Easy hiking with numerous trails throughout Harvard Black Rock. Also had a wonderful time birdwatching in areas and loved the view from Eagle Cliff

This was pretty easy other than getting side tracked, lol. There are so many trails though. It was quiet for most of the hike. Only a few cars can park at lot.

Loved it! Blue trail was buggy... white trail was easy! I looked at the pictures people posted and I definitely need to come again to see more.

The Black Rock Trails are some of the gentlest in the region. Perfect for trail runs and not heavily trafficked.

found it to be easy. very tranquil

2 months ago

Nice trail, birds chirping and singing along the way. But be careful with ticks. I caught several bloody suckers on my poms. It's more grassy than other trails I've done.

Great day hike. Three summits

3 months ago

5 months ago

5 months ago

trail running
7 months ago

participated in a great trail/mountain race here. Trails are technical and there are several vistas despite the lower peak heights.