I loved the trail. The drive up to the trailhead provides an easy and direct way to get there.. (It’s also beautiful) ..

The parking lot is very large and provides trash bins if you need them. The trail is very easy to follow, wide at the beginning but narrows to a single file trail the further back you go. I would recommend going counterclockwise in the trail. I wanted to get a perspective view of the town of Las Cruces, so I took a very narrow, rocky and steep trail up to a point that I could climb up further and take some photos. Well worth it but could be treacherous on the way down if you aren’t in good physical shape or have had injuries.

Would recommend to bring lots of water as I went on a relatively cooler day (20C) and was still hot. Thankfully, I had plenty of water.

I would also recommend to go early in the morning. I got there at about 07:30 and didn’t see a soul from the time I got there until the time I left. It was very quiet with the occasional passing of a bird. Wear long pants if it’s cool, lots of stuff to poke and scrape you!

I highly recommend this relatively easy hike for anybody, views are exceptional! (And free!!)