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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

Loved this hike but let it be known, it's very steep for most of the hike. We started from the science center rather than the reservoir which shaved off a mile or so but the trail is not marked w tags till you reach the reservoir trail. Not a lot of flat sections. It's really ruff in the winter. Many hikers turned around due to winds. I recommend doing the last section on the road (as soon as you come to the wall that the road is built on you will be near the top) in the winter due to high winds and exposed sheer rock face on the last bit. A guy fell there last weekend and had to be airlifted out... Broken ribs and all. We broke trail that day, but due to no heavy snow the path was packed down and pretty clear. Lots of ice!!! Do not attempt without spikes in winter. I really want to come back in summer to enjoy the view more and explore the summit.

We finished up our Winter 6er challenge in Ampersand and it was as beautiful as everyone said it was! The trail head is located across the road. There is a short trail to the lake from the lot, but it was too cold for us to visit that day. It was a chilly day with lots of sunshine. The first mile or so was pretty flat and a nice warmup for the steeper sections coming up.

We used micro spikes the whole way. There were a few icy scrambles toward the top, but nothing too treacherous.

The views from the summit are incredible! It's easily one of my favorite climbs. I'd do it again in a heart beat.

It took us 4 hours and 36 minutes at a pretty leisurely pace, with as much time at the summit as we could bare with the cold and wind gusts. After we left the trail, we headed to the bell to ring it for completing the challenge!

on Moose Pond

14 days ago

The only difficulty was that the entrance from the road is not marked. we drove by a few times before figuring out what must be the entrance.

on Coney Mountain

14 days ago

About a 2 mile round trip hike with beautiful views. The trail was icy with a little snow cover. We used microspikes and it took about 1 hour round trip. It was windy, so we didn't spend too much time on the top. The trail was gentle with most of the gain towards the end with a great place to have a picnic in the summer. This is part of the Tupper Triad patch.

16 days ago

Snowshoed up on Feb 19 on a super clear day. Very pleasant hike up. Windy but sheltered all the way up. Had some great views from the top of the tower despite the wind rattling the roof! Took about 2.5 hrs RT with time hanging out at the summit.

This was an amazing and difficult day hike. It took my brother, sister-in-law and I around 12.5 hours to complete. Walking the road by the golf course was not very interesting but it was a nice warm up at 7:45 AM. Hitting Lower Wolf Jaw, we took lunch, then it was off to Upper Wolf Jaw and Armstrong before another break. From Armstrong we hit Gothics and Pyramid, then we took the trail from the junction to the summit of Sawteeth. On our way down we stopped at Rainbow Falls to admire the cascading waterfall from both above, and below. By the time we got back to the road it was 8:10 and night was quickly approaching. Definitely a highly recommended day hike for those who are up for it. The best recommendation I could provide is bring plenty of food and water, and START EARLY!

beautiful view, not a tough hike but not super easy. overall highly recommended

Great hike and amazing views. Fire tower at the summit has incredible views also

19 days ago

Completed this hike on 3/3/16. I've done my fair share of hikes these past 6 months and thought that the last stretch before the summit was some of steepest I've encountered yet, maybe I was just tired, and the ice definitely didn't help. Had no views due to snow rolling in. Looking forward to completing this hike again on a clear day. Took us about 5 hours round trip.

3.5hr hike to lean-to #6 in wintery, very icy conditions.

It was a great hike and a great trail. Beautiful scenery all around and very well marked path in the snow. It was -10 degrees at the summit but it was super fun to butt-slide down the steep parts at the top. Can't wait to do it again in the spring/summer to check out the different scenery.

Beautiful during fall season.

Completed this hike 3/3/17. Icy but not too bad with the proper gear. Only issue we ran into was some of the trail markers were easy to lose/not enough markers. Just follow the worn path and you'll end up on the trail.

This. Hike. Sucked.
Not because of the views or the fact that the fire tower was out of service when I went...but because I was an idiot and didn't break in my new hiking boots prior to this hike. The hike is hard, it's rating is accurate. I am overweight and new to hiking, but this one was a serious kick in the butt. The views are gorgeous and worth the effort, just make sure you have plenty of water and comfortable hiking boots.

The trail is well maintained, but the initial walk to get to the trail is kind of weird. It's a bushy kind of beginning to the register and then you're walking on a service road (?) or a road that you can tell have been driven on by someone, for a decent amount of time. The hike was longer than this app describes, so don't be surprised if you're on there for a while longer than you would anticipate.

22 days ago

A very short but steep hike. I did this hike shortly after Mt. Arab and I was wiped afterwards. Great views from the summit, but the trail head can be kind of hard to see while driving. If you're driving FROM Tupper Lake it will be on the left hand side, TO Tupper Lake it will be on the right. There is a small parking area across the street from the trailhead.

This was my last hike of the season on 9/11/16. I have a torn hip labrum and this hike definitely made my hip aware of that. However, this was an AMAZING trail. It's wide and very well marked/maintained. The views are amazing from the bare summit AND the firetower. 110% worth your time and effort.