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We know this trail but didn’t actually hike it. We came in via the ASCR trailhead so we could hit Esther Mt. on the way out. A high peak “double dip”.Pretty good route. Lots of grade.Beautiful scenery!About 8 miles or so.Good workout!

Wonderful views. Several of our health apps said mileage was 7.5 not 6.2. Was easy to follow and today not to many hikers.

This is a nice hike with quite a few photo worthy views. The hike is not difficult, but may be for younger children. Bad biting flys and mosquitoes all over so bring bug spray. I will do this one again!

Great hike!!!

2 days ago

Nice hike with a great 369 view. Trail was easy to follow but a steady slope starting right at the trail head and continuing to the top. Trail was dry throughout the climb today, buggy at times.

Hiked this July 1, 98 degrees after hiking Gore mountain. This loop is incredible but difficult. Shoes with some grip are a must. Would not do alone. Very steep and rock climbing is part of it. It was extremely adventurous and can’t wait to bring others on this hike. Views were amazing from many look out spots. The pond on the other side is beautiful and wonderful to cool off in. Proved to be a lifesaver on such a hot day. Hiking down just as hard as going up. Will definitely do again.

Hiked up to Stillwater Fire tower with 2 of my kids. A long drive in from either direction with a mix of paved and dirt roads. We took "Number Four Rd" from Lowville out to "Stillwater Rd" on the right. Then we followed "Stillwater Rd" almost to the end, but took a right onto unmarked "Big Moose Rd". (If you get to the boat launch/restaurant/store at the end of Stillwater Rd, you've gone about 1/4 mile too far.) The trailhead was down Big Moose Rd a mile or so.
This place is really out in the middle of the boondocks! One of the most remote areas for sure. The trailhead parking was very small: enough for 1 car, 1 DEC vehicle and a disabled spot. The trail is in great shape, well worn and easy to follow with blue DEC disks. There is a steady, easy ascent up with no steep sections. Volunteers have done a great job with the tower rehab and signage and the views from the cab are very nice. If possible, I would recommend combining this short hike with some camping and fishing in the area to make the most of the long drive.

Demanding hike but offer great view.

As others have stated, an incredible 360 degree view from the fire tower, with no scrambling! FYI signs posted today 7/13 at the trailhead stated the trail will be closed 7/16-7/20/18 for trail maintenance. If you're looking for another hike in the area with a great views (no fire tower) I highly recommend Moxham Mountain.

Easy hike if you are en experienced hiker. We saw a lot of people at this heavily hiked mountain who were not experienced, and thought it was hard. So if you are out of shape or not experienced, dont expect this to be a flat, simple walk. It has a couple of steep spots and is rocky, and spectacular views at the top and at several rock outcroppings before the summit.

This is one of those bast bang for your buck kinda hikes. Unfortunately the trail is not maintained and people looking for alternative routes around the scrambles have really done great damage to the area. The trail has now become too wide. they should increase the trail markers to make people aware where the trail is as well as delineate the alternative route around the scrambles so there are not more than one. other than that, the views of Fourth Lake are awesome!

I hiked the full loop on 7/11/18. I went up Cat via the blue trail and then down Thomas via the yellow trail. Cat was really easy and only put up a struggle in the last .25 or so, I’d say. From the peak of Cat to the peak of Thomas was considerably more tough. The trail wasn’t as easy to follow and a few points right before the peak (of Thomas) had me searching around a bit for a marker. The views were definitely lovely at the peak of Cat, you could see all of the Lake George Region, and I saw quite a bit of bird activity once I was at the top. The whole loop took me about 3 hours, and it was pretty buggy coming down from Thomas.

My wife and I are doing the fire tower challenge, and found this one to be harder than Pok O Moonshine, which was rated harder by one of the guidebooks. It’s a solid moderate hike with nearly 1,600 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles, and is very rocky. If you are not an experienced hiker, I would not recommend this one when the terrain is wet. The views were amazing from the top.

Glad I didn’t know how hard this loop would be before I naively took on the challenge...Ha! The scenic views are well worth every drop of sweat. I hiked from the Loj to Lake Colden thru Avalanche Pass and spent night in a lean to. Had a bear play soccer with my Bear Keg. Also saw beaver swimming in the lake. Next day I hiked up Boundary Pass and took a left at the top to be the first hiker of the day to enjoy Iroquois. Also a fantastic view of Wallface to the west. Hike up the pass was VERY difficult, but the views of Avalanche Pass & Great Range were amazing. I would not recommend hiking “down” the pass as it’s wet from the numerous waterfalls and quite slippery. After Iroquois I touched Algonquin and Wright on the way back to the Loj...knees screaming all the way. Day was clear and had views of Lake Champlain and mountains in Vermont. A hike I’ll never forget!

