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12 hours ago

Hiked Hadley 10/19/18, great conditions, sunny day, slightly muddy so with the mud and leaves I suggest boots or shoes with good traction. Views were great, peak leaf season, a little past peak at the top. Good mix of pines and deciduous. Nice little hike that gets your blood pumping for sure. I’m in okay shape and it took me a little over an hour to reach the top. Fire tower was open. Views are spectacular. Enjoy!

Hiked this in the misting rain about two weeks ago. My sister’s pastor recommended. A bit muddy and foggy on the way up but great scenery in spite of the fog. Made it up to the Adirondacks to catch peak leaf changes. Sat in the very humbling clouds one we reached the top. Very kind hikers along the way. Challenge, but worth it for any view.

I had a low-clearance car, so I couldn’t drive to the true trailhead, so a lot of boring walking on a dirt road for a stretch. Hike itself is pleasant enough once you get to the hill. The granite towards the top was dry when I did this, which definitely made it a lot less treacherous. Decent view at the top. Did the whole thing in a little over 3 hours - this trail is low-moderate at most. Wouldn’t do again, honestly, but if you’re in the area and have a few hours to kill, there are worse things to spend your time doing.

Great easy hike in the fall, beautiful view of lake from watch rock lean to. It was 9.6 miles from the parking lot and back, but very easy hiking.

An easy hike I’ve been doing since I was little with my family. Beautiful views and the tower is pretty cool!

3 days ago

Great views! Take the ‘harder way up’; it is definitely worth it.

This was a great hike on a nice autumn day with my dog. We hiked the trail from Edgecomb pond to the top of Cat. The directions were a bit confusing as to parking. There are two parking lots on Edgecomb pond, both marked with the town of Bolton water shed signs. Since we parked in the first lot, our overall hike was a bit longer with some road walking. We followed the red trail to the intersection with the blue trail, and then the blue trail to the top, which ended up being 2.7 miles according to the Trails.com map app. This was a pretty nice woods walk on an old road for the first 2.2 miles, then got a bit steeper and a little rougher for the last half mile or so. The top offers a beautiful panorama view of Lake George – Tongue Mountain, the Narrows and the southern basin. The Green Mountains of Vermont were also outstanding. From the top, we followed the red trail down off the face. This way was definitely more difficult – it was steeper with plenty of wet leaves to make things interesting. The woods were very thick and the trail barely noticeable. Luckily it was well marked with red spray paint just about every 10 feet or so. Even so, I still lost the trail a couple of times. About 2/3 of the way down it opened up, with crossings of old logging roads and rock walls. There were also cairns every now and then. This trail was also a more direct route back. We were back at the car after about three hours total, including a half hour on the peak for lunch and views. Total distance was 4.7 miles.

Beautiful hike with great views!! Heavily trafficked, but still worth doing!

Way way too busy. Can’t enjoy the hike or the summit. Another victim of its own success. Parking lots and sides of road over run with cars. Inconsiderate people plying music and partying in summit. Not fun at all.

This is a great short trail for such an awesome view! Definitely wear hiking shoes as there’s lots of mud and roots. The way down was actually harder than the way up, due to the steepness. Busy at the top due to fall foliage but everyone was so nice and taking pictures for each other.

Hiked on 10/14/18. Beautiful hike to see 360 degree views of fabulous fall foliage, Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks. The trail is a bit muddy in spots, but not bad. Watch out for the ice and water on the some of the rocks just before heading to the summit. The top of the fire tower can be windy and cold, so make sure to bring a hat and gloves. It took us about 2 hours each way with a nice break at the top for lunch in a sheltered spot away from the wind.

So. Much. Mud! Highly recommend bringing your gaiters. Also bring your microspikes. Half way up the Tabletop trail is already very icy! (Hiked on October 14th) Made for difficulty navigating on the ascent and descent as I didn’t even think to pack my microspikes and it tacked on a lot of time to the hike. But it was still so much fun which is how I would describe this hike-fun! It is a wooded summit but still beautiful views. If you can tackle Phelps the same day I would recommend that as well. Very very busy parking lot at the Loj so be sure to get there early to secure spot. Lots of camping areas at Marcy Dam as well. Would definitely do this hike again. I would rate this trail as moderate if just doing Tabletop. (GPS mapped trail as 11.1 miles)

NOTE: This is Hard, NOT moderate, and this route to the peak is more like 8 miles, not 6 miles. Also, don't bring your dog, unless they're very adept at hiking with you. Once you get past mile 2, the rocky bits get increasingly harder to scale and the opportunities for a fall increase dramatically. We saw at least one poor dog too terrified to climb down while the owner yelled at him to jump, and none of the many dogs we saw coming down looked happy at all.

If you try a day hike like we did, you'll want to be back to within one mile of the trailhead by dark. It was ok with headlamps, but you definitely don't want to be scrounging around near any of the false peaks after dark. Also highly recommend at least one pole for the climb down or you'll have some sore knees pretty quickly.

