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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

We parked in the Rooster Comb parking lot and walked to The Garden parking lot. A fantastic day hike, especially the climb up Gothics with the cables. Not much to see at the top of LWJ but its a nice steep climb, or at least feels steep after doing 3 other high peaks. We walked back to Rooster Comb parking lot which was a nice trail.

My GPS sent me up O'Toole Rd to a trailhead. The trail starts off easy but the trail that branches off to Hurricane Mtn becomes moderate with a narrow water crossing and then as the incline increases, the trail becomes harder with some climbing. The trail could be marked a bit better, but all in all a great challenging hike with amazing views from the tower, summit and surrounding ledges.

Great hike. Very nice views of the high peaks.

Beautiful easy hike

5 hours ago

SO FUN! Awesome hike for ANYONE! quick, easy, & the pay off is tops in the view department.

Got to the Loj at 7:50 - parking was full, but we did not miss by much. Parked at the end of South Meadows lane, which adds 0.7 mile each way. Trail was quite muddy starting mid-way between Marcy dam and the lake. Took a lot of pictures with my good camera and stopped a number of times, so we were out for about 8.5 hours. Trail along the lake is very slow - a lot of rocks/ladders. There were 2 places where you actually had to put a foot in 2 inches of water - hopefully trail will be repaired soon. Saw some rock climbers on the face of Avalanche Mountain. Nice waterfall down Colden. Beautiful lake - this is a must see.

Beautiful day for this hike! It’s pretty moderate the first mile but the last two are very steep with decent rock scrambles. Trail is mostly in the sun with some dips into the woods got muddy at the top but nothing too crazy! Well worth the view!!

17 hours ago

Beautiful view from the top...I want to go again later this fall to see some color

17 hours ago

I am going to guess that the moderate rating is for the trail around the pond. Up to the pond I would rate the trail as easy. It is a well maintained, gentle path through the woods. If you do go around the pond the northern side is quite rocky and uneven and even a bit of a scramble in parts. This is a lovely hike though and on a Sunday afternoon we were only one of three cars in the parking lot.

Dropped off one star due to amount of people on this trail. Went with my gf, 10yr old daughter, crazy akita and our maltese mix, started at 9am so had relative solitude on way up but had to stop literally every few seconds on way down to let people by who were going up. We have experience in the high peaks and the cats so the degree of difficulty on this one was relatively easy for us but it would be understandable how it could be considered hard for a new-ish hiker due to the steepness of some of the scrambles. The length of time total for the roundtrip for us was just over an hour. The disappointment with amount of people clogging the trail did nothing to take away from how fun this trail was for us with the scrambles and how quick it was to get up to such a great view. The tower is in relatively great shape other than people having defaced the cabin table-map. I hope to get back to this one for either a sunrise or sunset hike.

hiked on 9/23/18, perfect way to start the fall. Started at the McKeever parking area. Took the mile detour to Remsen falls on the way. Took about 7 hours total(including detour and summit time) about 16 miles all together. I definitely think this hike gets a bad rep. Only took about an hour to get to the 3 mile remsen falls marker. For about 5 miles it is completely flat land, so I see why biking is a popular choice. the trail is fairly overgrown, so if you hike, be sure to wear pants and boots! Unfortunately, like others have said, the fire tower is pretty beat up and although the views are pretty, it isn't a spectacular summit. if you love walking through the woods it is definitely a beautiful hike though- lots ferns, plants, and wildlife. suprisingly saw a handful of other hikers on the trail, so not as abondoned as one might think.

Fat guy approved (I can say that because I'm the fat guy).
Decent hike. Views are worth the effort.

Out for a day hike to see the falls. Missed a turn though. Still a good hike. Went to the lean-to, ate lunch and hiked back. Pretty flat, a few bumps. Very easy hike. Awesome cable bridge before the shelter.

I loved this trail! It was tougher than I thought after reading its only 2 miles...ha ha. But the view was more than worth it! Amazing sunset from above!!!

1 day ago

A great spot to escape civilization and blend with nature. My girl friend and I camped at the island. The beautiful island had a small hill approximately 60 feet high in the center of the island. It’ was a fantastic spot to gaze at the stars and get mesmerized by sun rise and sun set. The staff at site were nice, humble and extremely helpful. Have added in my favorite list. Will be a frequent visitor

Great hike! First half of the ascent is easy on forest ground; second half gets steeper and rocky. Views from the open top are truly impressive.

An easier ascent than Bald Mountain. Great views.

Fun hike, very well cleared, and still get a workout in. I would definitely recommend taking the “short” way up. At the summit there isn’t much of a view due to trees, but about 0.1 miles before along the hard route you get a cool view of Lake Placid.

Hiked last week, was raining the whole time and still enjoyed this hike immensely. The clouds were high so we still had beautiful views, and it was a lot of gain over a short distance.

It was incredible!!!

3 days ago

Two large white pines I measured at 15 and 16 ft circumference for diameter at breast height of 4ft 9 in, and 5ft 1in.

Hiked August 23, 2018. Took trail from Edgecomb pond instead of Thomas Mt. 4.0 mi round trip. 1000 ft ascent from pond. Time 1:20 up 1:10 down. No rock climbing, just a long gradual climb. Amazing view of Lake George islands, mountains.

Hiked Sept 19, 2018. High temp 64 real feel 70, Wind 5mph. Weather was cool and perfect for a hike. Wore fleece jacket at start and while resting at lake, shorts and shirt while hiking. No bugs at all, it was an unusually dry trail all the way. Gradual ascent on rocky trail after Marcy Dam. Ladders and boulders were a challenge for 75 year old legs; took 7 hrs round trip including half hour break. Consumed 1.5 liters of water.


One of the hardest and most rewarding of the non-46er hikes in the Adirondacks. Our second time doing this loop. We had the trail to ourselves (we encountered no one the entire hike) on a mid-September Monday.

We hiked the loop clockwise (only first half of the hike was recorded). I was engaged in deep conversation with my partner and missed the cutoff for the southern range and added started climbing Fivemile Mountain before discovering my mistake and backtracking to the obvious intersection where we continued to Fifth Peak lean-to and lookout, and then on to French Point Mountain (best views), and First Peak.

While on French Point Mountain, we were eating our lunch when a male bald eagle soared up the eastern cliff on a thermal and passed right overhead. He was joined by two juveniles and/or females a few seconds later. Awe-inspiring to say the least. On our descent from First Peak, I encountered my first eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake! It rattled at me before slithering into the tall grass on the side of the trail. It was at least 4" in diameter and probably 4 or 5 feet long. It was sunning on the rocky part of the trail where tall grass grows right next to the trail.

We reached the junction that leads to Montcalm Point and I left my partner napping while I lowered myself into the cool waters of Lake George. I rejoined my partner and we hiked the 5+ miles out in about 2.5 hours that seemed to last forever. Total distance estimated at 14.5 miles (including error on the ridge and excursion to Montcalm Point) and time was 8h 45m.

6 days ago

One of my first mountains that I hiked. It was challenging for me and the last half mile was intense. But the view was worth it. Just over 2 hours to complete the climb!

Always a great hike with a wonderful view of the Adk and Lake Champlain.

6 days ago

Really great view, and a pretty quick hike! Only took us about two hours. If you’re looking for an easier climb, follow the red trail markers when you hit the bridge! They take you towards the “loop trail”. Excited to climb this one again.

belle ascension 1h45 avec escaliers en pierre naturel a plusieurs endroit un peut plus difficile vers la fin et un retour agréable sur les 2 derniers kilometre qui sont plus plat!

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