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This was a beautiful trail. Cascades, deer, lots of moss. It was definitely challenging towards the last mile up lower wolf jaws and then to upper wolf jaws. Very muddy along the way to upper.
Some climbing over rocks that requires hands as well, but fun.
Was going to do Armstrong with them but didn’t gage our time properly and thought we’d have more.
Took us 11 hours for lower and upper.

I did this hike with a group on Saturday 9/22/2018. We got the Ausable Club around 9:30am and we took the last legal parking spot. Another car in our group had to drive up 1/4mile and park in the next parking lot. The NYS Conservation Officer was giving tickets and redirecting people away from the full lots.

The trail is follows the Ausable Club private road for 3 miles. The signage is clear. We walked to Rainbow falls, and thanks to the heavy rains the night before the falls were incredible! Our guide (ADK 46er) said this was the best he'd seen the falls in 20+ years. Just awesome. The spray was refreshing. We passed a few people on the tight pass going to/from the falls, and we stayed for a few minutes. We had a snack overlooking the lake and took in all the beauty. We headed back on the trail and followed signs to Indian head.

The trail to Indian Head was easy only steep towards the end. Lovely trail, lots of offshoots to other trails - easy to follow and understand. The view at Indian Head was breathtaking. Just perfect. Can't say enough about it. The overlook was crowded, but still amazing. Maybe 30+ people, we were all enjoying the same view of the wilderness in our own ways.

We followed signs to Gill Brook Trail and walked along the stream for miles - that was beautiful as well.

We had some slower hikers in our group, from start to finish it was 7 hours. We also saw tens of cars with tickets on them when we returned; all the cars with tickets were indeed parked around 'no parking at any time' signs.

Overall an excellent hike and I can't wait to hike it again!

August 29, 2017 took Gill Brook trail up to Indian Head and Boathouse/road trail back. Took 4.5 hrs round trip. Good trail signage. Gill Brook trail is beautiful, small waterfalls. Killer view of Ausable Lakes at top.

The most amazing view I have seen in the Adirondacks! My girlfriend and I did this hike on Saturday. It was definitely a little strange walking through the country club, but it is a pretty place and nice to look at. The road up to the trailhead is nice too, just keep an eye out for cars/buses coming and going. We finished the hike in about 5.5 hours with a long ~45 minutes at the top. It was hot as hell so we took the road back once down to the boat dock area. My girlfriend is not a regular hiker so it took us a little more time than more experienced folks. Somehow we had the overlook all to ourselves for about 10 minutes. It is definitely a popular hike, but once you get up there it makes sense why! Highly recommend!

7 days ago

Epic! This is a special place. I did the loop clockwise and recommend this direction. First thing you want to do is take in the Rainbow Falls, I had breakfast there. Then take the Scenic Trail because, well, it's quite scenic with many marvelous ledge/cliff views of the south side of the lake and surrounding area. There is also a cool erratic at one of the vista spots, perched on the cliff, a must-see. This trail is steep and long, that's why I suggest going up this where the steep descending trails in the Upper Wolf Jaw area are relatively quick/short. Great views from each of the 46er summits and Pyramid too. I got slowed down a bit by some late rain so did not summit Lower Wolf Jaw. If you're tired at this point, save that for another day! This was GREAT! I want to join the Ausable Club too!!!

Fantastic view on top - nice easy walk next to a river.

13 days ago

Nice walk. Definitely not a hike. Expected it to be more scenic.

Tolling trail on a hot day. Completed this last summer, never reviewed it. Beautiful river + bridges to start out, very easy wooded walk at the start. Waterfall along the way makes the whole hike worth it. Took off my boots + socks and cooled my feet off in it on the way back. Very cold! Lower wolfjaw trail to the summit at the split is definitely tiring but a nice little summit. Nothing special. Back on track to upper wolfjaw and there is a pretty prominent false summit prior. Huge boulder on the false summit, fun to climb on for a picture or two. Last stretch of trail before upper wolfjaw is pretty steep, lots of climbing. Works your hands pretty good. Descent wasn't bad at all. Overall a nice trail, if you have the stamina I highly recommend turning this trail into the Great Range Loop and add Armstrong, Gothics, Pyramid and Sawteeth. Some of our group last year didn't have the stamina but I wish we could have done those as well.