Perfect morning hike. Some steep rocky patches, but worth the climb for the amazing views. 3 hrs round trip plus time to enjoy to top

Nice hike up, lots of stairs but they help on the way down. Not too many bugs right now which was nice not to worry about. The fire tower cab was locked which was confusing because it's supposed to be open in the summer months, overall still enjoyable

Wow. My favorite Firetower yet! Set in a picturesque location for perfect views of the High Peaks! At 3,678' this mountain is no push-over (only 300' from being a 46er itself).

We took this Northern approach & parked at the last spot before the 'chain fence'. Nice easy walk to warm up & eventually the trail goes consistently up. Really great hike. At the top, it opens up to vast rock outcroppings for an almost 360 view. Wide rocky, treeless peak for the most part. Firetower itself is a little beat up from the weather, but safe & a must-climb for wild views.

Incredible sights of High Peaks! Highly recommended. Enjoy!

I live within the reaches of Crane's shadow, & as a frequent High Peaks climber, I foolishly overlooked Crane, thinking 'what's so special about that?' Needless to say, I learned my lesson. Elevation doesn't equal charm!

A great blend of sharp & steep with views of the Southern Adks; and oh yeah, a fancy pond.

Overall a moderate 3.5 mile hike, great for any day.

Beautiful and easy. Great swimming possibilities. No bugs today.

Great hike with wonderful views. Our family has done this several times. The top portion can be a bit steep, and younger kids will just need to take it slower. We have done this in summer and done it in winter with snowshoes.

Views were amazing but the tower needs some TLC.
No chicken wire on the top few platforms and sadly the tower is locked.
Trail was in great shape overall with minimal wet spots but the bugs were pretty bad so come prepared.
The trail is accessible by any car for sure as long as you take it easy in the last 500 ft. There was a tiny 2 door civic back there !
As stated it’s steep the ENTIRE hike. No switchbacks or flats.

Very very easy hike ! Great views and the tower is in pretty good shape.
Perfect for families and beginners
Lots of rocks and somewhat steep areas but more fun than difficult
Black flies were terrible so come prepared !

Parking was not the easiest to find. You have to go through what looks like a private conference center. Once you park you walk through a dirt road to the trailhead. The hike was great and took about 1.5 hours. I brought my year old lab mix who is very fit and he had a blast! It was moderately challenging because of the steepness in a few areas. Dogs that are too young or old may have difficulty with this hike. My dog had to make some 2-3ft jumps up different rocks to continue the trail. Be careful to follow the trail markers to the summit. During one point we veered off and began walking toward the lake instead of crossing a small stream to continue upwards. The view at the top is AMAZING but it’s a small area so their isn’t much room if there are too many people. That would be my only complaint. Overall it was a great hike and I would definitely do it again.

6 days ago

Great Sunset hike!

Great hike! Be sure and follow the trail markers, there are a fair amount of unmarked side trails. Red markers will get you to the top of the chimney formations, near the top is a “Y”; left leads to the chimney rocks and right (following yellow markers now) will lead to the true peak. The hike is a bit strenuous as it does get quite steep near the top but it’s nothing a slower pace can’t fix if you’re not as used to hiking yet. Quite a good hike, not incredibly time consuming but allows for many different explorations near the top and a great view from multiple vantage points.

We used the herd path off the Jack Rabbit trail and it was such an easy hike. From the trailhead on Whiteface Inn Lane, we reached the summit in under an hour. No steep sections at all, a very friendly hike!

great weather awesome view ... recommend early start.

steeper than expected ..but so glad I did it .. gorgeous view!

great hike, kind of steep, but not extreme. good hike to get warmed up early in the season for longer, more strenuous hikes.

Great trail, very easy walk until you hit the slope. Then it's straight to the top! The dam/stream area is great to cool your feet off in on the way back, I always love switching out a fresh pair of socks after cooling off. Very nice views from the summit. 3 hours hiking, but spent lots of time at the summit after our group decided not to do MacKenzie in the same day. (Easily doable to complete both, time-wise)

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