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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

14 hours ago

Great little hike, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to do some of the longer mountain trails. It gets right to the climb without a long intro/flat woods walk. Nice view at the top overlooking the town.

14 hours ago

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset on top of Coney a few days ago. We ran up and down the mountain, very gradual inclines until the last hundred feet where it gets slightly steeper. Great for kids.

I did this loop counter clockwise starting with Lower Wolf Jaw. I left the road at the first sign/bridge and hiked the woods. Very nice hike. Trip down Sawteeth is steep and covered with shredded leaves (like someone dumped lawn bags all over the place. Low traction slipped and went down twice.

nice narrow path through the woods. lots of mosquitoes. hike up could be rough but after that its nice. good views of the lake.

1 day ago

very easy trail with nice views of the river

Loved this hike - gorgeous scenery, steep ascents, both open and covered terrain, and 360 views from the peak. Very few hikers, one of whom was an elderly man climbing with the aid of a cane.

Hiked the trail a few days ago with two family members, great trail but my only qualms would be with the other hikers.

There was some litter on the trail and kids not being supervised by their parents. One was running down the trail, cut through our group and tripped and fell hard down a 3 foot dirt embankment. Another caught up to us and turned to leave the trail!! We told him to stay on the trail and he listened.

Note to anyone thinking of doing this hike:please follow the basic rules of hiking:

What you carry in you carry it out. Don’t litter!!

Minors should be supervised at ALL TIMES.

Never, EVER leave the marked trail.

Step aside for the people descending.

Also if you hike a mountain with a fire tower realize that when you get to the top there could be people waiting to climb the tower. They are finite space so wait and ask the other people I the summit if they’re waiting. Don’t overcrowd the tower/stairway/landing!!

1 day ago

Hiked 7/1418. Drive about 2 1/2 miles deep in the Pharaoh Wilderness to reach the trailhead. Weather was low 80’s and very humid with the bugs out in full effect. You can tell the trail was lightly trafficked, only saw a few people heading beck while in the way up. Once my gf and I reached the summit we caught an amazing sunset fringe atop the fire tower. Fire tower was pretty old and run down, but overlooked various ponds and mountains. Approx 4 hours round trip. Saw a black bear on the way down which spooked us a little bit. Camped out at one of the primitive sites on Moose Pond Rd near the trailhead. Definitely recommend this mountain for a beautiful sunset!

great trail. yes its hard but worth it. lots of good fishing spots

Blue Mountain has a commanding view of the surrounding territory, but only if you climb the fire tower. There is a view of Blue Mountain Lake just short of the summit, but 360-degree panoramas are available only from the top. The ascent is fairly steep and quite rocky, following a drainage channel with two ephemeral stream crossings, which were dry for our hike. In the second mile, you gain over 1000 vertical feet. There is minimal exposure and the trail is under canopy until you reach the summit block. Get there early if you want a parking spot; this is a very popular summer hike. Took us 2.5 hours, but we stopped for about 15 minutes on the way up for morale reasons. The descent is very quick; poles and hiking boots are recommended.

Incredible hike. This was our first loop since my gf broke her back in January 2018. We arrived at the AMR gate at about 7:30AM Saturday morning with full packs. Headed up the Gill Brook trail for our ascent and made a quick stop at Indian Head (@9:45ish). Indian Head has some AMAZING views, so I’d suggest stopping if time permits. Hiked for another few hours and set up camp at the Elk Pass ponds. There was room for maybe 2-3 tent sites. With time to spare, we decided to leave our packs and head towards Colvin. The hike up Colvin wasn’t too intense (arrived at 2:30PM). Colvin has a very small survey marker, getting us our first High Peak of the weekend.

We were running low on water and stamina, so we decided against attempting Blake. After speaking with some fellow hikers, it seemed like a lot of work that we didn’t want to exert for a wooded summit. We made it back to the tent and made some dinner. We’ll have to come back another time.

Hit the trail Sunday at 7:30AM up Elk Pass. This was quite difficult, especially after filling up 4 water bottles (Elk Pass is your last chance to fill up!) and having full packs. There are views behind you almost the whole way up to the split. We got to the split at 9:15AM, ditched our packs, and ran 0.2 miles to Nippletop. Awesome views westward towards the Great Range and Marcy in the distance.

Trail to Dial was 1.9 miles and felt long. There were a few ascents and descents before you reached Dial, which felt kinda cruel. Headed out was pretty gradual and a nice breather from the steepness of Elk Pass. The way down bothered both of our knees and we were happy to get back to the car.

85 degree weather, sunshine, full packs, and 30-45 min on each of the peaks (plus Indian Head), got back to the car at around 3PM Sunday. Would consider a lighter day pack and faster pace if I were to do it again. Headed in to Keene for a well deserved beer! 38 more to go!

