The Anthony Wayne Recreation Area of Harriman State Park lies in a wooded valley. Facilities include picnic areas with fireplaces, playing fields and cross-country ski and hiking trails. Amplified music by permit only.

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cool short trail if ur dogs afraid of dirt bikes bikes and 4 wheelers be careful as it is also a bike trail

I have done this hike a few times and love the views and the variety of the terrain. Always like to extended to the West Mountain Shelter and then go down on the AT to Beechy Bottom Rd.

We did this hike today and we enjoyed it. View was amazing. There are moments when you have to climb up a few rocks to get the view but it was all worth it! We followed the blue trail all the way and back.

We took the Anthony Wayne up to the Turkey Hill lake, then looped around in the red, to the blue past the shooting range and finished off on the white. Nota bad hike, but expect the first 45 minutes of that loop to be coddled by the hum of the highway, since you end up crossing about 3 of them (or roads of some sort). Not all of these were very quiet when we were here either. Wouldn't do this same trail again given this and honestly would prefer a quieter walk. The red trail was great, but unfortunately not the majority of that loop. 5.7 miles in total took us about 2.5 hours walking time.

We took the Fawn trail from Anthony Wayne to the Red trail...At that point it was suppose to intersect with the AT (white) but we ran into a old unarked road as most of the trailmarkers were spray painted over because they moved the AT??...So White was suppose to go to Red. So thankfully we had a compass because we would have been lost...We took the old road to the east (right) to the Red and Yellow trail. We were trying to get to tthe Yellow to the Blue for the ridge walk...After a jaunt on the old road we found the yellow trailhead...I have to tell you that Yellow was not mellow!! Steep incline lead us to some terrific views of the Hudson, Perkins and Bear Mountain..after reaching the Summit we proceeded on some ups and downs until we got to the Blue marked trail...which was actually the ridge walk..Real great views and cliffs overlooking the East and West. At the end of the blue trail markers were not visable..unless I took a detour....
Overall great hike. If your in good shape don't sweat it..If your a weekend warrior your going ot be sweating it out on the yellow trail...