Can't use your own canoes on weekends because it was "too crowded" (there were two other people on that pond" make you pay to use one of there's.
Save your time and money and go to the Adirondacks instead.

Very nice trail and easy walking for kids and dogs. There are several different trails there to choose from. Great spot to canoe or kayak!

Great nature walk. Beautiful lake. Great walking trails. Nature center. Canoes and kayaks to rent. 4 dollar charge( you pay on your way out). Great place for any age.

Great family hike! We have gone several times and always have a nice day.

Wonderful trail with a lot to see!

This is a really great location to go cross country skiing

very nice walk for kids and great scenery for everyone. we also stumbled upon a canoe rental area

Great trail for beginners, a flat gradient with a nice scenic walk around Beaver Lake.

Trails are always well maintained and are relatively flat. I love that there's always lots of wildlife around and is a great kid friendly trail!

Love it. Easy to walk. Well maintained. Beautiful.

1 year ago

Excellent. Trails are clearly marked and there many all of different lengths depending on how far you want to go. Relatively easy, beautiful views and flat enough to bring my infant son in the stroller.