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Did this tower with balsem in same day, good hikes, so not fond of the Catskills!

Good trails, not to fond of the catskills though,

Was a beautiful day for a hike! We did have some trouble finding the Hurricane ledge but it just took some time and adventuring around! We also found the plane crash towards the bottom on our hike out. Only saw 2 other hikers. Little to no garbage was on the trail which was nice to see.

Was able to make it to Slide as well for a day hike reaching all 3 peaks in about 10 hours with breaks, 14+ miles. Lots of rock scrambling, very fun and strenuous hike. Saw a bear after we got back in the car just after trailhead!

2 days ago

Trail is not hard but it is a steady climb. I brought my small dog with me on this hike and she was already 12 years old at that time, she was still able to hike most of it. View at the top is just amazing. I recommend that you hike early in the morning as it gets crowded around noon time.

The lake is super nice, but there's not really any trail that we could see. Might have been overgrown, or high tide, or marshy and wet and easily missed. Either way, we walked around a bit but not the marked trail here in AllTrails. I'd suggest bringing a bathing suit and hanging out in the lake instead, or go fishing.

Def a great trail we went today and I got stung by 3 bees too in the same spot as mentioned from previous commenter . It's def worth the .25 to hurricane ledge for the amazing views since no views at summit.

3 days ago

Great experience, great fun. Beautiful views both atop the tree line and below. Would hike it again tomorrow.

Walked this with my 4 & 2 year old boys who managed to trek about 90% of the way up by themselves. They loved the cookies at the top and the chance to see a rattlesnake curled up. The ruins of the hotel and the fire tower views were amazing!