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It’s really pretty and not to hard to hike. Just make sure you bring lots of water.

the yellow spot on the map shows where you have to navigate through a rocky area - we went down through there instead of coming up...a little challenging, but definitely fun!

Definitely underestimated this trail. I started it for a trail run, but quickly discovered that it was more of a hike and scramble. It also takes a lot longer than expected, possible because it's so easy to go off trail. I veered off trail maybe 7-10 times on the way up, but the trail is more clear on the way back. some steep incline here and there. Bring a snack, a buddy, a map, and proper footwear. I would go back, but plan on spending some time and effort.

If you go left at the very first fork the trail doesn't have a lot of shade and is very hot! tons of switchbacks and like everyone says it is easy to get off trail or on another trail. the large rock for the decent back down to the foot hills are beautiful and very slick would be great to see water running over them.

Fun trail!! Some parts were rocky.

1 month ago

It’s a good hike if you like the sun no shade be prepared

This is a shorter hike, but there is very little shade and a lot of elevation changes. If you aren't acclimated, I'd rate it Difficult.

There is a cutoff, visible on the Topo map, beyond the Needle (Rock gap) by about half a mile.

Very rocky and steep the first 2-3 miles. Then it tapers off and becomes moderate with plenty of shade. Take lots of water. This trail is definitely NOT for beginners

2 months ago

Such a fun trail to do with a friend. We did a clockwise loop. I would recommend that route, the south part of the loop requires climb over rocks. There’s plenty of shade on the trail. A great workout for all levels of hiking.

Beautiful, a bit challenging but great views!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Some parts are difficult, overall excellent!

Lots of climbing rocks.

2 months ago

This was a fun hike! I stopped had lunch in the middle which was nice. I did get lost twice so I do recommend following the map your first time through!

l think it's 8 miles. Easy to get off trail especially in Boulder field. I would rate as Hard. Views were fantastic and also take extra water!

3 months ago

Great views! Can get rocky

What a fun and challenging trail! I can see how people might get off trail. I had the app open to check our progress against the highlighted trail. It seems to be more than 4 miles. Bring more water than you think you need.

Great hike, pretty scenery. Good elevation gain and distance. Went to Oso pass, had a bite to eat, and a short nap in the shade. :) Recommend for sure...

It is a steeper trail, easy to get off trail (do follow the map!), in full sun. Nice views, some fun rock formations and boulders.

The eye is a little less than halfway if following the loop counterclockwise. You are looking for a very large Boulder area that has an eye painted on the side of it.

I made a recording to show Eye location. Look for the RED dot where there's a break in my recording (southern portion of loop). Zoom in, it's a pic of the area. NOTE: The Eye is itty bitty in the pic! Enlarge the pic, you'll see the eye under the large Boulder with green moss toward the center. Enjoy the hike!

3 months ago

I would definitely rate it a moderate hike. I really enjoyed the hike it was beautiful. The hike is definitely 6 miles, not 4 as stated in the app. Overall recommend it!

Hot and dry. If you like views of developed land, that’s what you’ll get. I would not do again.

4 months ago

Good trail. Love the incline and climbing over rocks; I was breathing hard the first half mile. I got a good workout. It’s not boring like some dirt trails. You actually are climbing a small mountain or large hill; whatever your preference.

Did most of this trail with my nine year old twins, they loved it because of all the rocks to climb on. For the most part it was easy to see the signs pointing the trail out which was very necessary. But on the way down we got a little confused. We might do it again, but I’d definitely make sure your kids are going to follow instructions before you let them do it

I've been wanting to do this trail for some time. Finally, today we got out. It's a hard trail. We climbed all the way up and unfortunately did not find the eye or the blue feet. If anyone could help us out with tips where the eye actually is so we can find it next time, I would really appreciate it!

Love this trail!

Last week I did the loop up Embudo, over on Three Gun Springs and down Whitewash. See my recording for the connector trail from Whitewash to the Embudo parking lot. This connector avoids the bottom part of Whitewash, which is steep and full of loose rock and gravel. Also note where it is easy to miss the left hand turn coming down Whitewash. There is another place to go wrong farther up Whitewash that looks like a Y on the way back. The key is to check in with the All Trails map and stay left.

I.was very excited to go to this trail but there's no markings and I got lost dozen of times. Some trails are not trails but it looks like it and some are trails but there's no way to figure out. I ended up going to way off trail and phone was going to die so I ran as quick as I could to find the way back. I didn't get to see the "eye", so disappointed.

Great hike, with some difficult sections last mile near top of trail. Went up to Three Gun trail. Fairly flat in that area, good spot for lunch break in the trees.

4 months ago

My intention was to do a trail running but I was climbing rocks for the most part and was not able to run until I was coming down. Came from Colorado, so this was first hike in New Mexico and enjoyed a lot. Glad there were allow signs to guided me to the right direction, otherwise I could get lost.

4 months ago

It was a great hike!! But I would also rate it hard. I’m an active 22 year old female, but there is a lot of up hill terrain which really worked by legs. Awesome views, eye was not at what I was expecting, quite disappointed Lol. Also definitely longer then 4 miles!

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