Buckhorn Island State Park nature preserve, 895 acres of marsh, meadows and woods and the last vestige of once vast marshlands and meadows that bordered the Niagara River, is classified as a park preserve. The public is welcome to walk the nature trails, hike, bike, kayak, canoe, fish and cross-country ski in the park. Ongoing restoration continues to re-establish wetland cover and water levels and increase the diversity of native flora and fauna. The ongoing restoration plan includes increasing public access with more non-intrusive trails, overlooks and bird watching blinds. NO RESTROOM FACILITIES

Enjoyed the walk but was covered with ticks as I left the park. Be careful and check yourself for ticks. Wear tick repellent for sure. Did enjoy myself, though.

Trail runs along Niagara River. Side trails hug the river banks to get a better view of the river and The north Grand Island bridge. Kayak and canoe launch is located nearby.

sea kayaking
1 year ago

Love this paddle - if you hit this place at the right part of summer you will see all the lilies popping from the lily pads - very pretty! I kayaked up to Niagara River

If your looking for easy recovery trail running there's not much elevation gain as it's pretty flat and very runnable. I run 3 mile loops to get my miles in.

Nice walk with the kids and dog. Flat and easy.

4 years ago

do this trail all the time. There are great veiws of the city. Also great wild life,fishing.

Have been going to this trail for many years, used to run around there when was a kid. This trail is a very easy flat path, good for a walk/hike(kids & dogs), birding, fishing, jogging, or biking. The main trail is a vehicle wide path & a little over 4 miles out & back. There are off paths that lead to edge of Niagara River & one other path that loops around back to main path. Main path is pretty much a straight out & back. At the end of trail is an osprey stand that there has been sitings of but not this day. About midway of original trail there is a blacktop bike/walking path that meets up with it, which goes thru a marsh area along side of the highway & are able to loop back around along a road to original starting spot. Also on this portion there is another area to drive and park or walk to for bird watching. Only gave 4 stars due to the NYS Thuway runs through area & traffic noise can be somewhat loud, main trail goes under thruway. But there are numerous types of birds to see & hear, chirping & singing. Highly recommend Buckhorn for a easy hike/walk or relaxing stroll.