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This wilderness area in the Santa Fe national forest has a great variety of high peaks and ridges, pocketed lakes, and cascading creeks. Access points on all sides provide ample recreation opportunities, while the large size of the area makes solitude possible.

Nice trail to hike for something different. There are not many caves in the area. There are fish in the creek. Watch out for a bit of poison ivy along the trail. Leaves of three...let it be.

This trail has great views, but it is just typical deep woods hiking. It has no special features and tends to drag on.

trail running
5 days ago

15 days ago

If you live in Santa Fe, unless you enjoy driving extended distances on narrow windy mountain roads, and unless you've already finished *everything* that Hyde Park and other local spots have to offer, there's really no good reason to bother with this trail. Or possibly if you're camping nearby. The drive was simply not worth the effort otherwise.

Terrific trail! Lots of flowers and butterflies. Mostly shaded and follows the creek. The caves were small but neat. We forgot our flashlights so we didn't go far in.

Great trail there are many turn around spots along the way which is perfect for anyone with children. One of my very favorites because of the spectacular views!

My wife and I just backpacked for a couple day at lake Katherine for the first time. We really enjoyed ourselves but this was also the hardest trail we have ever backpacked. Make sure you give yourself lots of extra time, it took us about 7-8 hours. My wife also took a small fall on the loose rocks. That being said the views were amazing and we will definitely be back!!!

Decent hike in, nothing too crazy. Went during the week and only a couple other people camping there. Heard it can get busy on the weekends! Loads of marmots though!

1 month ago

Backpacked with two 7 year olds. They were thrilled to see the cave. It's about 50 feet deep and has a stream running nearby. We camped at one of the 4 dispersed sites near the cave. The camping was excellent as well. Trailhead is at Panchuela campground.

Started out on Robert's track but after the big fields i didn't want to go down down down then turn around, so decided to loop around the mountain to get a loop instead of out and back. it was an awesome hike! if you do the loop i did, stay on 270 when you hook around the mountain- i wanted to check something out and wound up in thick brush to get down to the river. really really enjoyed it all and you get a dynamic set of terrain with a bunch of straightaways so more about endurance then intense uphills.
for the record my loop was 249->270->224->250.

excellent hike, great scenery although quite strenuous...take mosquito repellent...

Gorgeous views but long hike. Not clearly marked above Pecos Baldy lake.