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The trail head here leads to a steep incline and forested walk. Didn’t make it to the view but the hike was nice on its own

had someone on the path not told me to make a left at the boulder, I would have totally missed the best part of the hike. I think the trail went on for another half mile after the summit... Steeply down hill. does anyone want to end and in and out hike at the bottom? so I skipped the last half mile, making my total hike 9 miles. Table Mountain was really disappointing. I'm glad I didn't follow the sign pointing to the lean-to. another hiker said there was nothing to see there. i did enjoy the strong scent of pine on the approach to Peekamoose. anyway, this was my first two of the Catskill 3500. I spotted a toad, lots of chipmunks and a few squirrels. no snakes, bears or coyote. :)))

Love this hike. It’s pretty short and not very difficult. Like others have stated, some of the rock scrambles are a little tough for the pups, for ours anyway. Overall I would rate this Trail as easy. Beautiful views at sunset rock!

Wonderful views at Giants ledge. Decided not to continue to Panther due to rain coming in. One of the best views the Catskills have to offer.

If you like peace and quiet and serious exercise, this is the trail for you.

By the end of the day, we were out of gas and wobbly for the last mile. (Fortunately, and unlike us, the car wasn't out of gas.) We easily burned thousands of calories that day - no exaggeration. Despite bringing a nice lunch and a bunch of snacks, we were ravenous at trail's end and headed to the diner. My dinner was served on what looked like a turkey platter and I was sure there was no way I'd be able to finish it, but finish I did. When we arrived home 3 hours later, I was again famished.

Yes, it's that kind of hike. You'll get a sense of accomplishment when you complete this one.

Great views at Giant Ledge. With the inclines, it took about 45 minutes from the Slide Mountain parking area. Also continued to Panther Ledge but the view was not as good as Giant Ledge and didn't think it was worth the trek. Lots of flies surrounding us at the peaks.

Hiked this section of trail a few times in the past couple of weeks on different trips in both directions. Nice steep climbs as you close in on Table, reliable spring and shelter as well. Nice views reward the hard work.

we did this one in July of 2016. great hike with a beautiful scenic payoff! good for those who don't mind company on the trail.

We only did Indian Head and Twin Mountain, but the trail certainly lived up to its name. It was a very difficult climb that left us exhausted by the end. The trail had several challenging sections throughout, but rewarded you with a spectacular view at the top of Twin. One of the best views we’ve ever seen in the Catskills and definitely worth the visit.

This time of year hosted a ridiculous amount of flies and mosquitos which pestered us throughout the whole hike. Fortunately, we met some people at the beginning of the trail who had the forethought to bring bug spray and offered us some. Definitely bring some, or you will regret it.

This time of year hosted a tremendous amount of flies and mosquitos so bug spray is a must. The trail is pretty difficult, but offers some fun challenges throughout. The view is beautiful, but we personally preferred the Twin Mountain view. If I had to pick, I would say if you were only going to do one, do Twin Mountain. They are pretty equivalent in difficulty, but the view at the end of Twin is much better.

Got to the trailhead at 7:30 am Saturday morning on a cloudy June day. I was pleasantly surprised that there was only other car in the lot. The trail has some nice variations with some moderately steep sections mixed in with level ground. Not much in the way of views until you hit the ledges which give you a view of Slide Mountain and a nice panoramic of the Eastern Catskills in the other direction. Additional but limited views at Panther Mountain. Passed by droves of hikers (I'd estimate 75-100) on the way down the mountain so would recommend getting here early (or midweek) if you want to avoid the crowds and ensure yourself a spot in the rather small lot. Overall, the hike is nice but I prefer a little more solitude.

Hiked this today. With my dog, it took us 5 hours (not including time at the top of the mountain for lunch). It was a solid 9 miles. Definitely go past the Peekamoose summit huge boulder 40-50 feet ti find the trail on the left for the view that will make the day worth it! I could write more, but cant say it better than the write up on catskill mountaineer and eastcoast hiker websites. long intermediate trail. 1800 ft elevation increase. Well marked!

Rocky and fairly steep at start, a primitive camp site off the junction about a mile in, a spring right before junction. Views along Great Ledge are nice, after that was just meh. Panther summit was cloudy (and super tiny) so we didn’t get that view. Okay hike, IMO, but not enough for 5 stars.

This was such a great hike! We overnighted in between Cornell and Slide and it was tough with the elevation gain + big backpacks but so worth it for those views!

I'm not sure where to start, but a very poor hike. After 2 wonderful hikes in the Catskills (Devils Path, Hunter Mountain), we came upon this. I can't think of one good thing to say about this trail, other than the fact people hike it just to say they've reached the highest peak in the Catskills. After hiking up a rock bed with a creek flowing through it, we reached the summit. There were zero good viewpoints on the way up. When we finally made the top it was overgrown and we could barely see anything. The bedrock trail was also poorly marked and very confusing. There are a dozen or more better hikes in the Catskills! Don't waste your time.

Panther summit is wooded so enjoy the views along Giant ledge. It was also cloudy so we didn't see much but, nonetheless, it was a good hike

great hike just did this yesterday ..always 1 of my fav.

The hike 6/2/18 was fairly dry and not very buggy with bug spray. We hiked the blue trail up to North Point and back down and followed the yellow out and back to Sunset Rock. Sunset Rock is a must on your way up to or down from North Point! North Point was a little cool and windy at the top, I’d recommend packing a long sleeve in your bag. Also, you can park at the trailhead in the campground for $10. I definitely recommend tagging Kaaterskill Falls onto your trip from Laurel House Rd.

This is a nice loop that has some challenging spots and a few nice lookout points

A nice hike with some great views of the Hudson Valley. The summit views are easy to miss if you are not careful but there is lookout at Peekamoose! Just find the large bolder and turn right, walk through the trees a few feet and there is a nice ledge. Buttermilk waterfall is even nearby if you want to take a quick detour via car afterwards.

This is a great hike but really lives up to the name Devils Path. We did this as a day (as I do not like to camp) and it took over 9 hours to complete. It was without a doubt the most challenging hike I have ever done. Steep climbs and some challenging terrain on a hot August day was a bit intense.

Wittenberg has lookout ledge. This was a challenging hike but well worth it.

I’ve only done this in the snow after a major snow fall so that definitely brought some new challenges. But it was well worth it. It has some great lookouts and the fresh snow made for a gorgeous landscape.

There are such better hikes in the Catskills. It’s long, crowded and the view as nothing special. How it is so popular is beyond be.

I did the east side of the loop from Platte Clove Preserve - first walked out to Codfish Point and then popped up Indian Head. I did the full loop last year from the west and I think the east side is much nicer to ascend. There are some steep rock sections but the west side is just kind of muddy and wet.
Note: the summit of this peak is hard to find. It's treed in with only a small outlook. There are a few small outcroppings that offer views on the way up; it's not bad for a workout but there are definitely other hikes in the area that are more rewarding.

5/31/18 wet slippery coming down the DP but beautiful trail on this rainy/misty day. No views at the lookouts but the trail made up for it. Stays true to its difficulty rating as the elevation gain is tough.

Very breath-taking hike, but be prepared for black flies if you hike now. No hard scrambles just be prepared to ascend 1900 feet though.

Great hike and awesome views! Definitely a good work-out but not too intense. Bugs were pretty intense. My head net was a smash hit on the trail. A lot of other hikers remarked on how they wished they had one. So definitely bring one and a hat with some bug spray and it will be a lot more enjoyable

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