We did this hike on Saturday, 9/1/2018. You must park at the end of Ausable Road at St. Huberts Parking area. You cannot drive up to the club and no dogs are allowed on this trail. We arrived at the parking lot around 6AM and it was about half full already. I think the chance of rain and overcast kept some people away. We started our hike at about 6:30 AM. In total it took us about 11 hours (back around 5:30 PM) to do the entire hike. The 11 hours includes time spent on the peaks, a lunch break, and the few resting breaks. I also pulled a muscle on the way down the mountain, so we stopped a lot on the way back. We also figured it to be closer to 15 miles. Our tracker died on the way back at almost 13 miles and we still had a good three hours of hiking after that.

I would say the hike to Colvin was easy to moderate, depending on your activity level. Colvin itself would be a good hike for a family or first-time high peak hiker. There were only a couple of rock outcrops to navigate on the way up. It was very wet due to the morning shower, but we have also heard that this trail is usually wet in spots. Just be prepared with extra socks or gators if you have them. From Colvin to Blake is much harder, but doable. You basically go straight down and then straight back up to Blake. It was difficult to navigate in spots due to being right down to the rock and very wet (this is where I pulled a muscle coming back), but it was fun hike! If you are an aspiring 46er you must hike Colvin to get to Blake anyways. You could also add any of the surrounding peaks (Dial, Nippletop, etc..) for a long day.

We did not have a view from either peak due to the overcast. We had originally planned to do the 2 miles extra from Blake to Lookout Rock since we knew that Blake didn’t have much of a view, but due to the overcast we opted not to add the extra miles. To sum it up, this was a fun and scenic hike. Although wet and tricky to navigate in spots, it is definitely worth it!

25 days ago

Colvin was the best of the 18 peaks I've climbed. Moderate challenge for a remarkable view. Then we went to Blake (mostly just because I want to hit all 46) and it was much more difficult and without a good view. Unless you are determined to do all 46, Blake is not worth the adventure.

Side Note: Access via Ausable Club is a drag. Upon letting my wife and daughter out of the car (at Tennis Courts) a nasty woman aggressively approached my car, knocked HARD on my window and proceeded to verbally abuse me for breaking a rule I didn't know existed, letting people out of the car. Cant figure out why they have so much hate.

My first High Peak. Words cannot describe the view or the high. the 3 mile walk to the mountain is boring but the ascent more than makes up for it. bring gloves for the climb down . My only compliant was that I got killed by these little black biting flies at the summit.

It took us 4:30 hours to finish the loop (actually we cut short the second half as many other hikers by taking the road back) and the views from Indian head did not disappoint us.

Great hike with great views from Upper Wolfjaw and more limited views from Lower Wolfjaw. We did Lower Wolfjaw first, then Upper Wolfjaw and looped back. The first mile and a half from the parking area runs along roads, partially through a golf course, then crosses the stream and heads into the woods. The bulk of the hike is a forest trail, with scrambling at the top of both Wolfjaws.

Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking views!!! Rainbow Falls was gorgeous! This trail was pretty easy, with the exception of the last mile (or so) to the view point, then it was moderate. As 2 experienced hikers, it took us about 5.5 hours to complete including a 30 minute stop at Indian Head and 15 mins at Rainbow Falls. There was really no guidance as to how to get to the trail from the parking area. You have to walk a pretty good distance through a golf course before actually getting to a trail, then it’s about 3 miles of steady gravel road (with bus traffic) before getting to a small sign that says Indian Head to the left. Once you get to the wooded portion, it’s much more interesting, with little falls sprinkled throughout. The views are definitely worth the hike! The most difficult part of this hike is it’s longevity. While Indian Head was beautiful and peaceful, Rainbow Falls made everything worth it for me. It was so serene and beautiful! Highly recommended!

29 days ago

The trail is very difficult but worth the struggle. If you’re planning on backpacking on this trail there is only one spot to camp out on top of the mountain not too far from the sign that says gothics .4 miles. It’s before you summit the gothics peak coming from the beaver waterfalls side. There is no camping allowed under 2400 feet unless it’s a designated camp spot and if you’re backpacking you will need a bear canister. Park employee let us use one free of charge but keep in mind that it will have to go in your backpack. Trail is very muddy towards the top of the mountain so you will need waterproof shoes also the water is kind of scarce once you start climbing so same sure you have enough before going up. The views on top are absolutely amazing but we mostly saw day hikers on the trail so just plan accordingly before you visit. As previous people mentioned the parking is about half a mile from the trail head you will pass the country club and there will be a sign to follow to the hikers parking lot.

