7 hours ago

This is my third hike in the Lake George area. Buck and Sleeping Beauty being the other two. There were two distinct parts to our hike on Fifth Peak Trail, so I'll review them separately.
1. Fifth Peak was okay. The views were decent, but not nearly as impressive as Buck. The hike itself was manageable for my hiking partner and I, both of us are athletic and in good shape. I'd give the hike 3/5 stars. To me, given my other hiking experiences in the area, I'd say Fifth Peak was just alright.
2. After making it to the lookout point, we took the advice of a review below and hiked to the water. That involved a steep descent and forcing our way through some sections of poorly cut back trail. The view from the water was stunning, much more impressive than from the lean-to. We came prepared to take a dip in the lake, but I only managed to sit on a ledge for a moment or two before climbing back out. The rocks near the water were quite slippery and the water was very choppy from boat traffic. I consider myself to be a confident swimmer and I was not comfortable going further. We hung out for a little while and then trekked back up. Was it worth the extra couple of miles? The novelty of hiking to the lake was nice - it's definitely a unique view of Lake George as compared to from a lookout point or from a dock/beach. I wouldn't recommend a family with kids or hikers with dogs take on the extra couple of miles as it was steeper than the original hike to the lean-to, and had more loose rock. I definitely would not suggest just anyone use this as a means to hop in the lake as there's a fair amount of risk associated.