What an ethereal sight of a winter waterfall. A frozen palace. Bundle up and go see it for yourself.

Trail was nice but water too low. will definitely return when water is higher.

7 months ago

Ok but better on a winter day because there is more water

Beautiful waterfall. One of my favorite close places to go.

Went in late summer, the water level was low enough to get closer to the falls by hopping on rocks. love this place.

Perfect winter day, warm enough where the water was really moving!!

1 year ago

Family friendly

What a great waterfall, it's a bit of a shame you don't really have to "earn it" to get there. If this was 6 or 7 miles deep into a trail there would be far less littering and destruction. With a reduction in visitors, you could only hope the people who really respected the waterfall and the risk of jumping it would be the one's visiting it. However, this is just a fantasy, and now the waterfall is fenced and patrolled regularly. Still a great spot, something to do on a day off in the summer with friends.

1 year ago

Very short . Waterfall was nice but that's it .

This is more of a park than a trail.

A little slippery in the winter but worth it for the photos!

Fantastic park. The waterfalls are beautiful. Lots of playgrounds around the parks (like 15 of them) for kids to play on. We only did the hike from above the falls to the bottom which took about 45 minutes with three small kids, but it looked like the trails went a lot further. Definitely an area we will be back to explore.