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Nice quick hike

Very awesome hike for an afternoon in Albuquerque! Can be a little tricky with larger rocks towards the last bit of the hike, but still very doable. Our 2 1/2 month old corgi puppy did the majority of this hike with ease.

I would rate parts of this as difficult, not moderate. there were a number of areas that weren't marked trail but rather scrambles up or down large Boulder fields.

1 month ago

Great views of city, My. Taylor and all the way to Cabezon. Somewhat steep in some places. Gorgeous granite boulders everywhere. Some traffic and a couple users should have exercised better etiquette since a narrow trail.

Very fun to do with family! Some parts were trickier for the younger ones but a lot of fun overall!

2 months ago

very poorly marked and a lot of climbing rocks. Pleasant people on trail but would not recommend it for young children or elderly.

3 months ago

The hike was really fun! The experience itself was great, and the view was stunning! Highly recommend this trail for beginners to moderate hikers. It wasn’t the steepest but you definitely get a workout.

I went well the 1.9 miles that’s shown for the trail. Well marked and then you are on your own scrambling up the rocks in what is water flow track from the Sandia’s.

trail running
3 months ago

Fun trail! I ran it counter clockwise. Solid climb, with a super fun down hill through the wash.

Hard trail and some parts I wonder if I was on a trail. Longer than 3 miles

This trail is great iin the beginning but then your off going down rocks and a stream bed, mot sure if that was the down part of the trail. I also think it is longer than 3.1 miles

4 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail, but I really wish the trail was actually marked to some degree. I relied on my dog to lead and the GPS with trail map on the app. Towards the top/half way point it was crazy confusing. I had no idea which way to go and it took awhile to find the trail again. Otherwise, it was the perfect amount of challenge physically and we had a lovely afternoon.

Very beautiful trail!

Well marked, light traffic. No shaded areas, so be sure to go earlier or later in the day.

Some of these pictures are actually of the pino trail. This trail isn't as green since it's still in the foothills. Still a great hike but don't expect very much shade

Phenomenal views of the city and awesome granite slabs. Be careful of the ice in winter.

Nice little short hike but straight up, nice payoff with a good view. If you have 30 min this is a nice one for a quick workout.

Nice trail for all levels of hiking. Once at the top, you can continue to venture to higher elevations, which was nice.

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