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Great climb, although no view on a cloudy day.

Great view at the end

Great workout! And the most beautiful view you can dream of on the top!
I came before lunch and was all alone on the top.
On my way down in the afternoon I meet almost 15 people on there way op!
I prefer being all alone op there. It is a great experience.

Great hike with beautiful 360 view at the top. It doesn't seem to be used all that often and we had the top of the mountain to ourselves for an hour. extremely easy but beautiful stroll through the woods for the first half of the hike but then very steep hiking and scrambling towards the top. decently muddy but could be avoided. a little ice and snow but could also be avoided. Beware that dogs are allowed but if your dog is not an avid hiker you very well may need to carry them up certain points.

Tough hike, but the 360 degree view is well worth it. Pretty easy at the beginning, but it quickly gets rough near the summit with lots of rock scrambling and ice.

love this trail

This hike was tougher than we anticipated for 5 relatively fit adults and kids and a small dog. Markers would have been useful. Amazing views from the top of the mountain and always people willing and able to take pics. Overall a good hike but make sure you have good hiking boots and plenty of water! The way down needs quite a bit of concentration as the terrain is rough, slippery and steep..

We did the ‘new trail’ today, which is 2.5 mIles of well marked, well maintained trail. If you are in great shape, this hike will be a breeze. I am not, so it was a challenge but not at all unpleasant. Hardwood and mixed forest, bubbling brooks and beaver dams galore. A good combination of relatively flat walking and steep sections with great views once you get some height. Mostly open summit with wide open views to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. We happened to be there at the same time as a couple of friends of Poke-o-moonshine and they allowed us up into the fire tower cabin. So thrilling!
Highly recommend this delightful 5 mike round trip hike!

We hiked Hadley yesterday (May 12th) Although, it was a bit chilly, it was a perfect hike. The trail is well marked and clean. There was no snow or ice and almost completely dry. It would be a good hike to do with kids... not very difficult at all. It took about an hour or so up and about 45 min down. Beautiful view. The fire tower was closed, but you can still climb it.

Great hike, but trail is very icy and a lot of snow! Use caution and maybe yak tracks!

One of the more challenging loops in the Lake George area. Strenuous length of 13 miles. I personally chose to take Northwest Bay Trail first to Montcalm point & tackle the peaks in order of First, French Point, Fifth. The paths are lightly trafficked & are hard to follow at points. Trail markers are also faded & sometimes hard to locate. The beautiful views fade as you march towards Fifth peak, so if I were to do it again, I would start with Fifth, going towards French & First, to "chase the views." Might also be nice finishing with flat forest trail at the Northwest Bay. Your choice, enjoy!

(May 5th) Just hiked this over the weekend. Be prepared for a lot of mud if you go this time of the year. I recommend taking the (yellow) left trail up and the (blue) right trail back.

13 days ago

The quality of the view totally outweighs the climb up! Consistent, but no rough sections. We should have to work harder for a view like that! Climbed the Firetower on a windy day for a memorable experience!

14 days ago

This was my second time here. I love this trail! This time we found a lookout that offered a much better view than the lookout ledge. Great time!

14 days ago

Great 2 hour hike, lots of fun. Good views at the top with an accessible fire tower. Slippery in some area because of recent rain fall but, otherwise, a lot of fun.

I ended up liking this hike more than I expected. It has views of a beaver dam, running streams, some rock walls and two nice viewpoints on the summit. It was a steady incline the entire way and is probably more around 5.5 miles total. We made it to the top in 2 hours with several breaks and back down all within an afternoon. Good hike.

15 days ago

The trail is a creek right now. Rather than walk on the edge and create erosion, we did quite a bit of bushwhacking along the ledges on the way up and down. It ended up being a lot of fun! We found a bunch of interesting things!

Hiked on 5/2/2018 in beautiful weather low 80’s. Trail was pretty groomed and very rocky in some spots. Once at the summit the views were amazing. Windy as all hell but still went to the top of the fire tower. 3 hours round trip!

Just did this, great views little mud no ice or snow nice hike

Nice trail with a great view. The trail is actually a dirt road for the most part. They are working on making new trails and the creeks and reservoir are nice. The view from the top is the highlight of the hike. Trail was mostly dry.

It was a great hike on the blue mountain trail today. After about .0.6miles, the trail was covered with ice and snow but not very wet. There was about 2 feet snow on the trail near and at the top, but the slide section of the trail was covered with the soft surface ice. It was fantastic view at the top!

I chose a beautiful day but the trail conditions were not great. Lots of melting snow runoff on lower trail and slushy icy melting on upper ascent made it a challenge. It is pretty and has some nice views on the summit and from the Firetower . A great workout for my dog and I! I met 3 trail workers and they told me about another shorter hike with great views from a ledge. Will check it out.

26 days ago

If you are doing the 1.2 mile ranger trail straight up and don’t take the loop at the top to the left this is a tough climb right now. The way up was basically a riverbed with all the run off with several patches of sketchy snow and ice. We brought yaktrax for our shoes and still had trouble on the way down. Prepare for mud and wet shoes for a few more weeks here. The views from the top are great. I would rate this trail as hard in these conditions. I am also not convinced the 1.2 is accurate.

Lovely summit!

27 days ago

Hiked Sunday 4/22, trail definitely needs some love but decent hike. Still a bit of snow in places but more than do-able.

28 days ago

Great hike. But when we got to top it was freezing raining out and cloudy. We couldn't see anything.

29 days ago

Hiked up Ampersand today (4/21) and there was definitely a good amount of snow on the trail. The trail is 2.7 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1777’. The trail starts off really easy but in areas where the snow melted, it was muddy. The hike was pretty much all slush.

After about 1.5 miles, the trail begins its elevation gain and steepens out until the very top. My only real struggle with the trail wasn’t the steepness but that it was exacerbated with the snow/ice. It would have been very difficult had I not been wearing spikes/crampons. If you misstep, you’re definitely sliding down a good 5-10ft on the snow.
Coming back down, I ended sliding down about a third of the trail because good footing was tough to get.

All that being said, the view from the top is worth it. Would do it again, no questions asked. Took about an hour and half to get to the top.

Nice, quick mountain!

Beautiful hike! Nice slow start winding through the woods. We kept waiting for it to get steep, and when it finally does and doesn’t stop. Absolutely beautiful views as you ascend. The fire tower was out of commission when we went up in the beginning of April.
Can’t wait to get back up there in the summer time and check out those views on a warm day!

Extremely challenging especially in these winter like conditions we are still experiencing in NYS. I would like to experience it again when the weather is nicer. Also, we did the loop trail but AllTrails glitched while we were out there so half of the hike is missing. We did this in 11 hours if you are starting the timing from the registry.

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