Buttermilk Falls State Park takes its name from the foaming cascade formed by Buttermilk Creek as it flows down the steep valley side toward Cayuga Lake. The upper park has a small lake, hiking trails through woodlands and along the gorge and rim, picnic areas and playing fields. The lower park has a campground, pool and playing fields, beyond which is Larch Meadows. Larch Meadows is a moist, shady glen and wetland area through which a nature trail winds. Park activities, including tours through Buttermilk gorge, which are offered weekly from July 4th through Labor Day.

Great hike pretty steep in some areas

We liked this hike just fine. It does have several points where you are just walking along a road or through parking lots, which isn’t ideal when looking for a good nature experience. There’s lots of water features and a lot of fun places for kids. The biggest drawback is probably the number of other people on the same hike and in the same area.

Best maintained trail i've been on in a while. A little touristy and as it got later in the day it got more crowded, but not too terrible. A really great day hike & I'd highly reccomend.

Found a list of amazing parks in the US. Watkins Glen was on that..which spurred our trip to the Ithaca area. we then found several other great trails including this one. It is definitely moderate hike on both the Gorge side and Rim Trial. The elevation change is 450ft and it goes up pretty rapidly. There are a lot of stairs on the Gorge side and the Rim trail and pretty steep headed up or down. We did the Gorge trail past Pinnacle rock to the road and down the Rim trail. We would have done the whole trek if we had more time.

overall great and beautiful park and waterfalls.

Beautiful waterfalls on the Gorge trail turn into a quiet and peaceful forest on the Bear trail. You can then continue around a serene lake and back to the Gorge or Rim trail. Awesome hike!

Great Hike, Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful trail

Was on my NY trail “bucket list” for awhile, went today and loved it.

This is a very popular and scenic falls with a large swimming area at the base of the falls.

2 months ago

This is one of my favorite gorges to hike. The only downside (as someone who likes hiking in peace) is that this location is a popular family spot in the summer time. It's absolutely gorgeous though!

The gorge trail is closed for the winter months.

Beautiful falls, all the hikers we encountered were very friendly!

If you start at the opposite end from Buttermilk, the trail is gorgeous and there are very few people.

Nice trail with good scenery.

I hiked this in winter. The water falls are so beautiful. The trails are perfect. We did the entire 4.6 mile look and stopped halfway at a picnic area to have a snack. If it is this pretty in the winter, I cant wait to come back in the spring. Oh, the rim trail was open, the gorge trail was not (due to ice) but the view we had were still spectacular!

A less frequently used trail and for good reason. The elevation gain up the hill from the waterfall is substantial and the grade very steep. It is a workout even for those in good condition, but well rewarded. Once at the top it becomes a trail of gentle ups and downs always close to the brook, and almost entirely in the woods. If you go to the Blue trail it takes you back on the other side of water before rejoining the main trail. Plan on an hour and a half and when descending I suggest taking the white trail to the right. It brings you to waterfall but meanders through the woods and across many streams and a lovely ridge view.

Easy trail with no technical parts, wide open and simple to follow. Went in January and was still in good condition and easily hikeable until we got to the lake where it was icy.

Checked this one out in June of 2017. And this hike doesn’t disappoint! It’s beautiful and moderately well trafficked. Great for all ages. There’s a bit of stairs along the way which are a great way to enter the trail. Awesome views of the falls and rock formations, would definitely go again.

I’ve been here many years ago and have forgotten how beautiful it is. Great hike to get the heart pumping.

Easy beautiful hike. Fantastic waterfall

I had forgotten how beautiful this hike was. If you are looking for waterfalls this will definitely fit the bill. There are a lot of steps so there is a little bit of a workout. This was the third and final hike while I was down in Ithaca this past weekend, none of them disappointed. The way out on this one, going around the lake, and taking pictures on the damn on the way back down were definitely highlights. I can't wait to go camping down in Ithaca again and explore more of the area.

Nice hike with nice views. Decently trafficked on the lower sections, so not the best place for a private peaceful hike.

Gorge hike has numerous falls, steep stair climb at beginning of hike. Well worth the effort. $8 state park entrance fee per car

This is a good hike thru the gorge and views of waterfalls in the area. Well worth your time to try out.

Very good hike. The Gorge trail allows you to get close to several unique waterfalls. It begins with a few long-ish staircases, but the effort here is totally worth it. The Bear Trail is a quiet forested hike with some easy rolling hills. The Lake Treman loop is above the lakeside water level and has a few moderate hills and a couple long staircases. Nice wildflowers on both the Bear trail and the Lake Treman loop, but if you're pressed for time, the Gorge trail is not to be missed.

Tougher/steeper hike than expected. Many of the falls were dried up, but the lowest point had a nice area of water to romp around in. Good exercise on the ascent back up. Have some nice ledges to sit on looking down into the gorges.

This hike is very beautiful up and around the falls that eventually you can walk along the gorge. We had rain the last 2 miles but helped cool us off.

First time for my fiance and I at the fingerlakes. Probably the best trail we went on for our time up here! The first stretch was difficult with the stairs but soo worth it!

Relatively short trail with great views. Dog-friendly. A few nice ledges overlooking the water to rest on if necessary. Take the time to stop and play in the water at the bottom!

Beautiful! Make sure you go all the way to the very top

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