The 320-acre Box Recreation Area is a highly scenic, rugged area which is very popular for technical rock climbing and bouldering. The five cliffs on either side of this box canyon provide popular rock climbing for even highly skilled technical climbers. Challenging climbing opportunities include the Waterfall Wall, Corner Block and the Fillet a Papillon Wall. Remember, that climbing is a high-risk activity. For safety, climbers should not attempt climbs beyond their abilities.

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The real trailhead is not at the restroom parking lot but ¾ of mile up Torreon Spring Rd. As you stand at the sign board look right and that’s the gravel road. Sign clearly marks trail along that road. Consider first walking down Box Canyon.

nice caves, a bunch of bats in the big one, alot of climbing and bouldering routes, bathrooms on site

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun canyon to hike with neat caves and if you are a climber, it is a great spot.