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Great trail for experienced hikers, not so much for us. Thought we were dying by the end of it. Took 5 1/2 hours to go from Parking to Cat’s via the blue trail to Thomas via the yellow trail and back down to the car. Some of the scrambles were definitely borderline 4’s. All in all good day of exercise and fun though. Recommended if you are more in shape than us and like to hike. Make sure you have bug repellant, those blood flies are nasty. Only got 1 tick on the trip.

Great climb, although no view on a cloudy day.

Awesome little trail. Stayed at lake colden under my tarp for a quick in and out overnighter, it rained the whole time but it was fun nontheless. I definitely have no idea why this trail is rated hard though, there's a few rock scrambles that kids or older people (maybe some smaller dogs) might have trouble with at avalanche lake, but other than that it's mostly flat.

Great hike with a mix of terrain: mossy, dirt trails in open forest of spruce and birch at the base, ridge with beautiful views of Cascade mountain, river and falls, and some moderate rock scrambling through glacial erratics. It had just finished raining before starting the hike so a few very isolated areas of mud and a bit slippery, but not really an issue with our large group of 8 preteens/teens. A little over 3 hours round trip, with breaks to take in views and lunch at the top. Highly recommend and would definitely consider doing it again.

We hiked 5/11. Trail was very well marked and easy to follow. There were a couple spots where we stopped to take in some views. Once on summit, the views were great! We ran the trail on the way down, and were on our way home in 20 mins. Nice little hike! Definitely a good one for kids.

Great workout! And the most beautiful view you can dream of on the top!
I came before lunch and was all alone on the top.
On my way down in the afternoon I meet almost 15 people on there way op!
I prefer being all alone op there. It is a great experience.

hike was amazing micro spikes not needed, way more scenic and enjoyable then the regular in out loop. views from algonquin are breathtaking, and avalanche pass is gorgeous.

Short hike to the top. Once you're there, the views of the lake are wonderful. It is a great hike for those just starting out on more challenging terrain.

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3 days ago

beautiful trail. what is lacks in breathtaking views, it more than makes up for by being less trafficked and peaceful.

Great hike with beautiful 360 view at the top. It doesn't seem to be used all that often and we had the top of the mountain to ourselves for an hour. extremely easy but beautiful stroll through the woods for the first half of the hike but then very steep hiking and scrambling towards the top. decently muddy but could be avoided. a little ice and snow but could also be avoided. Beware that dogs are allowed but if your dog is not an avid hiker you very well may need to carry them up certain points.

Tough hike, but the 360 degree view is well worth it. Pretty easy at the beginning, but it quickly gets rough near the summit with lots of rock scrambling and ice.

went yesterday, still needed spikes for a bit near the top. this hike challenged me mentally with a steep portion of open rock. snow melt had made it wet so it was slippery in portions. was hoping for a quicker trek down but this path is steep and rocky the whole time. A map would be wise as trail markers aren't very prominent.

Beautiful trail!
It only took me 30 min to the top and it was a beautiful view I came up to!

5 days ago

Beautiful weather, very short hike, with great views.

extremely difficult especially coming down
loved it

Very good hike to the top. Very easy and i loved it. Weather was perfect

love this trail

Did it with my daughter and a school field trip. Had fun. Was challenging for an older guy like me. My daughter and her friends barely broke a sweat.

This hike was tougher than we anticipated for 5 relatively fit adults and kids and a small dog. Markers would have been useful. Amazing views from the top of the mountain and always people willing and able to take pics. Overall a good hike but make sure you have good hiking boots and plenty of water! The way down needs quite a bit of concentration as the terrain is rough, slippery and steep..

We did the ‘new trail’ today, which is 2.5 mIles of well marked, well maintained trail. If you are in great shape, this hike will be a breeze. I am not, so it was a challenge but not at all unpleasant. Hardwood and mixed forest, bubbling brooks and beaver dams galore. A good combination of relatively flat walking and steep sections with great views once you get some height. Mostly open summit with wide open views to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. We happened to be there at the same time as a couple of friends of Poke-o-moonshine and they allowed us up into the fire tower cabin. So thrilling!
Highly recommend this delightful 5 mike round trip hike!

Very easy and short hike with decent views. Easy for the you kids and small pups.

Challenging but not crazy — really nice way to spend Mother’s Day with my teens.

The view from Noonmark Mountain is spectacular - with 360 degree views of the surrounding high peaks. The summit is large and rocky, with room for dozens of hikers to find a spot of their own - with only 3-4 other hikers on the mountain yesterday, we felt like the mountain was ours.

There is still ice at the top, and micro spikes would have come in very handy because both the final ascent and the South side descent were very difficult and treacherous. We're anxious to do this hike again in the fall, where it will no doubt be less technically tricky - but in any event, feel that this hike should be labeled difficult, not moderate. It is extremely steep with wonderful rock scrambles that require balance and long reaches, which might be impossible for smaller children, small pets, and older hikers.

DEC has not been up here yet to clean up the trail, though, and there were some major obstacles (big downed trees) in the way that you had to find a way to heave over or squeeze under, because there was no way around. And the signage, as noted by other reviewers, is awful. We came in from the North with no difficulty, then took the trail that led south down and away from the mountain. But at the point where we should have turned back North again, we saw only an option to go left (to route 73) or right. We went left, and headed East, thinking we were on the right trail, until we found Round Pond on our right. We ended up at the Round pond trailhead on 73, and needed a ride back to Ausable Road.

My fitbit measured a 10 mile hike - so either the trail map or the fitbit are way off.

A lovely, difficult hike with incredible views!

Mostly flat, well maintained trail. Lost Pond looks like it's very suitable habitat for trout.

We hiked Hadley yesterday (May 12th) Although, it was a bit chilly, it was a perfect hike. The trail is well marked and clean. There was no snow or ice and almost completely dry. It would be a good hike to do with kids... not very difficult at all. It took about an hour or so up and about 45 min down. Beautiful view. The fire tower was closed, but you can still climb it.

Amazing views of entire High Peaks wilderness! Firetower is a large one, and was open! Stunning views well worth the 4.0mi moderate climb up! Highly recommended.

Great views of entire High Peaks wilderness! Moderate length & steepness. Lightly trafficked areas can be hard to follow, the last mile or so follows a creek bed, can be wet and muddy. There was still some snow & ice towards the top & dramatic change in temp. Felt great! Beware of Moose Pond Club Rd! Very rocky and messy. Truck only!

Great trail. Bring a stick to help cross the stream since it is slippery. Also , do not follow the snowmobile trail. The map at the trailhead says the snowmobile trail leads to the lake but it does not.

Pharaoh Lake Wilderness has an extensive trail system to many beautiful ponds and lakes. The Pharaoh Mountain Trail gives you the opportunity to get a mountain view after exploring all the lakes.

A word of caution about a descent on the north side after a rain: the exposed rock on the trail the first 1/4 mile or so from the summit can be extremely slippery. In the last five years hiking extensively in the Adirondacks—including some difficult exposed rock areas in the High Peaks—I’ve only taken two falls and both were on that stretch just below the summit of Pharaoh Mountain while descending.

Despite the falls, I still climb the mountain, but now climb the north side and descend the south side, or go there and back from the south side.

There are very nice designated camping spots on the summit if you want to haul water up.

Glidden Marsh is a nice side trip, and the trail south of the summit puts you on the northwest side of Pharaoh Lake, which is the less over-used side.

I love this wilderness area!

Great hike, but trail is very icy and a lot of snow! Use caution and maybe yak tracks!

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