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4 days ago

Beautiful trail! Most of the trail is very easy, with wide, sandy trail. There are, however, several steep, rocky sections scattered throughout. Overall I would rate this trail as moderate. The views all along the trail are magnificent- not just at the summit!

Moderate to hard hike, trails are not well marked, especially river trail to red dot trail. Take extra water. Very rocky decent and climb. Beautiful scenery and small streams.

off road driving
6 days ago

Tried to get to the trail and both ways the map said to get here were closed. Total waste of a day.

Need snow shoes for sure right now/spikes. Very icy and snowy. Didn’t make it far

Super fun trail! Great view of the city lights over Santa Fe at the top. Would recommend going either at sunset or sunrise. Just make sure you have flashlights and know how to get back down if going at sunset... unlike us.

The base of this trail was very crowded, with adults acting like children not taking any consideration for other hikers; however once you get further away from the base the beautiful scenery comes into view. We were unable to finish the hike. My kiddos found it difficult to hike through the snow, ice, and mud. However I would recommend this trail to anyone.

Waterfall was frozen when I hiked this trail but still cool!

This trail should be marked difficult for two main reasons. Firstly getting to the trailhead is almost impossible without a vehicle capable of passing over very rocky and rough sections of the last five miles of the road leading in. We had a Land Rover LR4 with a high clearance and good off-road capability and it was very hard going at times. Secondly the hike down the side of the canyon that leads to the river was extremely steep and very slippery due to loose rocks. Climbing back up was very strenuous and exhausting. Having said all of that, if you can deal with those issues the views were absolutely spectacular, and getting down to the Rio Grand was very rewarding.

Trail steep on way up. Very little snow not issue tho. Option to do steep or easier route. Great hike and don't have to drive significantly to trailhead. Only one other person in am mid week.

Beautiful scenery walked to the river, but went on a day when it was in the 90s. Very hot barely any shade, it’s an easy trail but not in warm temps. Bring lots of water. Brought my dogs and kept them on a leash to be courteous to other hikers and their dogs. Bring a hat! I was sorry I forgot mine.

Although on here it says that it is a camping spot, there are clearly marked signs that say it is a private property and that there is no overnight parking or camping. The beginning of the trail you walk past 4-5 signs that say no trespassing and you are walking down basically some ones driveway. Extremely Misleading information which can lead to a 5,000-10,000$ fine for trespassing and camping in non designated areas.

If you don’t have the time to start at St. John’s, and good hike and workout. Parking can be an issue here.

19 days ago

Morning hike in February- not too busy going up, but got busier heading down. About a 2 1/2 hour up and back. Great views from the top.

Awesome hike.

trail running
25 days ago

Hit this trail early Monday morning. There are a few other trails the spiderweb off this trail so make sure you watch the signs. Coming back down I got flipped around and ran the last mile on the road as the trail spit me out on a dirt road and I couldn’t see the connection on the other side. There was some snow at the top, not too bad and very manageable. I did follow a dead end towards the top and had to climb the steep hill and pine needles to connect back to the trail. Over all, good running trail. Great view at the top.

Great 180 degree views south/southwest from the top. Santa fe, Sandias, Jemez range and Mount Taylor. Hike it few times a month for exercise because its short but steep. About 90 minutes round trip and people still pass me frequently. Lot of runners. Arrive early in peak season to get a parking spot. Best at first light.

Amazing view, a bit rocky but worth it.

This is a great trail. Great scenery and the warm springs are really nice at the end. I used the map on the app and had no problem following the trail or finding the springs. My mistake was not bringing a swimsuit and towel. Highly recommended!!

1 month ago

Took 5 and 7 yr old boys with us and it was the perfect level and length to hike with kids

1 month ago

Pools were kinda warm and the area was really trashed. Lot of broken glass, nasty clothing, dirty diapers and even a bag of dog poo in the lower pool. Pretty gross overall...

One of my favorite places to hike. Usually when the gate is open you can drive all the way down but if not it’s about a 6 mile hike there. It’s not rough terrain so it’s very easy. The springs are beautiful as well as the canyon with the creek. Highly recommended.

Love love love this. It’s really pretty easy til the last ridgeline, but that part is short. Great views of Katherine lake and more of the Sangres. Keep in mind when you do it, there’s a little downhill on the way out for a couple miles, so save some energy to go uphill near the end on the way back

1 month ago

I’m glad I read the reviews first because I almost turned around and headed elsewhere when the map took me to Four Seasons. The trail is marked to the left of the service entrance and there are poop bags at the trailhead. This trail gives 360 views of every mountain range within 100 miles and although you pass through private properties and there are houses on the hills below, they were far enough away so there weren’t any issues with my wanderlusting dog.

1 month ago

Just did this trail today (February), and there was a ton of snow. Unfortunately we didn’t make it all the way to the lake since we weren’t in the proper gear (snow shoes and trekking poles). We got as far as we could and then the trail got too steep and the snow got too deep. I will definitely be coming back in the spring/summer!!

1 month ago

Canyon was neat, the rest of the trail was unnecessary.

The trail was pretty rocky but decent. Only half a mile climb to the top, nothing spectacular.

1 month ago

We hiked the Nambe Trail in June 2017 with 6 adults, 5 teens and an Australian Shepherd. It was one of our favorite hikes ever. A lot of the trail in the last mile or so is not well marked and hard to follow but we read enough online ahead of time to be able to find the lake at the end. Highly recommend to seasoned hikers.

Great trail. Beautiful with the light snow.

Not a bad hike, lots of sand..was like 4 miles of beach walk. Beginning was cool in the canyon

1 month ago

Great trail. Starts on the same trail as Nambe Lake/ Baldy, but turn right when you get to the fence marking the Pecos Wilderness. Follow the fence until you can't anymore (at a beautiful overlook), then turn right again and head up the mountain. The trail is a little hard to follow, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. The views from the top are incredible. We hiked this last September, and had great weather, though it was very windy and cold above the tree line - make sure to bring layers!

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