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4 days ago

This was a great moderate hike with beautiful scenery. I loved following the creek and hearing the water. We did not do the loop but chose to hike in for over an hour and turn around. It's been one of my favorite hikes over all.

8 days ago

This was the first leg of a two-day backpacking trip. I had not hiked this trail in almost 20 years, and I had forgotten how scenic it is. It may be my favorite trail in the White Mountain Wilderness. The stream was flowing well (and had trout in it--something I have not seen anywhere else up here). The trail runs through the canyon carved by the stream, with occasional dramatic cliffs on either side. We saw no other hikers the entire day; we had Three Rivers and another 8 miles on the Crest all to ourselves. And we lucked out on the weather: not a drop of rain, and few clouds.

Trail is overgrown and not taken care of. You lose track at a pile of rocks. Make sure to wear pants and waterproof shoes as you have to cross the creek to continue. Or play hopscotch on some of the rocks in the creek.

We just hiked a mile in (had a 4 year old with me), but it was absolutely gorgeous! Well marked trail, lush forests with no burn sections, several scenic creek crossings, and two abandoned mine shafts! Towards the one mile mark it starts getting steep, so it is probably a moderate trail overall, but if you're looking for an easy family hike, the first mile of Turkey Canyon is where it's at!

Really nice hike, especially past the .5 mile mark. The beginning of the trail has a lot of thistle so definitely wear pants, and the trail is a steady climb for 1.4 miles. Might be tough for real young kids. My 4 year old got tired after .5 and went back with my wife. But if you keep going, the last .5 of the trail has spectacular views of Nogal peak, and the end of the trail is atop a crest with incredible 360 views. I would rate this as moderate though due to the incline, loose rocks, and dense underbrush at the start of the trail. Overall, a really nice, relatively short hike with great views at the end. Didn't see anyone else on the trail!

We were unable to drive to the trail head - We had to walk about .75 of a mile via dirt road.

Trail was easy to follow, though very over grown by tall grass and lined with a lot of wild raspberries. Hiking pants would have been preferred over shorts.

The sound of the water in the creek was very enjoyable- the increase of bugs? Not so much!

It appeared the last bit of the hike may have been scrambling up some rocks. We chose not to continue and turned around shy of the dead end. The part of the trail we completed, we called easy, not moderate.

15 days ago

Hiked 7/30/17. This is a beautiful trail! I highly recommend hiking it before or after monsoon season, though. We made it most of the way up, when a thunderstorm sent us running for cover. Spent about 45 minutes under an overhang before we decided to book it back to the car. On the drive out, the dry creek we crossed coming in had turned into a raging river. Had to wait about 4 hours before the water was low and slow enough to cross. Luckily there were 2 other families and a forest service employee stranded with us. We spent the afternoon eating watermelon and playing bocce ball in the middle of nowhere. 10/10, would do again, even with the flash flood!

17 days ago

Great trail! Could definitely get lost without the app on your first time! Gorgeous views!!

Great trek!! Great 6 mile loop! No.25 trail gets thin but all in all able to determine the correct route. Constant views! Hope this little guide I did will help you do it too! Would recommend at least 2 liters of water and maybe a snack also wear pants cause the trail is filled with prickly plants. 10/10 for us! Cheers - justin , chandler, and trekker the Aussie dog !

26 days ago

Great hike but if hesitate to rate this trail Moderate. The final mile is steep and the trail is loose, not packed. Otherwise, great views, cool breeze and we'll worth the trip.

Toughest 1 mile I have hiked. The amazing view at the end was worth it! keep your eyes open for elk, turkey, and horny toads.

28 days ago

28 days ago

Just finished this today with my wife and 9 and 10 year old. We went big Bonita-little Bonita-crest-Argentina. Had a great time. Girls were getting tired towards the end of the uphill but rallied on the way down and the views were fantastic.

Nice views. Well marked trail.