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Challenging, when you get to the Lake, you feel like you accomplished a hike. Strenuous but rewarding. Watch out coming down. I slipped and fell. Good shoes are needed. We also use trekking poles.

First time on this trail. We have lived in Santa Fe and do hikes there. We wanted to branch out a little. On Sat June 24 th, we were actually headed to another hiking area, but the small parking lot was full. So we headed here. I have the Santa Fe Day Hike book and I had briefly read up on this hike. I wanted to go to the cave.
We started out later than we really wanted to (about 1 pm) and by 4-5 pm the news was forecasting some storms. So. We knew it was not going to be the most optimal hike.
The trail is easy to follow, we had our book, but it does have lots of large loose rock. And , it is a bit strenuous.
We met a couple early on, they were headed out, and they had seen a bear. They said it was spotted "a ways off the trail". I should have been more scared.
The hike up took us longer than I wanted it to. We stopped and rested often. We saw a lone hiker headed down and a group of younger adults with two dogs.
We marched on until you get to the first good plateau, which is where most of my photos were taken. We were going to keep going, but we could see some clouds coming our way, we weren't well equipped and we had spent almost 4 hours hiking up. So, we left that breathtaking view saying we would be back and I started back down first. Just as I rounded the first corner to the switchback, I saw a movement right down the trail. I froze. It was a bear. My husband came up behind, and told me, Don't move. To late. I started to freak out.
The bear was a honey blonde color, shining right there in the sun! My heart stopped. Rex
Kept his cool somehow. The bear took a few more steps towards us and Rex made some really loud noises and the bear ran on up the mountain.
This was our very first encounter. I was terrified.
I liked to know how often bear sighting happen on this hike.

We measured this trail at 3.8 miles up taking the shorter steep route. We took the the longer less steep route on the way down. This added close to a mile to the trip and a ton of time. You will see the option signs on the trail.
Great views on the trail definitely worth the trip. Start early it gets warm on the trail in the summer.

beautiful and a short drive from city.. easy trails plus some harder ones.

Great trail!! Bring water, as it is long, but you'll be rewarded with great views!!

3 days ago

If you hike New Mexico you will know that there is a lot of deferred maintenance on the trails. Winsor trail was adopted by the local mountain biking club and is amazingly smooth and beautiful. You will see many more tire tracks on this trail than boot . If you start at the main ski areas parking you will hike for about 3/4 of a mile only to connect with another access point for the trail from the road. This access appears to be a cross country ski track and it's about a half mile from the main entrance of the ski area. So you can start here or in the main parking lot. Finally the AllTrails app is way off on the elevation you lose about 3000 feet rather than some 300. Also an out and back on this trail would be about 19 miles.

4 days ago

Seems to be a nice peaceful trail. I went up there looking to photograph wildlife. Didn't see much, but it was a nice walk. I didn't get to finish the hike because I ran out of water and some storm clouds were moving in, but I was only a few miles short. Pretty good look at Santa Fe when you get up there.

4 days ago

A decent trail with great views. It follows an Old Forest Service road. So it is not really a trail but instead of road. There is no signage for the trail and just start up The forest service road that has a locked gate and a sign waning against parking in front. The grade is easy but steady for the elevation gain. Definitely make the effort to go to the top as the views open up. You will know that you're at the end when you reach the top of the Santa Fe Ski Area. I'm sure that this is a four or five star trail in the fall as there are tons of aspens as the name suggests. PS for Dirtbag campers like me there is great free camping around the parking lot of Santa Fe ski basin.

This is the easiest trail (above 10k elevation) I have found in the SF area. Nice to ski in winter too. Today the flies were out in force especially near the trailhead. Good trail for an easy run at altitude.

8 days ago

Yooooooo why did none of you reviewers warn me about how there's not actual signage for Stewart's? You have to follow the sign for Johnson, apparently. I'm not sure, because we never made it to Stewart's. Us passing the sign and heading several miles in the wrong direction turned this into more of a failed suicide attempt than a one-nighter, and since Stewart's is apparantley a bit beyond Johnson we just collapsed at the first lake we got to.

That being said, my review should reflect the actual trail. Which is lovely. Very gradual incline the entire way, several beautiful aspen stands, and multiple water sources along the way. The information calls this "heavily trafficked," and I would agree if you're going on a weekend. We hiked in on a Sunday and passed many groups on their way , but had the whole lake to ourselves that night. Don't trust the distance estimates of people hiking out - they've been hiking downhill the whole time!!

Well shaded to escape the sun. Wouldn't say it's somewhere between easy and moderate.

I had trouble deciding on a rating here; I hiked the full distance today, and being a nice weekend, the lower third of the trail was very crowded and not really pleasant. The upper half is very nice. I would recommend going on a weekday. If you are ok with the elevation, it is actually an easy hike with no scrambles. Great views.

9 days ago

10 days ago

on Jemez Falls Trail

10 days ago

10 days ago

Great trail! Took my boyfriend and I about 5hrs round trip, with a dog. He's in great hiking shape, and I had to rest some. Steep in the beginning and the end, middle part is more manageable. When you start to follow the water near the end, it's tricky to know where exactly the trail is at times. There are a couple water crossings where you balance on logs. It's definitely a more challenging trail, but it's no 14er, so if you're used to crazy stuff like that, this will be easy. This would be a great practice trail if you're looking to do more challenging ones like 14ers.