1 month ago

Great trail, particularly in the snow covered tracks!

Me and my girlfriends had a great hike, with a great view!

With a toddler, it's one of the best hikes we have been on since moving here. He loves looking at the animal information signs and finding hiking sticks. The railroad is one of his favorite things to look at. and by the time we finish he is so tired we can hardly keep his eyes open. on the way back home. We love this one!

It’s a lovely trail with a great view easy for kiddos and dogs. However if you go after a rain be weary the rocks make it a tad slick

Took my 5 and 3 year old. Took it slow. 5 year old did good, but 3 year old couldn't hang.

the trails are well marked and easy to follow. I went on a sunday morning and the trail wasn't too congested with pedestrian traffic.

it was a good hike down to the trestle. the way back was slightly more difficult but there are some benches for you to stop and take a break.

I wish there were more scenic views but that is my only complaint.

Wide trails, very scenic and beautiful views, lots of history happened on the Mexican trestle it was nice to see in person

First hike of the trip...and it was beautiful!

Given the reviews, I found this hike really underwhelming. It's a nice walk through the trees. I wouldn't call the views amazing. You can look down the Canyon out to white sands, but only a bit of the horizon is visible. The Canyon is well forested, but there are houses visible, and you're also close enough to the highway that traffic noise is noticeable through 2/3 of the hike. The trail is well kept and well marked.

If you're going to do this hike, I would start by taking the loop east (clockwise on a map). That way you have a long downhill, followed by a short steep-ish set of switchbacks to the trestle, then back to the parking lot. The trestle is the "climax" of the hike, so if you do it the other way, you see the big sight in 1/4 mile, and are left with a long uphill climb back to the parking lot. This also puts the Canyon views to your back.

Amazing views!

Wow, what a beautiful hike this is! We had done several hikes in Ruidoso, but this one near Cloudcroft was the most beautiful. For the most part you hike under this shaded forest canopy. Although you can at times hear the cars on the near highway, the breeze and birds are always around you. When you finally reached the old Mexican train trestle, you have a pleasant and close view of the work that took place years ago.

8 months ago

Nice hike and view of White Sands. Mostly shaded, in the trees, and nice breeze. Trail marker signs don't match the trail names they list on the board at the trailhead. They do have alphanumeric markers that help keep you on track. Recommend grabbing a map to help you navigate or you may end up on a longer hike than you planned. There are quite a few trails here that interconnect.

Great day hike. Interesting history of the railway tressles.

Nice little hike to get a nice little walk in then go into cloudcroft and get some great food.


The trail is in good care and at the weekends is a little traffic. There are some waterspots in the spring and autumn. Good for hiking with kids or dogs. Otherwise are there some pokestops for the kids and many pokemons on trail.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Awesome trail. I would put in between easy and moderate if you're not used to the altitude though. Despite what the sign says, go walk out on the tressle. Its awesome. Great Trail.

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