Bring the kids here once a year. Enjoyable.

I'm very impressed with the amount of work It must have taken to build the boardwalk sections of the lake loop trail. Rare glimpses of the normally un walkable marsh area and it's inhabitants are really a special treat.

Fun, easy hike. Very nice place. $5 parking per vehicle. Part of trail was closed due to water overflowing. Good place to try out new gear like boots or packs.

Great little hike around the lake. All flat, well maintained trail. good for all ages.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Well Mark, beautiful trails with beautiful views!

Great trails to do with the family. The bog trail has a few observation spots saw a lot of fish and a big turtle.

My kids and I love it here! I love the variety of trails. My kids are scared of dogs so I'm glad dogs aren't allowed here.

Can't use your own canoes on weekends because it was "too crowded" (there were two other people on that pond" make you pay to use one of there's.
Save your time and money and go to the Adirondacks instead.

Very nice trail and easy walking for kids and dogs. There are several different trails there to choose from. Great spot to canoe or kayak!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Great nature walk. Beautiful lake. Great walking trails. Nature center. Canoes and kayaks to rent. 4 dollar charge( you pay on your way out). Great place for any age.

Great family hike! We have gone several times and always have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wonderful trail with a lot to see!

cross country skiing
Monday, July 11, 2016

This is a really great location to go cross country skiing

very nice walk for kids and great scenery for everyone. we also stumbled upon a canoe rental area

Great trail for beginners, a flat gradient with a nice scenic walk around Beaver Lake.

Trails are always well maintained and are relatively flat. I love that there's always lots of wildlife around and is a great kid friendly trail!

Love it. Easy to walk. Well maintained. Beautiful.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Excellent. Trails are clearly marked and there many all of different lengths depending on how far you want to go. Relatively easy, beautiful views and flat enough to bring my infant son in the stroller.

trail running
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Excellent for runners as the trails are soft and well maintained.

Easy, well-maintained

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Very easy but beautiful

Nice trail around the lake, not too hard

Great family place, for hiking and kayaking

I love Beaver Lake. It's very accessible from the Syracuse area (a quick drive on I-690 W and you're there), but remote and wooded enough to truly make you feel like you're in nature.

You don't need hiking boots - all the trails are flat, easy and well maintained (mulch). There's a surprising array of interesting environments at the nature center, with an impressive bog boardwalk, pine/windshed forrest and a meadow trail.

Monday, July 02, 2012

county park nice for joggers and families with small children. Totlly flat no challenge at all.

Great family place!!! Pack a lunch and hike all the trails. Go canoeing and kayaking! Launch your own or rent one. Plenty of Geocaching !
$3 park fee is worth it. Been here many times as well as school field trips. Sign up for guided tours as well!

Overall Rating: 2.72

Conditions: 4.0
The Nature Center trails were well maintained. Clean, some debris observed along the hike. Main information board shows schematics of the available trails, rules and restrictions. Trails were well labeled at each intersection. Informational posters were placed strategically to highlight various subjects related to the center. Trails were mainly mulched and leveled. Composite boardwalks installed over wetlands. Few people were observed while hiking.
Scenery: 2.2
Wetlands with low flow creeks, but no rivers or streams. The nature center counts with a 200 acres glacial lake, dark water. No mountains,hills or valleys. Rich varieties of trees, plants and animals. Nice sunsets over the lake.
Activities: 1.4
Hiking, walking and running allowed. Cycling or any motorized vehicles were not allowed. Canoeing was allowed. Fishing was not allowed. Camping was not allowed. Swimming areas not observed. No walls or mountains to climb. Snow shoeing was allowed during season.
Fees: 3.4
Entrance charges $3.00 cars and $15.00 buses. No charge if member of Friend of Beaver Lake Association, $24.00 annual. Parking included with admission, paved. No special permits required. No other fees observed at the time.
Restrictions: 2.6
Pets were not allowed. Bikes were not allowed. Fishing was not allowed. Camping and fires were not allowed. No collecting.

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