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Worth every second !! Beautiful trail. It’s a must hike! :)

One of our favorites! We’ve done this loop twice and it’s definitely worth it for the view at the top.

Best hike I've done yet! Definitely a long one but like everybody else has said it is worth the way. The ending does get a little steep and slippery, so be weary of that. It also pays to wear the right shoes. Happy hiking!

I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Anyone who chooses to travel this trail is rewarded with an iconic and stunning view from Indian Head. The portion of this trail which follows the road is naturally quite easy to traverse. The portion of this trail which branches off the road up Gill Brook is not particular difficult, but there are sections which require a bit of a scramble. Children may struggle with the previously mentioned portion, but with enough determination and thoughtfulness almost anyone can enjoy this hike. I believe this hike took me approximately 5 hours to complete, including perhaps a half hour laze at the overlook. Happy hiking!

Absolutely stunning... not difficult besides for the distance. Worth every mile.. went yesterday and there was no snow/ice only muddy.

Pretty amazing. This was a little challenging for me but fun. Love a challenge. Definitely felt it the next day in my legs. The 11-12 miles is long but so worth it. Going to be working my way up to even more difficult trails in the future. So this was a great start.

2 months ago

Nice walk around the lake. Enjoyed the mountain markers on the sidewalk that dot the sidewalk

paddle sports
3 months ago

It’s a nice and easy hike around the lake. But the best way to see the lake is to paddle board, or kayak. Great views of lake placid!

outstanding views at summit. Trails well travelled. Spikes essential No need for snowshoes

One of the most beautiful hikes I've done!!! Isn't the easiest but far from the hardest.

East River Trail is clear all the way up with the exception of a couple downed trees, but nothing that you can't walk around. No spikes needed until really the last few hundred meters of trail up to Indian Head. Beautiful trail and great view from the top.

7 months ago

beautiful walk, run, or even drive around mirror lake . start the trail right in downtown lake placid. a beautiful walk, run or drive in any season. perfect for photo taking .

Worth every second!!!!

actually closer to a 19 mile loop, and 6000ft cumulative elevation change. account for 10 hours. you will be hiking up Colvin twice. dogs are not allowed through the AMR.

Great hike, worth every step for the views.

Great ride on a fall day!

As another reviewer noted, this loop is closer to 12 miles. Beware that no dogs are allowed and this restriction is strictly enforced. The parking is across the highway from the Roaring Brook access to Giant Mt. and is at the southerly of the two junctions of Rt. 73 and Ausable Rd. (not "Ausable Club Rd.") On a busy weekend, you will likely have to park on the highway. From the parking area, walk 1/2-mile up the road past a golf course. Just before reaching he large clubhouse, turn left and down between two tennis courts to the gate house and trail register.

Long hike, but the view at the top was unbelievably worth it.

This is a very easy and beautiful hike. It's about 12 miles long but 3 of those miles are just on a dirt road. Easy in and out but so worth it for the glorious views!

Instead of coming back through the road, we went through east branch and met bees (got stung, so be careful), still nicer than walking with cars, so I would suggest to change a bit the suggested itinary to avoid a little more having to step aside every few minutes to let car pass. It is really worth it to go to the rainbow falls, that place is beautiful with all the green. Pretty easy hike so even if it's long, could be done by unexperienced hikers

Nice easy hike with most of it being a road. Took my husband and I about 5 hours with a 45 min break at Indian Head.

awesome day climb. 5 hours round trip with the summit/iconic view right at the halfway mark. parking was easy to find thanks to the app. half a mile easy walk up past a beauty golf course, through a gate and onto the trails which there are tons of. walk about 20 minutes until you see the signs for indian head/gill brook trail which is a hard little climb up along the waterfalls/creek for about 2 hours. apparently we could have taken the easy walk up down the huge main trail (while dodging a random bus every half hour) but the gill brooks trail was fun so we were happy to do it that way.

wish the trail was marked a little better, a few spots got confusing. also there was no distance noted on any of the signs so we had no clue how much further we had to walk at any point. no dogs/bikes allowed. yay for the adk!

9 months ago

A nice walk through the woods. Some cool wildlife and mushrooms. The Flow itself is pretty neat!

Researched for hours and selected this hike for my first in the Adirondacks - well worth it!! It was incredible and we actually enjoyed it more than our high peak hike the next day :) We skipped Rainbow Falls and just did an out-and-back to Indian Head (~9.6 miles).

Trailhead - across the street from Roaring Brook Falls Trail so would plug that into your GPS

Trail - starts with 3 miles on road (paved near golf course, then dirt once you enter park), then take Gill Brooks Trail (dotted with waterfalls!) and follow signs for Indian Head. Skip the "Outlook 75 ft sign" and keep going (even when it dips downhill - confused us) to end up at the stunning view.

Arguably the most iconic view inside the Blue Line. A long hike but not very difficult. Lots to see and hear along the way. Amazing in the fall.

Magnifique randonnée dans les bois d'abord, longeant la rivière (sortir du sentier principal, vers la droite). Il y a une belle cascade proche de l'ascension. La vue est superbe. Excellent rapport effort/plaisir des yeux. Autorisée au chien (tenus en laisse)

Done this mountain in the fall, winter, and summer and it's beautiful every time. One of my favorites and very much worth while. Be sure to take the scenic route for more beauty!

Because of the recent rains, some parts of the trail are swampy- be warned. Apart from that, the trail has a great combination of flat, slightly uneven, and very steep terrain that makes it a fun experience to climb! The view from the top of Indian Head Mountain is absolutely stunning as well. I totally recommend it to anyone who has good joints and is looking for great scenery!

Mostly a low intensity hike. Took about four hours round trip but we stopped at the top for about 30 minutes to enjoy the view. Most of the hike is flat until the last 30 minutes where the vertical climb becomes more prevalent. If you're looking for a hike with a view that makes the climb and time worth it this is the hike for you. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for great views and a relatively easy hike.

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