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trail running
9 days ago


Saw a rattlesnake on this trail at the top! Scared me half to death but it didn't bother me- just warned me he was there and I briskly moved on!

Biggest complaint is that there is no way I could have figured out this trail if I wasn't using this app. It is NOT marked at all and there's lots of other paths to lead you astray. So I recommend bringing your phone fully charged!

Great views! Great workout! Very confusing at the top as to which way to go (I'm glad I didn't bring my dog because there's no way he could have managed it - he's a medium sized dog), but overall I very much enjoyed this hike and look forward to doing it again.

I have done ''tis several time but there is a rock scramble at the top eastend that I avoid now that I am 69 I go counter clockwise as mapped to the eye backtrack and cut across at a trail that crosses a meadow 2/3 of the way up

on Embudo Spring

1 month ago

Wouldn't recommend this trail if it's going to rain, many wash crossings plus parts of the trail are the wash itself. Lots of side trails at the beginning to see new areas. Very pretty trail for being so close to the city

Some steep parts, but great.

Better hike in early morning to beat heat, challenging but enjoyable as well, one point you'll have to climb over few rocks which was tricky since we brought a dog with us. Overall, made it and worth it!

Not a lot of trees and you gain elevation very fast. Would suggest doing this early morning or later in the evening

trail running
2 months ago

Very nice trail to explore the Albuquerque Open Space. The route is not very intuitive and it was easy to make wrong turns while running.

Trail isn't marked very well and found myself off many times. The app helped with the map function to guide me back to the trail. Not much shade so I suggest it as a morning hike. I did it clockwise and it was fairly difficult in the ascent. Wear long pants, you'll be glad you did.