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This trail was great. The difficulty surprised me a little. Starting out counterclockwise is advised. You can’t miss the eye, if you go counterclockwise. As previous reviews state, you almost have to follow a gps, or use the record feature on this app, as it outlines the trail really well, to find the eye. There are a ton of off shoots for other trails and the trail is not marked well. Definitely recommend it. My 8yo made it, no problem.

Susan Trumbo, IDK which direction it faces, but if you take the trail counter clock-wise (which I recommend sorta) you can't miss it. It is not to far from the peak and will be on the left side of the trail. When you are facing it, turn around and you see a "mouth" too. Now having said that here is the rest of my review about this trail. First, there are so many off-shoot trails that the trail is extremely hard to follow. Thankfully, we had our All Trails map downloaded and a full battery on the phone. There is virtually no signage! It seems there are trails going everywhere. I highly recommend some sort of device that will help you get back, whether a map and compass, GPS, or all trails map downloaded to phone with full battery. As far as difficulty, I will write this for both directions. First let me say, I'm an avid hiker who has not had the opportunity for a few months to hike in the mountains so I'm a bit out of shape. Next. I'm a short 65 y.o lady. Finally, I made it! :) When you go clock-wise, you have to climb some pretty good boulders to get to the very top and I'm assuming continue the trail. We didn't see anywhere else to continue this as as the loop as it is described and according to our downloaded map we were still on trail. Now, the down-side of doing the trail counter clockwise would be having to go down those same boulders. I think it was safer to go up for me. The only other issues that would make this trail hard was the scree. Parts of the trail are very steep with lots of loose, pebbly, rock (scree). It is very easy to lose your footing if you aren't careful. I certainly recommend good boots, hiking pole are very helpful, a first aid kit, a whistle, and plenty of snacks and water. If you are going in the winter, extra layers of clothes as you know it is colder and windier at the top. One last thing. When we reached to top, we found a young man who was there. He had fallen. He had lost a shoe, the least of his issues. He had taken a face plant and literally peeled the skin back from his entire chin and nose, and had cut his eye. I think his nose may have been broken. He had also peeled the skin back off his knee. He said he was fasting and initially wouldn't take any food, but I finally convinced him to do so. We patched him up (with that first aid kit) the best we could. He was coherent and there didn't seem to be any neurological issues (at least none caused by the fall) we did question what he was using. People just don't see the need in carrying first aid and a whistle. I don't care where I go. Even the kindest trails. I won't go without those extra two things. So I've told you all this, just to say. This trail is no joke and there are definite precautions you should take. It is a good trail with a good variety of activities. Just be careful. I would rate it on the higher side of moderate.

What direction does the eye face? Do you have to climb over boulders to stay on the main trail? There are a lot of side trails and poor signage. I’m going to try to find the eye again and could use a few tips.

Really nice footing for walking, pretty views, and many trails on which to detour. Started out on U Mound and switched off onto South Foothills for a short, relatively easy hike.

Many trails to choose from for every rider. Beginner to difficult drops and downhill action. Great place to ride.

This hikes nice to get out for a couple hours but not have to drive out of town. The terrain puts this at the high end of moderate. Steep inclines on loose ground. Having to traverse large boulders. The eye drawing is cool once you reach it. Poorly marked trail.

Some boulders make this fun.

2 months ago

I had a great time hiking this trail. The vistas are enjoyable, there are lots of little goat paths to different terrain features, and parking was easy to deal with. The trail is well traveled, but a person with small children might want to be careful due to the various species of cacti that line some edges of the trail.

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2 months ago

Beautiful views, moderate trails. Great for running or biking. Very nice trails.

2 months ago

Great little first hike for me. Awesome views at the top.

It was a difficult trek because of the lack of markings for the trail. We went up and back counter clockwise. The eye was cool at the top. If you think you're not going to get there, just keep going! We got lost coming down but had this app to guide us back to the trail.
Note: my Apple Watch said the elevation gain was 1,823 ft, and our total trip was close to 5 miles.

This trail was harder than expected since the elevation gain occurs quickly within the first 2 miles. It is also easy to accidentally walk off of the trail as the loop is not clearly marked. I would strongly suggest using the recording feature on this app so that you do not get lost. However, the views were great and the eye painting is pretty cool! I would still recommend this hike.

4 months ago

Great place to relax and read a book or watch a sunset after a long day. It's a nice short hike with an amazing view if you don't mind some rock scrambling.

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5 months ago


Saw a rattlesnake on this trail at the top! Scared me half to death but it didn't bother me- just warned me he was there and I briskly moved on!

Biggest complaint is that there is no way I could have figured out this trail if I wasn't using this app. It is NOT marked at all and there's lots of other paths to lead you astray. So I recommend bringing your phone fully charged!

Great views! Great workout! Very confusing at the top as to which way to go (I'm glad I didn't bring my dog because there's no way he could have managed it - he's a medium sized dog), but overall I very much enjoyed this hike and look forward to doing it again.

I have done ''tis several time but there is a rock scramble at the top eastend that I avoid now that I am 69 I go counter clockwise as mapped to the eye backtrack and cut across at a trail that crosses a meadow 2/3 of the way up

on Embudo Spring

6 months ago

Wouldn't recommend this trail if it's going to rain, many wash crossings plus parts of the trail are the wash itself. Lots of side trails at the beginning to see new areas. Very pretty trail for being so close to the city

Some steep parts, but great.

Better hike in early morning to beat heat, challenging but enjoyable as well, one point you'll have to climb over few rocks which was tricky since we brought a dog with us. Overall, made it and worth it!

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