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Great trail.

Hiked today. We went up Argentina, crossed at Crest Ridge, and returned via Bonito. It's a very good hike and my husband and I, both in our mid 60'S had no problems with the incline. The USFS map shows the Crest Ridge section as "difficult", but it was actually the easiest section of the trail. Gorgeous views at the top! There were several stream crossings coming down but they were all shallow and easy to cross. We stopped to soak our tired tootsies at one! Trails were very well maintained. FS Road 107 is also in pretty good shape.

Nogal was an interesting Peak - as there are "no" switchbacks - just a straight uphill climb. There are several places with loose rock where you need to watch your footing going up AND down , but no crosstimbered steps going up that can get old - just a few rocky places to actually step up at. Overall I appreciated the style of trail rather than the 100 switchback method of gaining elevation. Highly recommended - a nice reward at the summit

Beautiful views at the top and all along the way.

21 days ago

I live in Ruidoso so I've done this hike six times and I never regret it. The views change depending on the time of year with Fall being the prettiest. Don't make the mistake of going straight at about 3/4 up, you take a sharp right then continue straight to the top. Probably my favorite hike in the White Mt Widerness.

Good hike. A little elevation with thinner air to breathe for those of us used to sea level. Our 6 mile turned to 8 because we accidentally took the cut through and didn't want to so we doubled back. The view from the back side is gorgeous. Skip the cut through and do the whole loop!

Only got to do the first two miles of the trail due to hail and thunder but what an awesome trail and views. Sad the forest burned up there. Beautiful none the less.

24 days ago

Very nice hike that is worth the effort!

1 month ago

Had an amazing experience! Glad we got to travel up there and explore.
Lots to see while taking the trail!

The trail is generally in good shape, quite a bit of deadfall in the 2nd half. We took a few breaks going up, took us 4 hours to summit to the crest trail intersection. Downhill was about 2.5 hr. Definitely a strenuous hike, but the 100s of waterfalls and the view at the summit were well worth it.

Beautiful Hike! There are several Forks and options to take other trails. We'll maintained, great views and a moderately challenging hike.

2 months ago

Poor trail markings, tons of downed trees.