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A chill loop, nice to do around sunset. Lots of mountain bikers so watch out!

16 days ago

The drive in was beautiful! We came in from Cedar Crest lots of people out and enjoying the stream. Saw some deer. I was afraid the road was going to be terrible NY reading other reviews it was not that bad. we saw lots of cars. it is rocky in some spots and there are some ruts but I wouldn't be afraid to take a car on it. The trail was easy. It was narrow in some spots which was nerve racking with littles. The views though were amazing and worth the climb. The staircase was a fun touch and the cave was awesome especially for the kids. The dust is awful so bring masks and flashlights. If you're not claustrophobic or afraid to get dirty you can go pretty far back.

I’ve been down the trail that leads to the falls a few times on different occasions, and it’s a nice easy hike for sure, not too much elevation gain or ups and downs in the trail, although there is a fair amount of sun so it gets pretty warm. The falls aren’t really much when it hasn’t rained for a while, only a small trickle, but if you feel up to it, you can go further along the trail through some trees or even connect with the Faulty Trail or just continue on the Crest Trail.

This trail is really short and easy, but totally worth it. At the end is a metal spiral staircase that leads up to a catwalk that goes into the caves. It’s a little nerve wracking to be up on the catwalk, but the views more than make up for it. Keep in mind that the road leading to the trailhead is extremely rocky and not the best for passenger cars. And if you want to explore deeper into the caves be sure to bring a flashlight!

Great hike for the whole family!

Loved the hike.

This was a great beginners trail. I took a 2 year old, 8 year old and my pregnant sister. It was a breeze.

The falls are usually a trickle, but there's also the tiny cave and a whole lot of fossils in the rocks above and to the right of the falls. Fun for kids to climb around and explore. Some seasons there's wild irsises and grapes here. If you follow the trail up past the falls just a short ways, there's a rock stacking area.

Even in the rain it was a beautiful trail! Can't wait to come back on a sunnier day !

we went mid March and it was beautiful weather. the trail ascended almost the whole way but it was very gradual so doable with dogs and kids. we took our 3 dogs and our 2 year old and it was a ton of fun. there was a small trickle of water out of the rocks but the hike was easy and very beautiful. on the way down we ended up going northbound up 130 for another few miles and came back down. I highly recommend if you're beginning to get into hiking.

Nice easy hike. If you want to avoid the bikers I recommend taking the side trails. Very pleasant overall.

Found this trail by accident and loved it! Someone told me you can go 1/2 mile into the cave.

Very nice hike. Easy and relaxing.

This should be designated as a bicycle trail as the number of cyclists greatly outnumber hikers, at least midday on a Sunday. It's hard to hike when you have to get off the trail every minute or two to let bikers (who ignore the signs that say bikers yield to hikers) pass. This was our first time on the trail and had a difficult time following the map because the trails are not well-marked. There are a few places where two or three trails branch off and there are no signs telling which is the one you want. The map and signs are great if you know where you're going already, but not helpful for a first timer. The scenery is nice but it's not an enjoyable hiking experience.

Fun and easy hike!

3 months ago

Beautiful Hike! Make sure to bring a mask and flashlight if you want to explore the cave.

It’s not so nice during the winter when everything around is brown.

More like a walk than a hike but very enjoyable

3 months ago

Fairly easy hike. Enjoyed seeing the falls frozen over. Step carefully at the falls as it was icy and slushy there.

great adventure.

Little over a half mile from parking to the cave. Make sure you take a dust mask if you go over the half wall.know your physical limitations in the cave. My son and I had a blast.

Well maintained, but a very popular trail. Everyone there was nice and the mountain bikers were well behaved for trail sharing. However, pet owners either don't pick up poop, or they bag it then leave the bags along the trail. We saw at least 10 bags of crap.

Nice way to spend an afternoon

Nice scenery but way too many bikers. I went out on this loop with my dog. Nice views of the foothills and of ABQ the other way. But I am not exaggerating that at least 10 bikers passed us by. None of he mused any bells, some yelled out when they were close. So I was constantly moving off Trail and trying to pull my dog out of the way. This might be a nice hike to take a visitor on because it’s pretty easy and not much elevation gain. But for myself I doubt I’ll do it again.

Just imagine an old, fat, & out of shape woman hiking this Trail. It was great. I recommend that some areas be better marked, as I found taking the beaten path wasn't necessarily taking the trail. There is a lot of loose Rock & it would be easy to turn an ankle. It was perfect for me as it was a good physical workout.

Perfect for our 2 and 1/2 year old to be able to hike with us. We had to pick him up a couple of times going uphill, but it was scenic and easy. Waterfall was more of a trickle (in October) but still a fun destination. Our dog loved it too, and we saw a number of other dogs out hiking with their owners.

great trail. Lots of loose rocks in places so watch your step. Good shade on most of the trail. Will definitely return.

We went

This trail is an excellent trail which begins from the same trail head as the Sandia Cave Trail, just take the trail that leads up the mountain on the right after leaving the parking lot.
The easy to follow trail is mostly shady and not very rocky. I did not go all the way to the end because I had limited time but next time I will. The views of the canyon are spectacular!

Great trail (: We didnt go all the way in the cave but it was pretty cool. Awesome veiw.

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