Challenging, gorgeous and populated with legit and polite hikers. Don't underestimate this hike, especially in the fall with wet leaves, mud and high winds when you reach the various false peaks.

5 days ago

I had hiked Pharaoh as a child so I was a little nostalgic in my idea of what I remembered. It was an overcast, drizzly day and when a black cat crossed our path on Crane Pond Road driving in I should have known something was up. We parked at the end of Crane Pond Road and walked the road in. We got to almost the end when we encountered a very large impassable swampy area. At the time we didn't know there was a way around it via a trail off to the side. Just then a pick up came by, black cat my arse.. We hopped in the back and voila we were on the way up Pharaoh. The trail was very wet and extremely rocky, but we persevered. Then near the top, it got very rocky and we lost the trail. My husband fell on his hip, and then I fell and slid down a large boulder. We decided, ok... I decided ,to go back. We made it down ok but couldn't find that elusive trail around the small pond in the road. My husband decided to try and play Jesus by walking on the side where the reeds and grass are. Nope, too deep. Good thing because no way was I attempting that. We turned around and there was the side trail not 50 feet from where we were. You couldn't see the trail head sign walking out , only walking in.
Disappointed that we didn't summit, but you can't mess with a black cat crossing your path after all.

Breathtaking views at the summit and several points on the way up as well. The trail is clearly marked and well traveled. Steady uphill climb with some rocky parts to keep it interesting. I went to see the fall foliage and was not disappointed in the slightest!

5 days ago

What a great first hike in the ADK’s! Some small steep spots, but nothing to be worried about. Absolutely loved the autumnal views in October!!

5 days ago

Beginner hiker. Was a challenging but doable climb. We walked from Hotel Saranac to the trailhead, ascended the unmarked trail (left) and descended on the marked (right), and back to the hotel topping out around 4 miles. Including about 30 mins at the summit finished the mountain itself it about 2.5 hours. Nice views from the top but a little blocked by trees at summit - still a rewarding view. Encouraged me to try for Saranac 6ers!

I took the blue trail up. Starts off relatively flat and easy. Becomes steep with many scrambles towards the top. The summit has several spots for some great views. This was a nice pleasant walk through the woods with a good moderately challenging climb, depending on your skill level. Some may find the blue trail more difficult. I took the yellow trail down which saved my knees. It adds some distance to the way back but it was nice. There is a small area with a creek closer to the lot. I would do this again.

Short hike but will def be a small workout. There are a ton of roots on the trail- absolutely need proper footwear and to pay attention. The incline can be quite steep and the rocks can be slippery. I watched several people almost slip.

Trail etiquette doesn’t seem to be a thing here. Some kid was smoking a cigarette on the trail. Um hello, did you miss the Smokey the bear lesson in school? You can’t wait til you at least get back to the car?

The view from the top is nice, but there are many better hikes in the adks. I wouldn’t do this again.

Great hike, excellent views the whole way

Long walk through the woods , not much for views until the peak

6 days ago

First hike for wife and I. Great views. Was a little slippery because it rained a little throughout the trip. Good boots, good stick helped a lot. Was about 45 degrees but very comfortable until the top. Got some great photos. We left at 10am and we’re first ones up for the day but saw about 20 people while at top and on the way down.

Beautiful hike even in the rain. Stayed at the watch rock lean-to on the west side which had amazing views. The last 1.2 miles had the most inclines compared the the east side which had very little (at least to lean-to #2). Many furry friends looking for food at night so make sure all of your food is somewhere safe. It felt like the trail signs marking the mileage was a little off. There was also a canoe, row boat and a raft left at a few sites for anyone to use, I would be careful because I did notice some patches. Can’t wait to do it again sometime.

6 days ago

Great hike shorter hike.

Great 360 views all around!

Thomas to Cat for great views and a nice return

Awesome hike but would say more difficult than some of the high peaks, need to be in aerobic shape for sure

6 days ago

Nice day hike today up Baxter. Many switchbacks and a relatively easy trail. Good trail to run up or down. Nice views but had some cloud cover and flurries. Foliage just past peak but still nice color!

Wow! This trail is called Good Luck cliffs for a reason, Good Luck on the descent without breaking an ankle, wrist, or hip. Unless, this time of year the conditions warrant not a good time to hike— overall, it was pretty dicey. However, all worth it when you get to the view from the top!! It is spectacular, as well as seeing all the caves and “stone-scrapers” on the ascent. I would not take my dog on this trail again, he was very agile but it was risky navigating the tree roots and flat rock surfaces on the descent.

****Just remember watch for the “cairn” on the right side of the trail before the second bridge—- that’s where you take the trail to the cliffs.****

Otherwise, you are hiking along Good Luck lake and further ahead is the trail to Spectacle Lake. The reviewers were right, little to no markers.

10/13/18 Trail was covered in the changing leafs but pretty easy to follow. The top of the tower was so beautiful. Saw a rainbow on the top! Must go for sure!

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