray. Lots of families on the hike, good for kids. Recommended.

Beautiful secluded trail. We only passed one other family the whole time, so it very private & serene. It's definitely easy and relatively flat, but I'd recommend wearing hiking boots to improve footing on rocks in some areas of the path.

Absolutely incredible trail. I can't talk enough about it. Captivating views of the entire surrounding area from multiple vantage points. Climbing is extremely fun as well.

Easy walk and great views of the mountains. I wish I could bring my dog but no animals allowed! Still worth it!

This is an easy walk with absolutely beautiful views all the way around.

Went on a clear, hot day--there is no shade-given its paved, this is really better served as a bike path w open view on the reservoir

One of my favorite trails for families. Amazing views and easy enough for younger kids.

I really enjoyed this trial and glad my girl picked it out as the one we're doing that weekend (June 10th) because it was my first hike in a while. I give this 5 stars because it wasn't crowded, and I feel like it could be enjoyed by hikers at every level. It's rated as moderate but I would rate this trail as a high easy to low moderate. Some great views on the initially 2 miles up as well as some rock climbing and weaving in and out of the woods. Super cool! We headed up towards North Point and passed a few young kids like 4-5 year olds that were cruising along loving the outdoors. It was a beautiful day out and it had rained the past few days so we passed Katerskills on the drive up from NYC and the falls were flowing baby!! As we started out on our hike we saw this beautiful huge doe that was just walking along probably about 30-40 yards away from us.

Got to North Point which the last quarter mile was nice and up!! We ate some lunch, took in the views and chatted with the super friendly, detailed oriented, and informative Steward (I'm so sorry I forgot your name) that was just their to watch over us hikers and answer questions. The bugs this hike were pretty bad but they don't seem to bother me like some others but always have some repellent in your backpack.

I think my favorite part of the hike by far was the walk down Mary's Glenn back to the lake and the campgrounds where we parked. We were warned that it was muddy and a bit more challenging and it was so that's for the tips from the guys at batmans cave. It was wet and a bit muddy but for most of the trail we walked along water, through water, over water, rock hopped (so much fun). Saw a few small waterfalls and the constant sound of flowing water was beautiful and the woods were so serene. We did the 5 mile loop and all in all it was great!

Would definitely recommend this hike to anyone for sure!

Great views of the Catskills

This trail is supper easy as far as the actual hiking is concerned! Watch out for the trail signs tho, some are hard to see! There is an amazing view spot at the end of the trail that's perfect for a picnicking or setting up an easel and painting!

like the mile wide lipstick trails,and globalmap zoom in for home viewing,wasteful.

Awesome hike. A nice little break from the steeper Catskill 35's we've been doing. All the views are within the first two miles of the trail if you take the trail head by the lake. Views are amazing, trail is fairly easy but has some decent rock scrambles to keep someone who's fairly experienced entertained. It was a little muddy today in spots but it rained the night before, so that could be why. Took my girlfriend and I about 3 hours to do all of it. That was with several water breaks, and taking time to enjoy the views and explore around sunset rock a little bit.

Wife and I took a day hike out here, blue trail up and red trail back. The scenes were amazing. Will definitely be going up there again, next time camping and hiking.

The drive from Manhattan was really nice as we had to drive past Kaaterskill Falls to the North Lake Campsite parking. We started with the blue trail to hike up to North Point. This trail is really well marked and I felt it made our hike easy-moderate (for me) with 2-3 big rocks we had to climb up. We did see a big group with children around the ages of 4-9 so it can't be that difficult. The blue trail will take you to a few great view points and ledges. Then we jumped to the yellow trail to hike up North Point, a quick straight incline to the top. The view at the 4 points and north point were well worth the hike. I would have enjoyed the view at North Point more if we had bug spray but we only stayed at the top for 15-20 mins due to the our lunch/bug situation. We took Mary's Glen Trail (red trail) down and it was my favorite part of the hike: it was serene with sounds of a running creek and several small waterfalls. We went right after it had rained that past night so the hike down was pretty muddy and wet; make sure to have good hiking boots if it had been raining.

Tip: Bring Bug Spray

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