For a moderate trail, it sure seemed hard! On the Piedra Lisa side, it was slow going because of all the loose rock and it was quite steep. The Del Agua side was quite fun, with lots of boulders to scramble down and varied landscape. Both sides offer amazing views and unique hiking.

The Del Agua trail was not marked well, we actually took a wrong turn went left instead of right down so don't go along fence line. I suppose it comes out at parking area. Since it was our first time we hiked back up to find trail. This happened about half way down past the crawling over the big rocks. Would have given more stars if the path was better defined.

Don't miss the turn to the left before the water container or you will mountain climb like me and my dog did. As well as another couple and their 2 dogs. Moderate becomes hard in a hurry. There was a trail this route, as others must have made the same mistake. I will try again and judge when I make the correct turn. They need to mark it more clearly. I was one of 4 people I met who missed that critical junction that day.

Hike this trail 4 times already. Love it. Just right length and elevation.

Great summer hike with lots of shade.

wonderfully groomed trail

Spectacular view on both sides at the peak of the saddle. Next best view to the top of the Sandia

This mid-June hike in early morning offers plentiful shade opportunities and comfortable temperatures. Two areas with water trickles. Standout elevation transitions. Grand views of the Rio Grande Valley and the forest fire smoke filled Jemez Mtns. Views of North Sandia peak and Agua Sarca canyon are wonderfully close, covered with pine and scrub oak, lined with jagged granite outcroppings. Started the hike at Road 445 Piedra Lisa Trailhead. Continued to the 7600 foot elevation and returned on the Del Agua Trail. Watch for turkey! Do this moderate hike. Water sporadically available but filter.

great hike, it is shaded most of the way

This is a great hike if you want to experience New Mexico. It is very pretty, but the view is obscured in a lot of places due to the trees. Check out our video of our time on the trail:

One thing to note, make sure you take a left at the white pole near the beginning of the trail. It is right before the round metal water thing. Also, watch out for rattle snakes. :)

I combined Trail 248 and where it intersected 135 up to beyond the sign that says you are entering the Sandia Reservation. I went a little further, but the trail became covered with trees that had fallen due to a fire.

Returned back to the trailhead parking lot completely on Trail #135.

Only saw 1 man and his dog, 2 lizards and 1 squirrel. A hike worth taking.

A great trail but is slippery coming down Del Agua as the steam blocked the trail a bit and is slow moving so don't run too much.

Really nice trail. My husband and dog and I hiked it today. We did not go all the way to the rock (Piedra Lisa) but we did do the whole loop. We went up Piedra Lisa and came down Del Aqua. There were some steep spots and some rock scrambling. On the way down much of it had a tiny creek flowing so our 10 year old dog was quite happy. The iPhone said we'd climbed 47 stories and gone 4.7 miles. We definitely felt it.

This was a beautiful trail. I dont think I actually made the whole trail so I may have to hike this one again in the spring just to make sure. All in all this was a great hike with beautiful views!

Going down was easy with a few moderate and steep declines. It was definitely fast so be careful. I had my dog and had to climb down first then have him jump into my arms. Just as a heads up.


Trailhead is off a dirt road which was pretty fun to get to. Trail is marked and is pretty steep in places. The views are great and has a variety of vegetation along the way. We did feel the heat of the day make sure you take plenty of water and sunscreen. I would make this trek again for sure!

Great exercise! My sister and I completed this hike last weekend. Very rocky and steep in some areas but overall a decent trail. We only ran into 4 people so it was very peaceful. Had a lot of fun and felt very accomplished afterward!

Nice trail with excellent views

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