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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

Went after the first snowfall in the area. Avid hiker so I figured the easy rating would allow me to do it in the snow without spikes. Do not attempt without micro spikes because the last .5 miles to the top is super slippery. Beautiful views, trail isn’t marked but obvious where the foot traffic is.

This is a great, challenging hike. I have done a bunch of the high peaks including Marcy and this one is on par. It can be easy to lose the trail sometimes so you should stay alert and pay attention, might be wise to bring a map or GPS. Also, if you're going to the fifth peak lean to, you can miss the yellow markers pointing to it because the trail forks and the signs are not positioned great. I did and ended up far past it, I did not have a map or GPS but did pull up All Trails and found that I had missed it. I would do this hike again if I was in the area.

2 days ago

Nice walk in the woods. Great conditions. Amazing views around the Lake Placid shore.

Enjoyed this winter hike, fresh snow and great views. It was a bout a 4 hour up and back. Rock was icy at the top, spikes would have been helpful. Completed on nov 11th

3 days ago

My wife, I and our 10 year-old son hiked LWJ after much consideration and preparation due to the weather/ time of year. (Our son has 5 peaks already, and is game for the challenge…he also knows we will pull the plug on a hike if conditions dictate – we abandoned Wright in May). We settled on the peak and the Garden to JBL/Phelps trail due to online research and family recommendations (my brother and dad had done the peak in summer, and both said they thought going up the Wolf’s chin would be a bad idea in icy conditions). I also liked the fact that even though we were adding distance, we were avoiding a good chunk of elevation by starting at the Garden. The lot was 1/3 full at 6:15am and we headed out in a temp that was just under 20 degrees, with pretty still air. The trail to the DEC outpost was coated by at most an inch of snow, and was a good crunchy underneath which helped with traction and cushion…no mud at all. We made good time to the suspension bridge, which is a beautiful location; you could tell at the bridge that no one had been that way for at least the last 24-48 hours.
Once across the bridge, there are no trail signs initially, you just head left for about 100 yards, and then take the next hard right up a sloping grade. Not having signs is a little disconcerting, but that’s what directions and maps are for. After that, you take your next left and head more uphill. The whole section after the bridge was pretty muddy. The grade picks up from there, and you start the slog to the col, with the mud base mostly converting to ice, and with snow depth slowly increasing. At about 3200 feet, we put on our spikes (a first for us all), not because of ice, but because the 3-8 inches of fresh snow from the day before started to compress and your boot would backslide. That made a big difference. We made our way to the trail split at the col and headed to the left, at this point all previous evidence of tracks from others was gone, due to earlier winds and drifted snow(up to 2 feet). The wind for us was still pretty non-existent. At the second junction, we saw the first sign of recent tracks, and as we made our way up the tough but doable south face of LWJ, we passed the three others who had come over from the Wedge Brook side. There were a couple of technical spots in this portion, but with the spikes they were doable.
At the peak the wind was mostly still (we were very lucky), but the air was still quite crisp and we couldn’t luxuriate and cool down too much so back down we went. There was no sign of any traffic coming up from the north via the W.A. White trail, and so it seems that we made the right choice by attacking from the south. My wife is in great shape, and I am in pretty good shape, but with the extra gear, and the snow/ice, it took us 4:45 to summit. As we descended, we attempted to eat lunch at the lean-to, but after heading 150 yards down the lean-to trail, with no structure in sight we abandoned that plan, and decided to eat lunch at the DEC outpost. We got to our car at exactly 3pm, thus with a couple of stops, lunch etc…it took us just under 9 hours. There were no envelopes for parking, but I still threw $10 into the shed for karma. Overall, the conditions were wintery, but the lack of wind and bright sun made for a very enjoyable and doable summit. Spikes were a must though, and you needed to have confidence in your gear and physical preparation.

Went this past weekend, snow on the ground most of the way, nearly a foot at the top. Great hike, just the right length, and amazing view from the summit.

Hiked Thomas today and the views at the top were gorgeous. As someone who is relatively new to hiking, I found the climb to be rewarding and very acceptable to new hikers out there looking for a new challenge. The terrain was sporadically covered with snow or leaves but I wore micro spikes and would recommend them for stability and safety.

