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12 hours ago

Cool blustery day but perfect for the up hill sections. Beautiful views of the valley. Only a few hikers on a mid week October hike. Definitely worth the effort..

Great trail, well marked, great views at the top. Light dusting of snow on the trail. Winds were around 30 mph above treeline, glad i brought some extra cold weather gear. Started at 6:30 AM, finished at around 12:00 PM.

1 day ago

It’s a beautiful trail. It is actually called Alamo Vista trail but luckily there is only little confusion because there is only one trail that starts at the Aspen Vista picnic ground and parking lot.

The first snow of the season arrived these days. At first we were disappointed because there were no views. Snow clouds were passing through. We were prepared wearing wind and water proof clothing. It was around 36 F. We walked through different climates zones up the trail which was nice. Towards the top it was 4-5 inches of snow. All the aspen trees had lost their leaves up there. At lower elevations there were several spots where it was warm, no clouds, and sun for short stretches. When there was no snow the beautiful green and yellow of the Aspen leaves were still lighting up the vista.

We will definitely be back.

on Pecos Baldy Lake

1 day ago

My husband and I hiked to Pecos Baldy Lake on Saturday 10/6. It was absolutely spectacular with the fall colors. The road to Jack's Creek is paved the whole way, and there was plenty of parking by the trailhead (which is at the top of the equestrian camp area). The trail is easy to follow. The trail junctions are well-signed. Our dog was able to get water from the creek in a couple places, but there wasn't much, so I wouldn't count on it this time of year. We only saw a few other groups all day, mostly hunters on horseback and a couple backpackers. I stopped at the lake while my husband continued on the peak. We clocked it at 15.0 miles roundtrip to the lake with the peak adding on almost 2.5 miles extra roundtrip. We did not see any bighorn sheep, only a few herds of cattle in the meadows on the way back. Highly recommended!

2 days ago

Easy trail. Used to be harder back in my high school days =D Great place for a soak!

Amazing hike!

Easy walk in the canyon, we only made it about 20 minutes in, so never saw the river. Very pretty rock formations and arroyo. October a great time of year to go. Definitely don't go hiking there if rain is on the forecast. We went on a cool day, and still we missed the shade, as this walk is very exposed. Some bouldering required as well, so not good for older folks who aren't 100% steady.

A very pleasant walk in the forest. Beautiful Aspens, especially nice stands at the end of the trail. Long, steady, climb...just gradually, steadily up at the end gets the blood pumping! The 2 major turns could be a bit confusing...just check your position on the trail with this app to confirm you are still on track!

10 days ago

Beautiful lake hike and the aspens right now can’t be beat!! We’re frequent hikers in Colorado and the end kicked my butt, but well worth it! The first part is just switchbacks through the woods, then you jump right into the aspens for a rather flat section that is STELLAR! Trail splits and you take the trail that goes UP. The last mile and a half you gain the entirety of the elevation (or at least it feels) and the trail can get super unclear at some points, but follow the carens for a path. You take the creek up a majority of the way, and then cross over at a meadow. The last half mile we saw everyone taking a different path, so whatever gets you up there. We were all winded together. Lake is LOVELY, we only had three other people there with us (lots of dogs on the trail). Perfect fall hike, dress warmly though! As always- the earlier the better as the lot was completely full when we got back. 3.5 hours RT.

10 days ago

Went Oct. 6. Drove up from Albuquerque along 550 and 4. Route 4 has potential for great fall colors, but the trees are still mostly green with only a little yellow. Trail itself has a good sized parking lot, picnic tables and open-hole toilets (that my daughter refuses to use). We hiked the trail with 4 yr old and 1 yr old-in-backpack. Extremely doable—lots of fun logs to balance on. After viewing the falls from above, go down and to the left, past the fence, to find another smaller fall. There is a visitor center near San Ysidro that has clean, indoor bathrooms.

11 days ago

Great and challenging hike! Took us 7.2 (we walked around the lake) miles and 3 1/2 hours. Certainly a tough hike but well worth Nambe Lake at the end. Advice: once you veer right at the Nambe Lake sign, follow on the right side of the creek until you reach an open meadow on the right side. Then cross the creek and travel up the left side of the creek until you almost reach the lake. Lots of random trails so, as others have suggested, stay near the creek.
I think the lake is beautiful- I found it strange that other reviews said they were not impressed with the lake.

