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Great trail, intense when going uphill but the views are absolutely worth it

Great moderate hike in the summer. The woods are so lush and green and the hike alongside the creek is invigorating. Topped by a beautiful and peaceful view at the reservoir. My dog loved it!

12 days ago

It was a great hike with superb scenic on the top. But be aware of stairs and immediate inclining hill (with lots of rocks) in the beginning, which sadly made our friends gave up the hike...

13 days ago

I started on the red trail. Now let me warn you right now, this hike is extremely difficult because of how steep, rocky and narrow the trails are. I did the entire loop and if it wasn’t for my phone gps guiding me I’d be getting lost. It’s like a maze. The good side of this was the views from the tower. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. Plus, I got caught in the rain and mist! I was so tired close to the end, sleepy, hungry and in pain lol.

Steep climb initially, followed by sensational views of the Hudson River and Beacon. The rocky terrain made for an engaging hike. Be sure to look out for wild blueberry bushes around the South Mountain fire tower!

Great route. The only tricky part is at the end, where you need to find the unmarked trail back downhill. I walked up to Bald Hill, took a few photos of the view there, then retraced my steps slightly until I saw the trail downhill on the right. Going back this way saves you a ton of time and allows you to see the memorial to the Navy plane crash that took place here in 1945. All in all, this is an awesome hike with some nice elevation gains and views out multiple ways - up and down the Hudson, back toward Mt. Beacon fire tower, and east toward Carmel where you can see (I think) the Ninham Mountain fire tower in the distance. My only question is why the trail back to the parking area is unmarked. If they added blazes it would make it easier for people to find the loop. One little note - when the red trail meets the white it's worthwhile taking the white trail west for a few hundred feet to get some great views of Mt. Beacon, then retracing your steps.

This was an enjoyable hike. Some of the views are breathtaking.
If I were to do it again, I will just do the red trail to the fire tower and back, as thats where the best views are. The yellow trail was long and did not offer much in terms of scenery.

Beautiful views but the app has you park on a cul de sac which takes you to a trail with no signage before reaching the Wilkinson trail. Coming back it’s confusing and feels unsafe. Would recommend going from Beacon Memorial Park entrance and not using AllTrails directions.

I loved this hike! I'm an asthmatic and I forgot my inhaler, so I had to take frequent stops, but the view from the top was completely worth it. Absolutely breathtaking!

1 month ago

Good hike that’s accessible from NYC by train. I’m a decently fit 20-something and found the hike up to be challenging. Nice views but very busy - you won’t be the only one on this hike during the summer. We only went to the fire tower, and we were briefly turned around when trail markers disappeared. Pay attention to the path, and make sure you hook back in to the red trail on the way back from the tower! If all else fails, there is service and the trail is marked on Maps.

HVH hike surperb morning clear - low humidity-a winner all the way

1 month ago

Beautiful views. Really good exercise. Well traveled. Good times!!

1 month ago

This was my first time trying this Trail, and OMG! Be prepared to for very nice incline to get your heart rate going! The incline in the beginning of this hike is the reasons I’ve ranked this hike a fairly difficulty rating of 5 stars. If you can get past the first 30-40 minutes or so, though, this hike becomes more of a stroll, with amazing views in all directions.

I highly recommend this hike, for everyone.

My girlfriend and I did this hike. Keep a close eye at the various trail crossings to stay on course (as you’re mixing up different routes) but it’s a great mix of moderate and some hard hiking. By the time you get past the red trail you won’t see too many people. You’ll feel like you did a proper day hike!

Difficult but worth it once completed!

Nice place to train for vertical races

I’m a novice hiker and Mt. Beacon was my first hike ever... since trying it a few years ago I’ve been on other hikes and I never considered Mt. Beacon to be hard. It’s a moderate hike up the rocks but you don’t need to use all 4 like in a more challenging hikes.

The terrain is my favorite kind: relatively neat, varied throughout, and steep for long stretches. That combined with several beautiful lookout points, ruins and structures to climb and explore, the gorgeous lake views, and the feeling of being both far away from the city sounds yet connected to those who climbed before me (the signatures in the fire tower were a nice touch) make this my favorite NY trail I’ve hiked so far.

