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Nicest little mountain I have walked up in ages. On a beautiful day, with sun shining, plan to just sit and enjoy a snack or a lunch. It was almost too bad that we had to move on.

It’s a beautiful hike!!!

We hiked 5/11. Trail was very well marked and easy to follow. There were a couple spots where we stopped to take in some views. Once on summit, the views were great! We ran the trail on the way down, and were on our way home in 20 mins. Nice little hike! Definitely a good one for kids.

2 days ago

Trail is finally dry but bugs have come out. Definitely should have brought the spray with me. Please- people with dogs, remember to remove dog poop from the trail and either keep them on leash or hold them when people pass. Twice on my hike, wet dogs that were off leash had jumped up on me. Not everyone likes your dog as much as you do. This is a popular hike full of people and tourists (especially now that the weather is breaking), adjust accordingly.

5 days ago

GREAT easy hike! Nice view at the top, all of the previously mentioned ice has melted.

went yesterday, still needed spikes for a bit near the top. this hike challenged me mentally with a steep portion of open rock. snow melt had made it wet so it was slippery in portions. was hoping for a quicker trek down but this path is steep and rocky the whole time. A map would be wise as trail markers aren't very prominent.

love this trail

We did the ‘new trail’ today, which is 2.5 mIles of well marked, well maintained trail. If you are in great shape, this hike will be a breeze. I am not, so it was a challenge but not at all unpleasant. Hardwood and mixed forest, bubbling brooks and beaver dams galore. A good combination of relatively flat walking and steep sections with great views once you get some height. Mostly open summit with wide open views to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. We happened to be there at the same time as a couple of friends of Poke-o-moonshine and they allowed us up into the fire tower cabin. So thrilling!
Highly recommend this delightful 5 mike round trip hike!

The view from Noonmark Mountain is spectacular - with 360 degree views of the surrounding high peaks. The summit is large and rocky, with room for dozens of hikers to find a spot of their own - with only 3-4 other hikers on the mountain yesterday, we felt like the mountain was ours.

There is still ice at the top, and micro spikes would have come in very handy because both the final ascent and the South side descent were very difficult and treacherous. We're anxious to do this hike again in the fall, where it will no doubt be less technically tricky - but in any event, feel that this hike should be labeled difficult, not moderate. It is extremely steep with wonderful rock scrambles that require balance and long reaches, which might be impossible for smaller children, small pets, and older hikers.

DEC has not been up here yet to clean up the trail, though, and there were some major obstacles (big downed trees) in the way that you had to find a way to heave over or squeeze under, because there was no way around. And the signage, as noted by other reviewers, is awful. We came in from the North with no difficulty, then took the trail that led south down and away from the mountain. But at the point where we should have turned back North again, we saw only an option to go left (to route 73) or right. We went left, and headed East, thinking we were on the right trail, until we found Round Pond on our right. We ended up at the Round pond trailhead on 73, and needed a ride back to Ausable Road.

My fitbit measured a 10 mile hike - so either the trail map or the fitbit are way off.

A lovely, difficult hike with incredible views!

10 days ago

Great season hike! Slightly muddy, very steep in places I recommend spikes. Fire tower view is amazing especially to the southeast.

It was one of the greatest hikes on the Giant mountain trail today. It was challenge and fun hiking on icy and snowy sections. It was fantastic view in the breeze.

Just came back from Giant Mountain. It was a great trail, hard and technical. SPIKES are still a necessity at this time of year. The last mile was really icy and since it’s really steep, it’s very slippery. We managed do to it without our spikes (at first the mountain looked sooo great and without snow that we left them in the car...) but it’s hazardous, very slippery and it takes so much more time...

16 days ago

The trail is a creek right now. Rather than walk on the edge and create erosion, we did quite a bit of bushwhacking along the ledges on the way up and down. It ended up being a lot of fun! We found a bunch of interesting things!

Great trail to start the year off

Great hike. A little slippery and muddy right now but worth the climb.

27 days ago

If you are doing the 1.2 mile ranger trail straight up and don’t take the loop at the top to the left this is a tough climb right now. The way up was basically a riverbed with all the run off with several patches of sketchy snow and ice. We brought yaktrax for our shoes and still had trouble on the way down. Prepare for mud and wet shoes for a few more weeks here. The views from the top are great. I would rate this trail as hard in these conditions. I am also not convinced the 1.2 is accurate.

27 days ago

This was a beautiful trail. I got some great pictures and had a good time. I climbed it with a few friends in October 2017. It’s a tough one.

Lovely summit!

28 days ago

We hiked Baxter this past Sunday. Perfect weather, great views, but trail was a bit icy in spots. Creepers are recommended. Was warm enough to shed our boots and socks!

I have hiked this mountain in all four seasons. It is one of my favorite 'best bang for the buck" hikes with much to see (East Ridge, West Ridge, True Summit, Chimney Rock, Eagle Cave). I highly recommend! Please watch your children and pets around chimney rock and the cave on east ridge.

Trail somewhat uneventful, but great views made it worth it! Not too strenuous of a hike.

Easy 600 vertical over a mile up to a refurbished fire towel. Easy parking some ice and an inch of fresh snow made an enjoyable couple of hours. Cabin is open and blocks the wind for views of northern NYS

Did it with my son last October.Rain and fog made for limited visibility but still worth the trip.Hit RockyPeak Ridge while there.Clearing skies made for outstanding fall views.

icy the whole way up but worth it for the views.

Lots of ice. Did the whole hike in crampons. Took about 6 hours with stops and 1/2 hour at the peak.

2 months ago

I did Rattlesnake just before Poke-O. It ended up being tougher than my previous hikes here. I had to navigate up a huge wall of ice in my microspikes. I hit the Summit right at sunset. I headlamped it out and bushwhacked around the ice wall on my way down (no problem). A nice day of elevation gain.

Nice hike with good views
Not difficult though the trail was somewhat icy going up
Spikes essential
Decent was easy snowy trail with little ice

3 months ago

Completed Baker in and out in about 1 hour. Very very icy...not sure how anyone could complete this hike without crampons. Lovely view at top.

3 months ago

Great mountain for starters!! Winter hikers I recommend using crampons, there is plenty of ice on the trail. However, the other side of the loop seemed a bit easier.

3 months ago

I loved this Mountain way more in Winter than Summer. Did some bushwhacking on the way up and the whole way down.

In response to others comments: Yes this is an easy mountain. There were rocks!?! Really!? On a mountain? No kidding...

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