Amazing views

The beginning of the hike was marker well, but about a mile from the lookout point the markers were harder to find. I highly recommend hiking all the way to the water because the view is 100x better and you can go swimming. (Keep following red markers once you find lookout point to get to the water.)

1 day ago

This place was busy but...The kids had a blast on this trail. Awesome views. Check out my full write up with pictures and other things to look out for.

We know this trail but didn’t actually hike it. We came in via the ASCR trailhead so we could hit Esther Mt. on the way out. A high peak “double dip”.Pretty good route. Lots of grade.Beautiful scenery!About 8 miles or so.Good workout!

Wonderful views. Several of our health apps said mileage was 7.5 not 6.2. Was easy to follow and today not to many hikers.

3rd time doing this. Stunning views at the summit. But don’t let the low milage fool you. It gets the blood flowing quickly!

This is a nice hike with quite a few photo worthy views. The hike is not difficult, but may be for younger children. Bad biting flys and mosquitoes all over so bring bug spray. I will do this one again!

Great hike!!!

3 days ago

My husband and I did this hike in June and enjoyed it! The trail is interesting and well maintained. In the beginning you start out by going through two tunnels under the highway, very cool! We only saw a few other people on a nice Sunday morning and there is ample parking. The only problem was the bugs - the mosquitoes nearly ate us alive. As long as I remembered to pack bug spray, I would do this hike again.

Short easy/moderate hike depending on your fitness level. Never too steep and plenty of level sections to get a break. Well marked and the trail isn't too rocky or full of roots. We did it to complete another fire tower for the challenge. Kids had no problem at all. It was a little buggy so bring bug spray. View from the fire tower was nice but you have to climb it to see anything. Too many hikers with dogs off the leash!!!!! And way too many hikers not cleaning up after them. The first stretch smelled like it too! I'll never understand why others can't have a little respect for other people on the trail. Leash your dogs!

3 days ago

Nice hike with a great 369 view. Trail was easy to follow but a steady slope starting right at the trail head and continuing to the top. Trail was dry throughout the climb today, buggy at times.

This was a quick hike, the trails are rough lots of rocks and tree roots. You can only see the view at the summit if you climb the fire tower. Not my favorite. But great for shorter hike.

3 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. I highly recommend this trail for all levels of hikers, especially those who want to get back into hiking. The trail has some steep, challenging parts to keep it interesting; and as always, the views are incredible.

Hiked this July 1, 98 degrees after hiking Gore mountain. This loop is incredible but difficult. Shoes with some grip are a must. Would not do alone. Very steep and rock climbing is part of it. It was extremely adventurous and can’t wait to bring others on this hike. Views were amazing from many look out spots. The pond on the other side is beautiful and wonderful to cool off in. Proved to be a lifesaver on such a hot day. Hiking down just as hard as going up. Will definitely do again.

Hiked from garnet lodge, will admit was confusing to get to the trail. Hike short and sweet and was surprised by the awesome views for such a short hike. Can easily be done by kids and beginners.

4 days ago

Did this hike a week ago while visiting Saranac Lake. A nice hike to stretch the legs and get the heart rate up a little, but not strenuous. Afforded nice views of the town and lakes and a different perspective from the high peaks.

Hiked up to Stillwater Fire tower with 2 of my kids. A long drive in from either direction with a mix of paved and dirt roads. We took "Number Four Rd" from Lowville out to "Stillwater Rd" on the right. Then we followed "Stillwater Rd" almost to the end, but took a right onto unmarked "Big Moose Rd". (If you get to the boat launch/restaurant/store at the end of Stillwater Rd, you've gone about 1/4 mile too far.) The trailhead was down Big Moose Rd a mile or so.
This place is really out in the middle of the boondocks! One of the most remote areas for sure. The trailhead parking was very small: enough for 1 car, 1 DEC vehicle and a disabled spot. The trail is in great shape, well worn and easy to follow with blue DEC disks. There is a steady, easy ascent up with no steep sections. Volunteers have done a great job with the tower rehab and signage and the views from the cab are very nice. If possible, I would recommend combining this short hike with some camping and fishing in the area to make the most of the long drive.

Demanding hike but offer great view.

4 days ago

Did this with my dog and it was spectacular! We kept a good pace without more than a few minutes to stop for a break and we were up to the fire tower in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Same amount of time to descend. As others have said the first two miles are a mix of level terrain with a few sections of moderate elevation change. The last mile or so, especially after the the site of the old observer's cabin, is VERY steep. In spite of this it's very rewarding as the trail is in great shape and the views at the top are remarkable! If you don't want to ascend the tower there are outstanding views at two points at the summit. This would be a great choice to prepare for hiking in the Adirondack High Peaks due to it's length and elevation gain. Fantastic hike!

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