4 months ago

This is a wonderful walk around some beautiful ruins. It's one of my favorite in New Mexico. Lovely in the fall.

3 years ago

This has to be one of the most beautiful short hikes I have ever done. The views are fantastic, and it really gives you the feeling that you are living in the 1500's and experienceing the life as a Twia indian. You must hike the short loop that goes up the hillside to the South of the ruins, it's only a mile or so. There are tables for a nice picnic near some giant cottonwood trees

4 years ago

Just went here a couple weeks ago. The ruins are gorgeous and the trail is very easy. Unfortunately the Spanish Corral trail was closed while I was there. I posted some of my favorite photos from the day at www.banishingboredom.blogspot.com.

The Salinas Pueblo Missions is made up of 3 parts. 1. Quarai, 2. Gran Quivira, 3. Abo -- A great free family trip that can be done in one long day or broken up. Each place has a path that goes around and sometimes through the ruins and that in itself can add up to a nice walk. Quarai alone has a separate trail that is a mile loop known as the Spanish Corral Loop. Nice easy Hike.

5 years ago

Quarai is 1 of 3 Pueblo Ruin sights that makes up the Salinas Pueblo Missions each located in the vicinity of Mountainair, NM -- You can do all 3 in a day but I would leave early in the morning so you do not have to rush. This is great for Children too. Since AllTrails has pulled Quarai aside, I will focus on Quarai in this review. At Quarai, there is a half mile trail that looks at all the ruins that is super easy and they also have a Trail called the "Spanish Corral Loop" that is one mile. The trail takes you through the woods but also has some nice views over the area. The elevation makes this place cold in winter, so I'd go Spring through Fall.