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Absolutely serene clean walk! Beautiful views. I managed to get 6 miles out of the walk doing some loops around the circle where we parked! 60 minutes from Middletown NY for me worth the drive

Lovely moderate hike. We we to take-in the beginning of the Fall and see the foliage. We started at the North Lake ground, as suggested, and followed the Blue trail to Artist Rock and Sunset Rock (both amazing views). Then continued all the way up to North Point. That was an amazing spot to sit and take in the stunning views. We followed the red trail back down through the forest, which was also pretty great. Note that the red path finishes on the road, and you have to walk on the road for 10 minutes to complete the loop.

A lovely and peaceful hike on wide flat pavement with beautiful views of the reservoir and mountains. There are benches along the path to stop and relax and admire the scenery. It's a very special place and provides a great way to be out in nature for those of all ages and skill levels. There's a monument right off the path at one spot and I'm told that eagles nest in an area right off the path as well. It's a great place to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature that's accessible to all.

This trail is absolutely lovely — it has just about everything you could want in a short 5-7 mile hike. This is one that I could do over and over again. Artist’s Rock (almost right at the trailhead) and Newman’s Ledge are essentially the same view — but Sunset Rock is the real star. There is a terrific variety of views and terrain / landscapes (blue and yellows offer some tremendous views / scrambles to start while the reds offers some wet deep forest action). Note that there are certainly some steep climbs / descents that require hand usage to scale; especially if you are taking the loop all the way to North Point.

We started on the Blue Trail from the North Lake parking lot (note that the trail head is just ahead of / before the parking lot entrance). It tends to get somewhat busy so I would recommend getting on the trail before 10/11am or so. While there are some moderately challenging sections, it is an awesome hike for folks all along the skill spectrum.

Tip: All of the scenic lookouts are along the first blue / yellow sections of the trail if that is what you are specifically looking for.

Nice views, definitely easy.

Very doable. Did it ccw and the way up (red) was rockier and the way down (red to blue) was muddier. Pretty easy otherwise. Views from the tower, one view spot on the way down. Good hike for a half day activity (drive from 17 included).

Nice trail. Great views!!! Some Rocky areas were harder/slippery and some trees have fall on the trail. Good variety of views and landscapes

The best hike I've found so far within a reasonable driving distance of NYC.

It is simply the best hike I have taken. The views are astonishing. Highly recommended.

Started by the parking lot of North Lake and took the loop trail to Artist's Rock, Sunset Rock, Newman's Ledge, North Point and Ashley Falls. We stopped several times for photos which tacked on an hour or two to our hike. My phone died on the way out so our recording is incomplete. We started out at 11am and it was extremely foggy. I actually didn't realize I parked next to the lake until we came down. it was so foggy I didn't see it or the signs. The first two look outs were all fog so not much to see. By the time we got to Newman's Ledge, the fog cleared and the view was gorgeous. Don't forget the bug spray. The mosquitoes were ruthless. The trail itself, aside from the look outs was beautiful. I never grew bored of the landscape. Beautiful trees, rock formations and different kinds of mushrooms throughout. I would do this trail again but would be better prepared next time.

Awesome hike! North Point was in clouds when I went, so Newman's Ledge packed a huge punch - such an amazing view!! Will definitely be doing it again soon.

Gorgeous this time of year (early September)! Lush landscape, well marked and varied terrain. Was a bit too busy with mountain bikers, but well worth a visit.

Very pleasant, quiet. Trails are well marked. Lots of chipmunks!

nice walk in the woods and a beautiful view from the fire tower.

We just completed this trail yesterday. It had rained recently and there was a small stream to walk through. This is an easy trail and well worth the trip. The views are beautiful, especially Sunset Rock. We later went to North Point with other stunning views.

Sweet short bike ride with stunning views of all the peaks to be hiked. Fountain gives off a lovely spray up close (and a breezy downhill thrill!). 5 stars for an accessible feast for the eyes.

Easy for all levels, even small children. Flat and paved. Ideal for biking! We go often with the whole family

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We went after big rains. Very muddy. Lots of rock- hopping. Beautiful trail-side vegetation. Fabulous fungi. Falls were booming. There is a guy in the car park who may be living there but he seems friendly and harmless.

wish there was more shade.

Way shorter from the trails end side. Both ways are great.

Great hike for kids and you can trout fish at the river!

Always a beautiful trail. A few lookout points and pretty walks.

It's a lovely trail, a rather steep climb, may need to use your hands to climb up some of the trail. It's located near a campsite, which will give you a moderate to high trafficked area, depending on time of day. Definitely worth my time, the views were beautiful. It took roughly 5 hours, with some breaks at the look out points. The hike can be longer than 5 hrs if you choose to go further through the trail. I'll post the pictures that I have.

Very impressed by the overlook and not to hard to access for beginners and intermediate hikers!

I’ve never climbed a mountain and I chose to do Balsam Lake Mountain because of the fire tower for my birthday. M

Does the trail have spectacular views? No, but it’s well marked which is exactly what I was looking for.

The last 3/4 miles were brutal, but in a good way. Once I got to the summit it all became worth it.

The weather was great, the views were breathtaking, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

10/10, would recommend.

A steep and steady uphill climb. No tree cover so shade is minimal but that also affords a fairly continuous view of the surrounding mountains. The trail is wide and clear because it just follows a ski slope right up the mountain at the resort. The trail is rutted with a lot of gravel and large rocks mixed, making especially the downhill footing a little bit unsure. Easy to get to and worth doing once but I probably wouldn’t go back to it before exploring the rest of the trails in the area.

3 months ago

beautiful views, wear a hat during hot weather, no shade. will be back in the fall

A very nice hike! The view is best from the firetower, the tree cover at the top prevents most horizon viewing. We did the loop with our dog and ate a packed lunch at the picnic table at the summit. There were two very nice stewards on duty and the ranger cabin was open to the public, with displays and information. However, we did see quite a bit of what looked like giant hogweed on the trail. The most was on the climb up, especially as we neared the spring location, and there was some on the way down. If that is indeed what it was, be careful. I didn’t want to examine it too closely and risk getting sap on my skin. Edit: I heard back from the DEC, they’ve checked the area after a few calls and it is cow parsnip, not giant hogweed, so that’s good news!

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