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Excellent views and flora. Usually water at all the named Springs, and primitive campsites can be found throughout.

Great trail for a casual weekend backpacking trip. Water available when you need it, and only the final ascent of Turkey Canyon is steep enough to make you notice. Best views outside of the Gila once you're on the Crest Trail (25). Can be windy up there, however. Aspen Canyon on the descent is beautiful, and there's fresh water in Bonito Creek when you are on the homestretch.

Grew up here! My favorite place to be!!! I know White Mountain Wilderness very well. I sleep on the mountain often.

William M. III

24 Nov 2018 - cold & very windy, exposed. Only went a few miles. Touch more than moderate. Confusing cairns at about 1.5 - I went left betweenness pair and went down hill - looked like I was on the trail. Coming back I saw another set that would take you up over the ridge.

Narrow path - year long pants - not maintained which was not a problem.

Fresh bear scat & digging. fresh mountain lion scat

Beginners go to Cedar Creek Trails.

Fairly rugged trail into pristine wilderness. Many small streams to cross. A tiny bit of snow and some ice in the streams. I ran out of time ( short days in mid Nov) was 1.2 miles from end of trail

Next time!

Pretty sweet hiking, steady grind uphill the whole way but nothing STEEP, an easy climb. Things you might like to know, especially if backpacking, when we hiked in Nov, good water all but the last mile or so, no need to carry water. Trail was clear, very few dead falls. Nice campground at the trailhead but the 2018 camp host is a weirdo and pretty racist, talked smack about native Americans to us and didn’t even know us. About 20 creek crossings but most/all you can rock hop and not get wet. Plenty of campsites, though none in the last mile or so, only a few in the last three miles or so. Canyon is shady/cool/ kinda cold in Nov. lots of soaky holes if you want to cool off in summer. The trail that crosses over from Three Rivers to Dry Canyon around mile 6 or 7 doesn’t exist anymore, we hunted it with a GPS and went way up the ridge, it’s gone. A shame too cause it would make a nice loop. Lots of elk sign and a little bear in the upper canyon but nights were quiet. It comes out up top around 10,000 feet, pretty damn windy and open for fall camping, no water up there that I could find. Have fun!

We hiked up to where the trail crosses with another, 1.3 Miles then turned around. Have done the whole hike before, and its a great one, but couldn’t make it today. It is a beautiful hike! The creeks are full and splashing. Gorgeous foliage. The hike is not difficult, but you do have 8 water crossings so prepare to get wet feet.

2 months ago

beautiful views during the fall. The last mile was a a burner.

trail running
3 months ago

Awesome trail with gradual incline. Great view at the top of the saddle. Actually went down this trail by accident with the intention to climb Nogal Summit. If you’re planning to head for that summit, don’t go this way unless you want to turn your 3 mile hike into a 9 miler. Oops.

3 months ago

One of my top favorite hikes ever. The views at the top are stunning and unparalleled. The leaves are just starting to change color. Still challenging despite the short mileage. It doesn’t get any better!

3 months ago

Beautiful views!

Tougher trail than we thought it would be. Many steep, rocky inclines and descents. That being said the view at the top is astounding! Close to 7 miles. Take your time and wear good hiking boots.

I would rate the first 2-3 miles as a 5 star even with the burnt trees. After that the trail is challenging to find due to not being maintained. Lots of briars so wear pants and make sure and bring a walking stick. Be prepared to lose the trail several times but I guess that’s part of the adventure. I will say I am not a master hiker so others may keep on track better than myself but wouldn’t go if your not confident.

Overall it’s a good trail but needs maintenance before I would ever go back. I ended up getting caught in a thunderstorm and made my way over to ski Apache to hike back to my truck and cut it short.

Great hike through trees and meadows. When you get to Argentina Peak, I highly encourage you to top the rock. It is a tough climb, but well worth it for the view and a great place to rest.

We were looking for a nice long hike to take in some views and this fit the bill perfectly. Ambling along the ridges between Monjeau Peak and Buck Mountain, the trail offered beautiful wild flowers and 360 degree views of the surrounding peaks and forest.

Infrequent hikers may find the trail strenuous for it’s length and difficulty in trail finding at points. Cairns mostly keep you on track but we found ourselves off trail into some unpleasant spiny brush a time or two.

The only major draw back was the wet summer that had grown up thorn, thistle and all manor of irritable foliage into the path in places. If hiking in late summer, wear long pants.

Overall, quite enjoyable.

