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I did the entire Borough's Range hike several years ago, but just did the Wittenberg summit and back down with my son. From Woodland Valley parking to the summit and back it took us 3 1/2 hours and that's including taking some time for the views and food at the top. I love this hike, just north of 3200 feet the entire ecosystem changes, temps cool, and you're surrounded by pines and birches, the climb also gets quite steep and technical.

On the way down my legs were jelly no doubt, my son had work so we had to really grind it out, and nearing 40 I was feeling it the next day.

One of the hardest parts of the hike was finding the foot bridge, my son and I walked around like fools for quite a bit before finding it. I also get a kick out of seeing everyone's face on the way down asking how far the summit is, you know all they want to hear is "it's right around the corner", someone asked us about 400 feet past the registration station on the trail how far the summit is. I couldn't lie to them since they already seemed gas, I told them it's really really far.

Only hiked to the ledges due to time restraints but wow - I would do this again in a heartbeat. Follow yellow from the small bridge up a steady rocky incline, and make sure to take the blue trail to your left instead of continuing straight on yellow at the ~.75 mile point. I made the mistake of not looking at the map first and ended up going straight to....nothing, really. Anyway, the blue trail is fairly level for a while with another steep rocky incline to get to the ledges. I spent time at the first and third ledges and the views were incredible, especially for this not being a full mountain summit.

Awesome hike. A nice little break from the steeper Catskill 35's we've been doing. All the views are within the first two miles of the trail if you take the trail head by the lake. Views are amazing, trail is fairly easy but has some decent rock scrambles to keep someone who's fairly experienced entertained. It was a little muddy today in spots but it rained the night before, so that could be why. Took my girlfriend and I about 3 hours to do all of it. That was with several water breaks, and taking time to enjoy the views and explore around sunset rock a little bit.

4.82 miles start to finish. the view is definitely worth the hike.

mountain biking
2 days ago

3 days ago

Hiked the portion from Hunter Fire Tower up to Leavitts Peak ( SW Hunter) to bag another 3500 peak. Awesome "bushwhack". A must do!!

The trail is really a dirt road, wide open with little tree cover and power lines along the way - easy walking but a boring trip. Definitely still a challenging hike. The wide, gravely path does make it easier to spot rattlesnakes. We saw one sunning and just waited a minute for it to slither away. The stately abandoned Overlook House, fire tower and amazing scenic view made it worth the drive.

4 days ago

An awesome trail. Continued on to SW Hunter ( Leavitt peak). 10.28 mile loop. Well worth it.

Exhausting hike, very hot today. But great views and neat old hotel to see

Short hike fire tower challenge. Great view from tower

Great trail. Strenuous but the views are totally worth it. Another of the 35's done.