11 days ago

11 days ago

This is definitely one of my favorite hikes, close to town yet once entering the grove of aspens it's like being in church. Especially lovely in the fall. The climb is a little intense but since it's only about a mile to the too of the chair lift it's worth the views when you get there. There's another way down that gets you back to the service road but since we bushwhacked our way I can't share the details. It follows Big Tesuque Creek. We've also headed up towards the radio antennas and gone on to Deception and Lake Peak from the top of the quad lift on previous hikes. I bet you didn't know that there's an 18 hole disc golf course up there too. Cheers to happy hiking!

The good: shade along the way, beautiful forest, great views all the way up, cool geology (quartz and blood red granite outcropping), nice mountain breezes, tremendous views at the top.

The second half of the trail is steep and strenuous. The top is 9200 ft, and for this out-of-towner, the second half is a sustained and strenuous side of moderate. That said, don’t give up. The payoff at the top is peaceful and so gratifying. Near the top, there is a white milky quartz outcropping that feels powerful and sacred.
About the side-Trail to the overlook, we did it, don’t bother. The overlook views all along the trail are better.

I loved finding this hot spring during my trip to New Mexico! This trail isn’t as well known so for the most part, I enjoyed the pools alone. After a while a man came and enjoyed the spring up top. I noticed he took all clothing off. If planning a trip here please be aware that many people come here to soak up the natural minerals and often do so naked. Probably not the best for young children to see! Otherwise, a beautiful area and amazing trail!

Best time of year to go.

off road driving
19 days ago

Beautiful views!

19 days ago

Wasn’t able to hike because there is no parking! Go early or else you won’t get any parking.

Open again as of 9/27/18. Went with our 5-year-old and he did great, but was pretty wiped out by the end. The scenery was beautiful.

Very nice hike. Several pools to choose from. The main pool had a couple of naked men in so my wife and I chose one of the others. It hadn’t rained in a while so we had no problem getting there in out Jeep Wrangler. I could see how the road could be bad if it had rained. We met a couple of ladies that said they took a different road the was improved all weather.

Nice trail short the springs were clean and clear. The was was as warm as a nice warm bath.

Nice trail. The switch backs get you near the end, but the view at the top is worth the effort.

23 days ago

I've been to Pecos baldy lake once this summer (Memorial Day) and then hiked a different loop (Cave Creek/Horsethief Meadow/Dockweiler/Jacks Creek) but again camped at the junction of Dockweiler/Jack's creek in August. There actually was water both times but the creek runs dry intermittently. In May and August the creek was dry where the trail crosses the creek, but if you go upstream like 20 feet there is water flowing. Not sure how it is this fall though, if anyone knows please comment! We're planning on heading there one more time this season.


It was an easy trail for kids!! Still curious to find out how people were able to make it to the base of the falls. I did not see a trail leading down...

Another nice moderate hike. We are a fit couple and it took us 1 hour and 5 minutes up and and 1 hour and 2 minutes down.

Nice moderate hike. We are a pretty fit couple and it took us 62 minutes up and 44 minutes down.

26 days ago

This is a really nice hike that starts at the Santa Fe Ski Area parking lot. Look for the Windsor Trail sign and there is not a Nambe Trail sign at the start point. The trail starts off with a moderate incline along a well-maintained trail through the woods with Aspen and Pine trees. At the first intersection of another trail, there is a fence that you go through straight ahead to stay on the trail. The trail then starts a long slight decline towards the Nambe Creek. Again, mostly shaded with the same trees and some views of the valley and Mt. Baldy. As you get to the botton and to the creek, there is a sign that states Nambe Lake. Veer off to the right just past the sign and the trail starts uphill. if you go left or straight you will be off the trail. The trail at this point is more difficult to follow so bring AllTrails along. You will be gaining elevation from this point on and it does get steep. At the top is Nambe Lake which is rather unimpressive, small, shallow and greenish, but it is a good workout to get to this point. We are a mid50's couple in good shape and the hike was a great workout!

Beautiful trail. As mid-westerners, the altitude of the climb made us a little winded but the summit was worth it!

This is a very nice moderate hike along the creek. It is well marked and mostly shaded. The first part of the trail is relatively flat until you get to the falls (to get to it, you need to veer off the trail to the left and walk through the narrows). If you hike up the boulders at this point you will find yourself above the falls and that is where the trail continues on, which is more moderate but with more views of smaller falls along the way. It is now one of my favorites in Santa Fe!

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