It was okay. The noise from the freeway traffic is a bit distracting, I never truly felt that I was wilderness hiking. The only attractive part for me was near the end of the trail as you enter a forest type of environment. An old landfill next door is clearly visible, but at least it had grass covering it. This is definitely my least favorite hike in the capital district area. I'm being generous with my 3 star rating because they're trying to make something with this place. You'll see.

Very nice trail! Great location and wonderful opportunity to see wildlife. Didn't see any deer but did notice tracks. Highly recommend it.

I love this trail! I love the sand! So many wonderful birds & butterflies!!!

I saw a Karner Blue butterfly! And, two squirrels doing IT!

The map shown is not the trail route. The trail has been rerouted and it goes off onto Old State Rd and Siver Rd. It's called the purple trail. Nice trail. We turned around after coming to Siver rd. Did not see a loop back option to where we started so we walked back the way we came. Posted a picture of how it routed us.

The map doesn't match the trail.

1 month ago

Took my (2) sons out on part of this trail before my youngest complained of cramping, we did 5.25 miles in total and had an amazing time. This was our second time back. Love these trails.

3 months ago