To elaborate on the terrain: dry weather made for a tolerable amount of mud, and the trail has a scarcity of disruptive tree roots, manageable rock-stepping, and a good mix of thick woods, open spaces, rocky ground, grassy ground, and dirt ground.

Weather conditions were amazing, high 70s and slightly breezy.

Thursday morning-afternoon in May = low traffic :)

Completed 5/24/18:
Downtown Beacon to Casino Trail to Breakneck Ridge Trail to Fire Tower, and back.
Took a sun-soaked break at the casino ruins and a photo break at the fire tower.

Nice hike. Good work out and nice views. I’d rate it as moderate-difficult, it’s just feels tiring! I love this hike for an nyc getaway

You can start from sunny side road and follow the red trail which is scenic, passing a campground, and has a bit of a scramble. Right where the red and white intersect is my favorite view point, some dwarf pines, and even a good place to turn around. You could continue on and loop the white trail passing Dozer Junction (an old broken down bulldozer) lambs hill and bald hill.

From the beacon train station you can walk to the southern trail head starting at Pocket road. Heading north on the white trail. (To the right it’s mt beacon) It’s about an hour walk through Main Street, or take a cab. Walking up this route passes a pretty creek and some little waterfalls. You pass a carriage road shortly after the creek and if you were to make a right off the trail end up at a swimming hole.

Narrow rocky paths with a few steep service roads you have to take to get to the reservoir. But overall beautiful scenery and the reservoir was pretty.

2 months ago

You can't see it on this map, but at mile 2.3 where you're supposed to go left on yellow, the red trail actually continues south. Easy to miss that turn on yellow - keep your eyes peeled! And if red markers go from small circles to big squares, you've gone too far. Great route, once you get past traffic to the fire tower.

As the other comments said, poorly marked! At some point there was a fork with 5 trails, 2 were red, 2 were unmarked, none were the trail we were following...we turned around. I’ve hiked all over the states and never been unable to follow a trail map! Oh well. Better luck next time.

It’s a great trail and the views would of been great if the weather allowed. However the trail markers disappeared at one point so I was unable to do the complete loop.

Awesome trail, great workout. My GF and I hiked about 10 miles through here, some great views! We took a few people's suggestions below, and went clockwise, there were barely any people for most of the trail thanks to that. Only gripe was the bugs, jeez there were so many flies attacking me! Even with dousing myself in off multiple times.

3 months ago

Beautiful landscape, particularly when the trees have foliage on them, like yesterday! Fair warning though - we had a hard time figuring out which color trail markers to follow because there wasn't a map at the trailhead! We got lost several times and noticed a bunch of people around us seemed lost as well - doubling back the way they came and looking confused.

Nice incline to start the hike up north Beacon Mountain..the ruins are very cool and the view form the first overlook is wonderful. After that it's a nice walk through the woods until you reach the junction for the white blazed trail which will take you to the fire tower. View from the tower is glorious as well as the open peak. Was serenaded by several yellow warblers at the peak..also saw yellow rumped warblers, a vireo, a group of 5 cowbirds. Recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowds that assault the trails on the mountain. The trailhead parking lot is currently closed, will reopen in summer '18

3 months ago

I agree with the previous reviewer in that the trails have major signs of overuse..erosion, short cuts and litter. Thankfully I did the trail in the early morning and didn't see many souls. Trail gives up a nice incline to get your heart rate going...with a nice payoff of views of the Hudson Valley from the top. Place is oozing with history as one can just try and imagine folks talking the defunct Railway to the top in the early 20th century. Keep in mind that the trailhead parking lot is closed until summer '18.

It was a tough hike. Steep climb up. Took an hour to the casino ruins stopping a few times to rest (we are 61 years young). It was worth the view. It was amazing. Coming down was a little tricky because it was slippery and showering. Would definitely recommend it

the sad part about this trail is its so beat from over use. shortcut paths off trail have become stream beds for erosion.. combined w hikers who have little consideration or respect for the outside and nature they are in... makes its new found interest a problem for the trail. last year we walked to the top amid people playing music off their cell phones and one walker flying his drone. was truly sad.

on Mount Beacon Trail

3 months ago

loved the views from the top. definitely worth the hike

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