Awesome winter hike

Ok did this last weekend 11/4 and couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. There’s ice and icy slides. Do not attempt with out Proper authentic traction devices. I had my crampons on and that really allowed me to fully enjoy the endless views. Great hike if you have the right gear. Saw so many selfish people starting at ADK Loj wearing converses, walking shoes, jeans, no hat, bags, map..... unprepared is what I’m getting at.
Why aren’t there signs posted up at the start of the major trailheads saying Do Not Attempt unless you have XYZ essentials and recommended gear if any and a lot of money in the event you need to be rescued and failed to carry the essential items.

5 days ago

Super Trail très belle vue monter abrupte qui offre plusieurs petits défi pour débutants mais se fait bien

We hiked in from Windfall trailhead on a very windy, wintery day. It is mostly flat with a few uphill climbs but nothing terrible. Most of the hike is forest but at some random spots you get a nice pond or lake view. Pretty soggy but it had rained and snowed most of the night before.Ended at the queer lake lean-to for lunch and headed back. Took about 3.5 hours round trip.

Hiked on November 3rd. Absolutely beautiful trail. A couple tricky mini scrambles, that would've been less tricky if they we're as wet and slippery. Views are amazing, as expected. A bit of snow closer to the top.

This is the latest in the year that we’ve hike in the Adirondacks, leaves were down and there was a winter weather advisory for late in the afternoon. The down leaves made us slow down on the way up which was definitely a climb up and over rocks. Arriving at the pond outlet and seeing the pond reminded us of a mountain lake in Montana. The walk along the ridge and its views was spectacular. Flurries started to fall just as we started down and they accelerated into snow very quickly as we descended down the ladder. Snow and leaves slowed us down even more down the steep decent but we were glad that we didn’t have to backtrack given the weather. We’ll be back in the spring/summer. Though it was challenging and all of 4 hours it was worth it. Glad we were prepared for the weather and glad we had the app.

poorly marked or no markings in 3 different sections, fallen trees and debris makes it easy to get turned around.

We took this trail October 12 the weather was cloudy and rainy but the views from rocky ridge unparalleled. I would consider this moderate at best not as difficult as others said.

I really enjoyed this hike, lot of ice (Nov 4th), should havé worn better shoes with spikes

My brother ( age 50) and I ( age 52) hiked this yesterday November 4th and a lot of it was covered in ice and mud and snow . It was my first time hiking Giant and my 3rd high peak and most challenging yet . We were warm enough but should have worn some kind of chains on the hiking shoes . We each fell on our butt once but just enough to hurt our egos and laugh at each other . Hike time a little less than 7 hours ( including about 1/2 at the summit ) the trail is not marked very well and we took a few unplanned detours . I would do this hike again in the warmer months .

An exceptionally beautiful area and stunning views. The tower and summit were frozen and with ice along the upper parts of the trail on the rock scrambles, microspikes are a necessity. A great hike all around.

A great hike that would’ve been a lot easier had it not been for the frequent mud jumping. The views from the tower were stunning and I even saw a guy hiking in sandals

on Cobble Hill

13 days ago

nice woodsy hike. We hiked it as it was snowing, and the whole forest was beautiful in the snow. We took the steep way up and the easy way down. Steep way was great, easy way was basically hiking through a river. Great views of the lake though!

13 days ago

Easy hike, short spurts of inclines. Gorgeous views especially in the fall!

What a Great Hike! One steep part but lots of trees & roots to hold onto. The waterfalls along the way are Gorgeous!

17 days ago

Snowy, muddy and slippery today but still a great hike. Gradual climb with lots of bridges and stairs.

Would rate this moderate, but it's a quick climb up to this lake. Very breathtaking, can be done in a hour.

Baxter Mountain is a great hike for anybody. I would suggest however wearing micro-spikes as it was dicey in spots. The views, although cloudy were good. I’m not sure most people, at least since the snow has fallen, have gone to the “true summit” as there were no footprints down the col and up the summit. It’s wooded with not much to see, but for the purists, lol.

18 days ago

As other reviews state quite rocky and steep right from the get go. Ankle support and good tread this time of year is necessary. If you’ve hiked before it should be no problem. My husband had a hip replacement a yr ago and we made it up in an hour and 15.

Great during snow/freezing rain with a toddler on my back and also with him walking close to a mile. Beautiful lake views with a waterfall and minimal elevation change.

Hiked on 10/24. Great hike, it was raining and then snowing so absolutely no view but great nonetheless. Took us 5 hours. Spikes needed near and on the summit.

Blue trail was easy and pretty, the yellow was fun with great views !

hard just before the top.

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