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Love this hike. It’s pretty short and not very difficult. Like others have stated, some of the rock scrambles are a little tough for the pups, for ours anyway. Overall I would rate this Trail as easy. Beautiful views at sunset rock!

Great trail, great cardio workout. the view was amazing! Fairly busy trail. Just be careful at the top, saw 3 Timber Rattle snakes.

The trail is pretty narrow once you get about 1/2 mile in. It’s rocky, I wouldn’t recommend doing it after a big rain storm. I would definitely recommend long pants for this one! There are some heavy incline parts but also nice flat breaks. View is pretty great!

Hiked this on 6/13/18 early afternoon, it was a very foggy day so I couldn't see any of the views but the hike through the forest was breath taking with the fog coming down through the trees

Excellent hike. Great workout if you go at a fast pace. Good workout just for a normal hike. Remains a favorite hike. Some say an occasional snake above the hotel to the fire tower. Worth going up the fire tower.

The view is worth the struggle to get to the top. Couldn’t get into the top of the fire tower. Make sure you go tot the scenic overlook. It’s one of the best views I’ve seen in NY. It’s almost strait up from the parking lot to the hotel ruins. The last 1/2 mile isn’t that bad.

Fun little short hike. Cool hotel. Fire tower view was great. Saw a big fat rattlesnake. Cool day for sure.

This was such a great hike! We overnighted in between Cornell and Slide and it was tough with the elevation gain + big backpacks but so worth it for those views!

Loved this hike, steep climb the whole way up. Well worth it for the ruins and the views from the top as well as the fire tower!

I'm not sure where to start, but a very poor hike. After 2 wonderful hikes in the Catskills (Devils Path, Hunter Mountain), we came upon this. I can't think of one good thing to say about this trail, other than the fact people hike it just to say they've reached the highest peak in the Catskills. After hiking up a rock bed with a creek flowing through it, we reached the summit. There were zero good viewpoints on the way up. When we finally made the top it was overgrown and we could barely see anything. The bedrock trail was also poorly marked and very confusing. There are a dozen or more better hikes in the Catskills! Don't waste your time.

The hike 6/2/18 was fairly dry and not very buggy with bug spray. We hiked the blue trail up to North Point and back down and followed the yellow out and back to Sunset Rock. Sunset Rock is a must on your way up to or down from North Point! North Point was a little cool and windy at the top, I’d recommend packing a long sleeve in your bag. Also, you can park at the trailhead in the campground for $10. I definitely recommend tagging Kaaterskill Falls onto your trip from Laurel House Rd.

Wittenberg has lookout ledge. This was a challenging hike but well worth it.

This was a lovely hike on a lovely day. You get some nice views and challenging hike. Not the best around but it’s certainly a nice hike.

There are such better hikes in the Catskills. It’s long, crowded and the view as nothing special. How it is so popular is beyond be.

The trail was not marked anywhere as Codfish Point - I followed the blue markers from Platte Clove Preserve labeled Overlook Mountain and used the AllTrails map to figure out when I reached my destination.
Overall a pretty and fairly easy walk. I popped up Indian Head on my way back to make it more strenuous. There are rattlesnakes in this area so be alert.

The smell of Balsam from the top of Slide and Wittenberg will stick in your memory forever

Great fun hike with amazing views! Super close to Woodstock which makes it very convienent. It is uphill and a bit strenuous the entire way up, but the trail is really a very well maintained fire road so it's not too shabby. The views from the fire tower are amazing and make it all worth it. Total time was a little over 2 hours which included about 30 min of playing around the abandoned hotel building and the fire tower.

20 days ago

Was really muddy and rocks wet, slipped a couple times but view amazing. Worth it!!

Loved this hike!!! Did it with my 4 children ages 5,7,12 and 15. Alot of traffic of other hikers but the end is soo worth it!

20 days ago

Went on a late spring day. Nats were crazy. Definitely recommend a bug net or waiting till mid summer before hiking if you dont like bugs in your face. Other than that, it was a very easy hike straight up. Gradual climb the whole way. A handful of views from the top. Took the blue loop on the way down. Nice walk through varying types of forest that change like night and day. Lots of birding you can do as well. Crosses several little creeks on the way down. Very nice hike for any beginner and leisurely walk. Distance isnt hard at all. Took maybe 3.5 - 4 hours total.

Great, easy trail! It's pretty much flat the entire way (a little incline on the way back). It's a pretty rocky path though, so be sure to wear hiking shoes or sneakers (no flip flops or sandals). We went on a rainy-ish day and there are a couple sections that are bogged down with water, so it's best to wear waterproof shoes in those conditions. The walk is beautiful and the falls are gorgeous! You could totally swim in sections of the falls, it's a fun swimming hole.

20 days ago

Overall, this was a great moderate hike! We only traveled to the first peak because the full loop was longer than we expected (approx. 12 miles). There were a few trees that obstructed the view from the top, but close to the peak there were two amazing overlooks. If you decide to do this hike in the spring/summer - remember to bring plenty of bug spray!!

Did this on Sunday in the rain. The incline in the first mile is as advertised. We had no view because of the weather.

20 days ago

This is a very challenging and long hike and very worth it!

Brought the basset/beagle mix and we made it up and down in a little over two hours with picture stops. A lot of people, so the earlier the better. There are bears and snakes but with the amount of people using the trail, bears seem rare. No word on snakes though.

22 days ago

Great hike! Definitely should not be characterized as "Hard" though would be tough for a novice hiker or young kids. Clearly marked trail, great views from the fire tower. The Tower was locked today but can still see across Catskill Park from the top. Will go again!

23 days ago

I am so happy I did this hike! The scenic overlook took my breath away. A few things for non-experienced hikers: I thought I was in okay shape but oh, boy, this hike will inspire me to work out a lot more. I read the reviews below that this hike was super easy, but going about 2+ miles uphill in hot (high 80s) weather, while flies were constantly swarming around me despite bug spray almost made me turn back around half way up. It was difficult for me to pause and rest since the flies would attack me the second I stopped moving. (Putting a bandana around my head helped stop them from buzzing in my ears, though. Next time I'll have to bring a bug net to wear over my face!) Anyway, I decided not to be such a wimp and keep going, and was thrilled to get to the hotel ruins - very cool. As mentioned above, the scenic overlook was absolutely incredible and the best part. The fire tower was open, and the wind up there gave me a wonderful break from the insects along with a beautiful view. I saw adorable chipmunks everywhere, no rattlesnakes although I kept my eyes open. I was glad to bring hiking poles for the rocky/muddy parts of the trail - although almost non of the other hikers I passed had poles. It took me a little over 3 hours round trip - I parked in the farther parking lot, which added distance, and I probably spent about 20-30 minutes at the overlook/fire tower. It took I'd definitely do this hike again but will be more prepared against the bugs, or pick a better time of day. (I did this 5p-8pm)

25 days ago

Great first hike of the season. Would rate difficulty level Beginner to Moderate. Took us 2.5 hrs (with a lunch break in between) from parking lot to peak and down. Make sure to check out stores in Woodstock after the hike!

To get to the trail you have to cross a stream and idk if it varies on days of water height I would assume it does but just be prepared to get your feet wet. After that it's a rocky trail up. Trekking poles or sticks would be nice with this trail. There is no summit. There are a few look out points. Overall it was a nice hike.

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