My 3 kids (ages 9, 8, and 5) did this hike with our black lab on Mothers Day 2013, and we all really liked it. I had done this hike in the past and remember it being more "out on the lava", which I liked at the time, but the current hike is very accessible and not at all strenuous. This hike actually got my kids interested in hiking and has led to many more similar adventures since. This hike is pretty short and definitely what I would rate as easy, but it is well worth the trip. I've never seen anything else like it!

This trail starts going down about a 100' bluff; but is not steep at all. A series of switchbacks make the slope very easy. Several markers are along the way; and with the available brochure, you can be informed as you traverse the trail.

6 years ago

This place is really, really unusual. The path is paved, so it is stroller and wheel chair accessible. The walk will take you over a field of lava for as far as you can see. I especially like how you can see the peak of the volcano that formed the lava flow.