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Great hike, bugs were awful!

Nostalgia! Been hiking this trail annually as long as I can remember, hasn’t changed a bit! A little muddy at the start and buggy in those areas, but as long as you keep moving they don’t bother you.
Short and easy, took me about 30 min to top, enjoyed the view for a bit and about 20 min coming down. (Although you definitely could take your time and make the way up a solid 45-60 min)
Surprisingly few people on the trail despite the beautiful weather and even had the cliff top to myself!
Great for families and beginners who want the satisfaction of a summit.

This trail was very well maintained and the fire tower offers a great view.

Great hike with awesome views from the top. Not too much mud as of today, just small sections of it. Aside from the black flies, ugh, a great place to spend the day outside. Lots of parking at the trailhead too.

Very good trail.

Great hike! Rather muddy at the bottom and the flies were pretty bad so bug net and bug spray is highly suggested.

I greatly enjoyed this hike, though I have only reached the summit of a few other mountains in the ADK, this was perhaps my favorite due to the amazing view. I did find the hike moderately challenging, though the trail was well maintained and I appreciated many stones having been moved to form "stairs" along the steep portion. If you are willing to put a moderate effort in to this hike and allow for a few rests along the way, you will almost certainly enjoy this hike. I believe that this hike took me about 4 hours to complete, including a 30 minute laze at the summit. Happy Hiking!

There is a slow incline as showed on the topographic map. There are a few areas where there are planks of wood to walk across. The incline escalates slowly to sheets of rock with water running down it, making it somewhat difficult to walk on. We used paths on the side of the rock sheets in the forest, it made the ascent easier but it was still a big climb. It might only be a 2 mile hike up the mountain but it certainly doesn’t make it easy on you. Once you notice the sheets of rock turn into dirt, it will flatten out to a simple walkway through some pine trees. You can definitely feel the wind when you get to the top, and we went on a sunny day. The views were breathtaking. If you have access to the fire tower, you have a full 360 degree view of the surrounding area. So yes, the view is definitely worth the hike.

Great hike with beautiful views. It gets steep pretty much right away and the again as you approach the summit. I wouldn’t recommend this with young children or with pets. The wind was incredible at the summit and the rock climb is steep.

We did the ‘loop’ to the pond and ended about 1-2 miles from the Ausable Road lot. We must’ve missed the turn back to Ausable Road. Love the hiker community as a couple saw us walking the road and saved us about 1/2 mile.

All in all, the hike was great. Our first hike this season and we’re feeling it despite being in shape. Have fun!

Awesome little hike with the family

mountain biking
2 days ago

I am reviewing the Pharoah Lake info....do they allow mountain bikes on the trails?

tough for us old folks but it was a blast and what a view!

Fantastic trail. Rocky on the climb but not bad. Only a bit of snow/ ice at the pass as of 5/23, but slippery.

did this trail through the rain. we didnt get great views up top, but we enjoyef this easy walk. we went to the right up the blue trail and down the yellow. the small rock climb up the blue way was neat..

Note: this mountain has no gas stations or cell service for many many miles around. Be sure you have a full tank of gas and that someone knows you are hiking here. This trailhead and mountain are VERY remote. The second ladder is very tall with a very small area from which to step off it when you get to the top. Definitely would not advise young kids or pets.

Superbe vue du haut de la montagne et de toute la région. Bon challenge durant la montée. Un pont a été emporté par l’eau donc nous avons traversé un marais par là dame de castor...chemin très bien entretenu.

Sunrise Hike 5/19/2018. Beautiful views of the sunrise over Lake Champlain. Old/new trail is 1.8 each way and starts off basically from the old trail head up rock steps for i would guess .75 - 1.0mi. then you level off a bit to the lean-to, after that its a minor ascent for .3mi more to the fire tower. the Western view is incredible as well, you can see some high Peaks in the distance. there is a longer less steep approach at the new trailhead sign about 200' down the road. Enjoy!

Great trail for experienced hikers, not so much for us. Thought we were dying by the end of it. Took 5 1/2 hours to go from Parking to Cat’s via the blue trail to Thomas via the yellow trail and back down to the car. Some of the scrambles were definitely borderline 4’s. All in all good day of exercise and fun though. Recommended if you are more in shape than us and like to hike. Make sure you have bug repellant, those blood flies are nasty. Only got 1 tick on the trip.

Great climb, although no view on a cloudy day.

Nicest little mountain I have walked up in ages. On a beautiful day, with sun shining, plan to just sit and enjoy a snack or a lunch. It was almost too bad that we had to move on.

Awesome little trail. Stayed at lake colden under my tarp for a quick in and out overnighter, it rained the whole time but it was fun nontheless. I definitely have no idea why this trail is rated hard though, there's a few rock scrambles that kids or older people (maybe some smaller dogs) might have trouble with at avalanche lake, but other than that it's mostly flat.

Great hike with a mix of terrain: mossy, dirt trails in open forest of spruce and birch at the base, ridge with beautiful views of Cascade mountain, river and falls, and some moderate rock scrambling through glacial erratics. It had just finished raining before starting the hike so a few very isolated areas of mud and a bit slippery, but not really an issue with our large group of 8 preteens/teens. A little over 3 hours round trip, with breaks to take in views and lunch at the top. Highly recommend and would definitely consider doing it again.

We hiked 5/11. Trail was very well marked and easy to follow. There were a couple spots where we stopped to take in some views. Once on summit, the views were great! We ran the trail on the way down, and were on our way home in 20 mins. Nice little hike! Definitely a good one for kids.

Great workout! And the most beautiful view you can dream of on the top!
I came before lunch and was all alone on the top.
On my way down in the afternoon I meet almost 15 people on there way op!
I prefer being all alone op there. It is a great experience.

hike was amazing micro spikes not needed, way more scenic and enjoyable then the regular in out loop. views from algonquin are breathtaking, and avalanche pass is gorgeous.

Short hike to the top. Once you're there, the views of the lake are wonderful. It is a great hike for those just starting out on more challenging terrain.

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9 days ago

beautiful trail. what is lacks in breathtaking views, it more than makes up for by being less trafficked and peaceful.

Great hike with beautiful 360 view at the top. It doesn't seem to be used all that often and we had the top of the mountain to ourselves for an hour. extremely easy but beautiful stroll through the woods for the first half of the hike but then very steep hiking and scrambling towards the top. decently muddy but could be avoided. a little ice and snow but could also be avoided. Beware that dogs are allowed but if your dog is not an avid hiker you very well may need to carry them up certain points.

Tough hike, but the 360 degree view is well worth it. Pretty easy at the beginning, but it quickly gets rough near the summit with lots of rock scrambling and ice.

Beautiful trail!
It only took me 30 min to the top and it was a beautiful view I came up to!

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