Conquered Middlefork Lake Trail again! We actually went a couple of miles out of the way but overall it was a great trip!

25 days ago

It was a very strenuous uphill Hike (for me who is an avid Zumba fan), with lots of switchbacks, small Creek you have to cross logs to continue on; however the lake at the top is spectacular! Well worth all the hard work to get there.

nice hike. have to cross small streams bring extra socks.

fly fishing
1 month ago

This trail was challenging for us TX flatlanders, however, it was really fun...we took it slowly and practiced some fly fishing at the lake (no bites today, but great fun)

2 months ago

Pretty lake at the end of the hike. It's worth hiking to a cliff overlooking the lake to get an overall view.

Nice little weekend trip. 1.5 hours up with a 40lb pack. Only 1 hour back down to truck. Lots of day hikers but we had the lake to ourselves at night. Perfect for first timers.

This will forever be my all time favorite camping ground. Been all over Colorado and New Mexico, and this takes the cake. I also love hiking to Wheeler from here too.

Easy trail for young and inexperienced hikers. Wide trails are easy to follow since it used to be drivable years ago. Plenty of opportunities to pick up water as long as you bring a filter!

Beautiful lake at the top!

Leave No Trace!

Really amazing hike! Save a little energy for the lake at the end! You can hike around lake if your up for it or partial and come back!

Loved the trail--nice and shady for the most part in the morning, with many switchbacks so the elevation gain was very manageable. Beautiful waterfall half-point; gorgeous little lake at the top. Warning: there is a toilet at the lake, but it was not useable--the one at the trailhead was fine!

3 months ago

Our group of five hiked to Middle Fork Lake a few days ago, and it was awesome! Even with a wide range of fitness levels, we managed quite well. We did wish for a jeep, truck, or ATV to drive the mile from the end of the road to the trailhead, but even that walk by the creek was pretty. Since we started out at 3 pm, the afternoon sun was perfect for photos at the waterfall and the lake. We hiked all around the lake, then headed back down the mountain, arriving at our vehicle before dark. The cold, clear lake and surrounding trail were truly spectacular and made us wish we had planned to camp out there for the night! Next time!