Solid trail, did this one Thursday with my two daughters age 8 & 10 and it was tough at times for them but they grinded it out. Have to agree this trail gets a lot of hikers but the views at the top make it understandable. Highly recommend this hike but it’s a little tougher than the rating suggests, as we bumped into some people who probably should of reconsidered the trek

Beautiful trail. I loved hearing and seeing the the water all along the trail. Very peaceful!

Hiked it on August 19, 2018...just beautiful. Lots of amazing mushrooms and views. My friends and I are making it an annual hike

This was an awesome hike, it was very wet on the day we went and the trials had very little traffic. We did this loop in reverse and went over to Blake peak. Blake is very steep and going down Colvin to Blake is steep as well. Blake is a wooded summit and is not worth going to unless your looking to be a 46er. The climb to mount Colvin was moderate until the top where it was steep. On the way to Nipple top through the Elk pass was a long and at times steep up hill climb and was very wet on the day we went. No views were seen on Nipple to cause it was clouded over on our trip. It does offer a small summit with a great view on a good day! The hike over to dial was a great hike the trails here are very nice and the walking is good. You stay up on the ridge here which for us was a relaxing experience. There is a small rock for the summit and it was a great view! The trail back down to the lake road is not too bad either is just long especially after this long hike. Take note to anyone who’s trying to do this hike I clocked the mileage in at almost 23 miles this is a far cry from what the app says. The app is great for getting feed back but the mileage comes up really short. To all who go I hope you enjoy you won’t be disappointed it’s a great hike if your in good shape!

1 month ago

A good short hike to take if you have only 3-4 hrs. And want to see unobstructed 360 views from the top of a 4000 footer. Only downside is these attributes attract a crowd.

great hike for all levels, very pretty trail(once you get on it) and the view from Indian head is iconic! Had perfect weather today with no black or horse flies. can't wait to do it again in the fall :)

It is pretty. Very fjord like for sure. It is also getting very popular. I watched 2 tourists posing for 10-15 mins taking (what seemed like) hundreds of photos of themselves. Their faces were buried in their phones, saw them look up at the view maybe twice. There was also another group of French Canadians playing their music pretty loud at the top. I understand everyone has a different idea on what makes a hike enjoyable and I'm usually okay with it, but only as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else's trail experience.

Definitely the best non-46er view in the ADK's but word seems to be getting out about this place. Do Not expect to be alone on this hill. With the increased foot traffic comes increased trail debris as well unfortunately. I had to carry down 2 shirts, a gatorade bottle, a flip flop?, and countless food wrappers. Very disappointing.

Maybe posting up a Summit steward on peak days throughout the summer? I'd volunteer lol.

Great hike , awesome view , really recommend it to anyone who loves pretty scenic and waterfalls.

Relaxing walk/run around Mirror Lake. Lots of tourists and busy place but very nice.

do not go up the gothics. it's better to go up pyramid and down the gothics. that said, amazing views and well worth the journey.

Hiked on 8/15/18. Conditions are great with a few muddy and slippery spots. I went up Beaver Meadow Falls and came down the way by the clubhouse at the lake. Didn’t spend a lot of time at the top because of a storm coming in but overall one of the best views. Definitely recommend. Took me 3 hours to reach the summit and I’m in fairly good shape. BRING WATER!!

Beautiful hike. Not the most interesting or challenging trails, but the payoff at Indian Head is one of the prettiest views in New York in my opinion. A great hike

Did this going up A.W. and down Beaver Meadow. Pyramid peak has incredible views.

was it hard?!
yes it was one of the hardest trails I ever did but keep in mind I'm a heavy guy and amateur hiker.
would I ever do it again?! yes 100% in fact I'm planning to work hard to make full great range loop in the future.
it was an amazing experience!!!

Great trip!! View from Pyramid is amazing and the Gothics view is pretty stellar. Large chunk of the hike is along Lake Road. Sawteeth summit is a short distance from Pyramid...worth a trip as well

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