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Lovely views. No shade so go when it’s cool. Nice trail for dogs.

on Osha Loop Trail

2 days ago

Whole area closed due to high fire hazard.

Overall a nice easy trail if you're looking for something short. Zero shade, so go early or in cooler seasons/weather. I hit the trail about 10 after my morning run so it was already getting a bit hot even though it was a slightly cloudy day.

Lots of bike traffic so be mindful & remember your trail etiquette! Signs may say for bikers to yield but reality is that it's a lot easier for a hiker to stop than a cyclist. Give them some space & take the time to snap some photos or just enjoy the view.

Trail is very smooth throughout but there are a lot of intersecting trails so pay attention and/or watch your map! Beautiful views of the mountains and the city!

Really enjoyable hike. Views along the ridge to the south peak were fantastic. The rocky stretch at the start is very hot with very little cover from the sun. If you're returning in the heat of the day, be prepared.

A chill loop, nice to do around sunset. Lots of mountain bikers so watch out!

A beautiful and challenging hike. And a great workout with beautiful views. Also lots of critters to enjoy. Saw a red tailed hawk perched on a tree right beside the trail. Saw the most gorgeous horny road I’ve ever seen as well as a gopher snake. All in the same day! Overall a beautiful day on a beautiful mountain.

Beautiful scenery in the forest canyon and breathtaking views the at the top. Not an easy hike but well worth the trek. I will say there is something a little creepy about the rock caves here and there. Combine that with the cougar prints and bear activity and it gave me the heebies while hiking alone as the sun set.

Tough trail, lots of boulders but with nice breaks of relatively level sand. Lightly trafficked so you’re not passing or yielding to other hikers all the time

Nice easy hike. If you want to avoid the bikers I recommend taking the side trails. Very pleasant overall.

Very nice hike. Easy and relaxing.

This should be designated as a bicycle trail as the number of cyclists greatly outnumber hikers, at least midday on a Sunday. It's hard to hike when you have to get off the trail every minute or two to let bikers (who ignore the signs that say bikers yield to hikers) pass. This was our first time on the trail and had a difficult time following the map because the trails are not well-marked. There are a few places where two or three trails branch off and there are no signs telling which is the one you want. The map and signs are great if you know where you're going already, but not helpful for a first timer. The scenery is nice but it's not an enjoyable hiking experience.

Great hike! Lots of views and super enjoyable!

It’s not so nice during the winter when everything around is brown.

More like a walk than a hike but very enjoyable

Well maintained, but a very popular trail. Everyone there was nice and the mountain bikers were well behaved for trail sharing. However, pet owners either don't pick up poop, or they bag it then leave the bags along the trail. We saw at least 10 bags of crap.

Good clean trail......but not alot of thrills. ......good If your walking your dogs, or rehabbing an injury, or with young children........

Well maintained trail. Good for kids.

Nice scenery but way too many bikers. I went out on this loop with my dog. Nice views of the foothills and of ABQ the other way. But I am not exaggerating that at least 10 bikers passed us by. None of he mused any bells, some yelled out when they were close. So I was constantly moving off Trail and trying to pull my dog out of the way. This might be a nice hike to take a visitor on because it’s pretty easy and not much elevation gain. But for myself I doubt I’ll do it again.

7 months ago

Did this in deep snow with my brother - we only went about 2 miles in but it was gorgeous in the winter. Would definitely suggest some grippy shoes.

Steep but nice views up top

9 months ago

This trail is stunning if you only hike the west side of the Sandias. Shaded by tall pines and towering aspens which makes for a nice refreshing hike. This trail is a strenuous for new hikers since the elevation and the at times Steep trail can really take it out of you. Plenty of moss covered trees and logs and beautiful patches of wild flowers. This trail is a great change to the high desert trails of the Sandia foothills. It's a little bit of a drive but by far worth it.

had a good time. there are several other trails that intermingled with this one so it was cool to take different paths.

A great trail up and down the mountain. Some challenging points at the beginning/end of deciding the best way around the boulders in the arroyo. It's great to be back in the pines and scrub oaks that cover the whole valley between the ridges.

10 months ago

good up hill hike

A very leisurely trail that will cost you a dollar during the week and two during the weekend. Plenty of parking and a lot of access to the trail as several other trails crisscross your path. Watch out for bikers, runners, and horseback riders. Also plenty of cacti.

Nice family and dog family trail!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I live in the neighborhood that backs up to this beautiful space. Easy trail, well traveled, lots of mountain bikers.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Great trail nice bike ride in the summer when its too hot on the west side of the mountain.

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