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Had to change out of snowshoes and into spikes for the final ascent. There's too much scrambling for snowshoes, though at lower elevation they were very useful. Only made Twin. One of the better, more technical trails in the Catskills I think, especially in winter conditions.

2 days ago

10 days ago

2.5 feet of snow. Snowshoes all the way. 3/17/17. Other reviews say it's pretty easy. I thought it was tough with the snowshoes because the snow wasn't too packed and I sank in about a foot with almost every step. I had some difficulty but it was great. Nice views at the summit. Typical Catskill wooded summit but you can peak through the pines in some spots and see the entire range from its highest point.

Very doable, did it with a few young first timers, 15 year-olds, they managed. Great reward is the view. Going back again for sure.

A nice, fun relatively short hike. Easy to find, gradual climb which is not strenuous at all and then a nice waterfall and place to have lunch.

14 days ago

Awesome day, perfect trail conditions, powder snow, no need for snowshoes or crampons, I brought crampons because frigid temps but there was barely icy spots. It was fun and even the dog had a good time playing in the snow.

Great trail, took me almost 5 h, going at a very leisurely pace. There is still snow but I've been fine just with boots and no special equipment. Beautiful scenery, definitely worth it.

17 days ago

The DP trail is longer. The options on this app short the trail by a 3-4 miles. Do that extended part near Platte Clove for that badge of courage! Although there are dozens of variations out there.

Did the Balsam loop but continued on the Pine Hill West trail to climb Eagle Mountain. Saw a few coyotes near the top of Eagle.

22 days ago