Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The other review provides no information. Useless.
I've done this 5 times from 3 different locations. It is never any easier, it is always very
strenuous, a total bushwhack, expect to leave blood.
There is NO trail, all off-trail. The "Horrible" rating is because there is NO trail.
Good map reading and route-finding skills a must plus all-day endurance.
A 8.5 mile loop can be had from near a ranch (occupied) on the south side.
Take Cty Rd 12 west from I-25 then #B-74 to the ranch. Close all the gates you find.
Head up an arroyo that parallels the Sevilleta boundary fence. Eventually go upslope
and follow the prominent ridgeline just to the north. Lots of hard work. Reach the main ridge and the higher west summit. Drop into the saddle and scramble (some exposure) up the east summit. Exit downhill to the east arriving at a saddle separating
#8044 and #8144. Exit to southeast via this drainage. DO NOT use the drainage on the west side of #8144, extremely steep and choked with vegetation. Back to the car and ranch. Headlamps and LOTS of water. Use USGS "Ladron Peak" topo.
Of 5 visits, 3 were out by headlamp. Get an early start.