This was a fantastic hike and we highly recommend doing the loop. Don’t take the cut off stay the course and you will be rewarded with beautiful vistas. The map say 6 miles but it is really over 7 miles. Great hike.

What a fun and scenic trail which is perfect for a day hike. I love the changes in terrain from alpine and aspens along the Bonito creek to grassland at the top of the Crest trail; them back to aspens and alpine on the Aspen trail. And who doesn't love a ridgeline hike? We got lost for a moment when we turned from Bonito Trail onto the Crest trail. The grass is so long on the climb up on the crest trail toward the White Horse Hill but the All Trails map kept us on track. So I suggest leaving the AllTrails app to verify on the map. Once we past the ridge to the other side there were views from miles. We only saw one other group while hiking and the dogs had plenty of fun running off leash. So far this is one of my favorite hikes near Ruidoso. I’ll definitely come back for a weekend backpacking trip as there are plenty of trails to make a big loop.

trail running
5 months ago

Toughest mile and change I’ve hiked in a very long time. Took me 35 minutes to power hike to the top and maybe 15 minutes down. Lightly trafficked trail with zero switchbacks and some light bushwhacking. Take heed that about halfway up to the summit there is a fork which might be missed because the actual trail to the summit is narrow and overgrown with trees and bushes. If you find yourself going downhill, you’ve missed the cutoff. Views at the top are bitching. Got some great panos and can see for at least 100 miles in each direction.

5 months ago

well marked trail. It's a little steep on the upper part where joins the Crest trail # 25, but nothing outrageous. Will hike again.

The best trail in area.

Long, beautiful sights of the desert. Rewarding, and difficult. Sometimes the path wasn’t marked well enough because of brushbut that made it better in my opinion

leg burner at the top. great views once you get there.

This is my favorite trail in this area so far! Great weather today. I’ll be doing this one again.

6 months ago

The trail was recommended in preperation to a hiking adventure in the near future due to elevation gain.

Started out about 9 am, with expectation of rain. Definitely rained on and off. We were the only ones in the trail the entire 12 miles.

Alltrails will say 11, but we logged 12 on the Alltrails map.

The overgrowth was a frustration and hard to tackle on the the way down, again expected from previous reviews. the only thing to see up, other the the forest was a few rocks, river, up to a clearing towards the top. it was feeling long, and that's probably becasue the miles were incorrect.

With the rain, we had sit tight for a bit to see if we could continue on. We decided to go on and as reaching the top (which was about a mile or so up), the fog coming up from the rain, and covering the trees and forest to all white, and low visibility was just an amazingly view to see and have the luck to experience.

Arriving to the top the views were indeed spectacular and we were happy to reach the trailhead with all the uncertainty from the storm. as soon as we reached the top, the lightening showed face. too bad we had to head back immediately for safty and couldnt go on to the ridge and peak as intended.

Overall, if you you can navigate and head out, at both forks you will turn right, and at mile three the path continues where the fallen tree is split to the left.

Also, wildlife was plenty, at the beginning of the forest entrance and throughout if thats something that you are looking for. We did see more on the way out but plenty all over.

I ran this trail this morning and it was a pleasant experience. I saw several elk as I was climbing and was able to run all the way down including a short excursion towards Monjeau to get the total mileage to 10 miles. All in all - a great trail.

This is in the top five of our favorite hikes. So glad we did not take the shortcut. The views were gorgeous.

This one is a hard one for me. The scenery in the trail is amazing, but we couldn’t complete it because but the road is not marked at all well. There are paths of this trail where the trees have fallen down because of a wild fire a while back and the road is not marked. I went by myself with my 2 dogs and got lost a long the way because the path is not visible, one of my dogs led the way and got us back on track. I would call myself an experience hiker and this one is a hard one to follow. The trail however gives you a one and a lifetime experience of seeing deers, bucks and even a bear. We had to wait for the bear to move but it was incredible. If you do decide to do this hike just beware of the paths were the trees are down! Good luck

Amazing views were the highlight of the hike with my non year old daughter

6 months ago

Great hike! Up, up & away! Heavenly scenery- great wildlife sightings, gorgeous life zones, water source, & solitude.

My sister and I are in our 50’s and we hiked about 2 miles. We walked uphill past several secluded cabins for about a 1/2 mile to reach the trailhead. It was a continuous but gradual climb for about another 1 1/2 miles. We reached a very steep climb up a mountain and decided we didn’t have enough energy for that so we turned around. We saw lots of burned trees and logs. We loved the vistas and the birds singing. We saw a blue jay. We only met two couples. It was a very quiet trail. I would consider it close to a hard trail.

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