Stunning hike that is moderate to (probably) hard — both for technical skills and fitness. This is the rockiest hike I’ve ever done. In come cases you’re climbing over tuff boulders, and virtually the entire length is covered with a thick layer of scree. Going down is very dicey — loose rocks combined with sharp switchbacks and cliffs. It took me longer to go down than to climb back up approx. 850’ in elevation. If my math is right, it’s about an average 15% grade.

But absolutely worth it! Take a good camera. Stop frequently and look around (because you’ll need to watch your feet while hiking). Lots of cool rocks if you’re into rockhounding. Wildflowers are already blooming. I saw one small tarantula, near river level.

There is NO shade until you get nearly to river level, where you will enter a shady utopia with multiple springs coursing across the trail (if you go right at the river trail). Go left if you want to descend the last bit to the river (though the bank is steep, so there’s no “beach”).

Incredible views, but calling this an easy trail is inaccurate. This was moderate to difficult and was straight down then straight back up. Very rocky, steep and loose gravel. You need to be fit if you want to use this trail.

Same as the last, this trail is beautiful but extremely dry and steep, take plenty of water, make sure you are acclimated to the altitude. Not for novices or people who are not used to the climate or altitude. Would not recommend for dogs, sharp rocks and cacti all the way down.

This is NOT an easy trail! The views are spectacular, but take lots of water.